Pool Deck Coating

hi this is Craig for high performance
systems in this video we’re going to take a look at a pool deck coating that
was installed using a hybrid decorative epoxy flooring system. This pool deck
system was composed of a urethane cement base layer with a colored quartz
aggregate broadcast, an epoxy grout coat and an aliphatic urethane top coat. This combination of materials creates
beautiful non-slip flooring that will not only protect the concrete but will
also protect the patrons walking on it. It will also add tremendously to the
overall aesthetics of the facility. The final thickness of this system will
be a nominal three sixteenths of an inch. Initially the concrete was prepped with
diamond grinders to create a clean surface and a mechanical profile so that
the first layer would securely bond. Any damaged or eroded areas were patched
with an epoxy gel patching material. Only the worst areas were addressed at this
point as the upcoming base layer would level and fill any minor imperfections.
The base layer of this hybrid system was a self-leveling urethane cement slurry.
Some of the many benefits of urethane cement are it’s tenacious bond its thermal
expansion coefficient and its chemical corrosion and impact resistance. It’s also unaffected by freeze-thaw
cycles. Urethane cement handles service temperatures from around -100 up to 250
degrees Fahrenheit. This layer is applied in a slurry consistency at approximately
an eighth of an inch thick, then while it’s still wet it’s broadcast
with sand, colored quartz or vinyl chips. If you wanted a quarter-inch floor
system you could add a second broadcast into a coat of epoxy, this wood bulk up
the floor thickness and add strength. The broadcast media is what makes the
epoxy flooring decorative and unique. This pool deck coating is a decorative
quartz epoxy flooring system created with the three colored quartz blend. The
colored quartz is broadcast or skillfully thrown up into the air and into the wet
resin. The quartz granules are broadcast to excess or broadcast to rejection.
After the urethane cement cures any excess quartz is swept and vacuumed clean exposing the new one of a kind decorative surface. The next step is what is called the
grout coat coat. A clear high solids epoxy resin is applied to encapsulate
the broadcast media. This is a two-component epoxy resin
typically used for decorative aggregate systems like this one as well as for
heavy-duty industrial flooring systems. The epoxy resin has a good chemical
resistance as well as excellent compressive strength and abrasion
resistance. The clear epoxy grout seals in the quartz broadcast and it also
brings out its color and gives it depth. A single grout coat leaves behind a
nice non-slip floor texture. If this wasn’t a pool deck coating and
you wanted a smooth floor, you could add a second and possibly even a third ground coat to the system. The final step was the application of a UV
resistant aliphatic urethane this urethane top coat will have a breathable,
chemical resistant gloss finish that is UV stable. Without the urethane top coat
the epoxy would be prone to fading and discoloration from UV exposure. If you’re
interested in any type of epoxy or resinous flooring for your facility
please give us a call at 800-928-7220 or
visit our website at www.highperformancesystems.com

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