Potatoes & Mollasses – Over the Garden Wall

Oh boy, mealtime! This is way better than being chased by a gorilla! Aww, what’s the matter? Mmmm, kinda bland. Hey, nobody ordered you to eat yet. Yeah, but- hm. Hmmm. Mmmm. Oh. Hey, I know what to do! Here, Ms. Langtree, play something like this. (Off-key notes) Or like this? Uhh, good enough. Oh, potatoes and molasses. If you want some, oh, just ask us. They’re warm and soft like puppies in socks, filled with cream and candy rocks. Oh, potatoes and molasses. They’re so much sweeter than algebra classes. If your stomach is grumblin’ and your mouth starts mumblin’, there’s only one thing to keep your brain from crumblin’. Oh, potatoes and molasses. If you can’t see ’em, put on your glasses. They’re shiny and large, like a fisherman’s barge. You know you’ve eat enough when you start seeing stars. Oh, potatoes and molasses. It’s the only thing left on your task list. They’re short and stout to make everyone shout for potatoes and molasses! For potatoes and- That’s enough! Father! Is thi-i-i-is what I’ve been paying for!? Hey, we just wanted to have a little fun. I didn’t invest in this school for fun. I thought we were trying to do important work here! Teaching animals to count and spell. We are! Oh, please father, don’t close the school. It won’t happen again! I should say it won’t. This, this, and this are all coming with me! Now send them to bed! You heard father. Off to bed with you.

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