Power Season 6 Episode 6 Inside Man| Review And Recap | The Inside Man Was Not Really A Man

we’re not boys but we are brothers Tommy
nobody sleeps till Tariq comes home damn power you got us like he sweat all
twisted up it is power rear reviewing inside man episode 6 of course my wife
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we diving right into it this thing opens up with them revealing Tariq is the
inside man talking to Vincent as Vincent steps out the van and decide he’s gonna
kill everybody without letting Rita know what do you think can you believe that
50 and Courtney kill would have to read be the master man no I do not want to
give to read that much credit sorry I’m so mad why you mad tell us why you mad I
mean I still think he’s very wet behind the ears mm-hmm
even though he thinks he knows I just want to see him fall I’m sorry I just
want to see him fall well I like us like I have said my subscribers I said he’s
probably going to a spinoff if you’re expecting a major fall from tarik is
probably not gonna happen all you can hope is that he get his little punk ass
whipped a little more than what we’ve seen so far next thing we see ghost and
Tommy having their standoff basically Tommy let’s go snow he’s working with
him and not for him what you think about that scene I mean it just shows that
Tommy is a he doesn’t want to be look as the minion basically he doesn’t want
to revisit the old relationship they had and wants to be viewed as an eco people
with goals and not as one of his his worker bees okay yeah
next thing we see ghosts going over there the hustle councilman Tate for
$1,000,000 oh you know we’ve done the nonprofit thing we’ve had a daycare I’ve
done business blah blah blah and I told you all the time one way that people
Bend other people it’s because they keep dirt on and ghost has this recording
that is causing him to squeeze councilmen tape and of course councilman
Tate gave resistance and put on the heart at but he wound up bending to his
will and we also find out that councilman Tate was a New York cop
what’d you think about that reveal yeah I you know I just think it was funny he
just rolled up on councilman Tate and say you know I need to borrow two
million dollars I gave you back give it back to you tomorrow
Brian like one day 1 million 1 million okay but still the fact that a million
came out your mouth and you were serious about it that’s my take looked at him
like he was crazy yeah but let me take is over CI campaign to be governor you
know how much look at what Trump has done with all his camp he pays stormy
Danes 150,000 dollars like it won’t nothing for crying out loud
yeah they can find the money they wanna have the money on me come on next thing
we see Tommy meeting Jason for the pickup of this masked shipment of
product and Jason has a few questions but he gives it to him anyway what’d you
think was gonna happen with that I don’t think Jason would have caved that easy I
mean because he’s already curious and nosy and what time you want on a drill
explorer so you feel like this was just a setup from the jump somewhat because
later on in this show we see Jason has been following him and Tommy because he
doesn’t really trust Tommy to me this seems that shows that he really doesn’t
trust Tommy he wanted to be nosy to see what was time he doing with the drugs in
the first place that’s I just think that was a prelude to that yeah next thing we
catch goes talking to Dre about moving this work and of course Dre goes back
and forth with my got sex on my back fans follow me you don’t trust me then
pop said Alphonse what you think about that scene I didn’t think our files was
gonna pop back up again you thought cameos food well you know
what we did see him last episode right he saw a glimpse of them we saw we saw
him in the trailer okay yeah so it just others how they don’t trust
each other and they’re stealing using each other Jay yes Dre is using ghost
ghost is using drink nothing new right right next thing we see Ghost and Tommy
loading up the truck and right following that scene you see Tommy go talk to his
premiere Spain too bit big Grimm and he lies to them about who was leaving off
in the truck so Tommy is everybody in this show still
lying and everybody great but through all that you see Tommy is telling the
crew I can’t pay y’all and to bit and spank is like hell to the naw we need to
get paid but big Grimm who has a heart wants to do it because it’s poor kid
what did you take away from that scene I couldn’t ignore the look that spank and
two-bit right was giving Grimm and they’ve done this in past episodes where
they kind of I him give him the side eye right like they’re planning on doing
something to him eventually they call they call him a company man yeah I think
eventually they’re gonna they’re gonna cross him get rid of him or something
right but they keep eyeing him kind of funny y’all watch out for my southern
predictions I turns out to bit probably gonna break off for Tommy we see it
happening next thing go Tory Tory know he’s gonna break off from Tommy he’s
currently hit Tommy next C we see ghost get pulled by the
new detective that I showed y’all from the truck from my video this week
the chicks name is McCall she pulls him with Rodriguez and like I said in the
video more than likely she be covering the proper thing as she’s doing that so
they ice grill ghost did you think that they was gonna check his truck and see
all the drugs at any point in time I thought they were at least kind of look
in the back seat well where did McCall go she went somewhere
did you see if she walked around it so did she not look in the truck she might
not they had it covered up from the bag okay
so maybe you had to be in the front cuz when girls got out he angled himself and
closed the door to ears they would’ve had to come around him to see it right
right yeah and they’re just the whole thing just lets you know that they’re
still on his back they’re not letting up Rodriguez ain’t going nowhere but you
know the people won’t hurt the doctor people can’t stand her boys just doing
his job we want his ass the doc mmm right she’s my she’s not like a little
Angela Valdes coming up and hurt hurt hurt I’m hurt I’m making the comparison
if they want her to die for whatever reason we want Parikh to dive with
similar reasons why we just can’t see her but she’s doing her on his job to
read me to sit out so weird he ain’t old enough to be working how about that well
speaking of to read the next thing we see Tariq stage I meet up with his
mother Tasha and Benson because tarik knew that goes hadn’t told
nobody what happened Tasha didn’t know that
tareka had been kidnapped and he means that she means Vincent which I predicted
in one of my videos this week what do you think about that
tarik pulling a strange he’s still being an actor extraordinaire and when Tasha
first got in that truck I was thinking okay she said before that she can tell
when Tariq is lying this ain’t that scene though no but
didn’t she get in the car looking at backseat and see oh yeah she’s got in
the car the first thing she did was freak are you okay and you know he
started talking a little bit saying I’m scared but I was hoping at least she’d
take attention clinch that something was going on with him okay I guess our
tuition hasn’t kicked in yet right right yeah yeah Tariq and I’m scared
acting with some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen in my life man come on
Reid but he did redeem himself later in this episode we’ll talk about that next
scene we air buys that time he house Tasha comes in she’s mad about what’s
going on keesha’s upset about having to clean
that money Tasha wants the money to be clean at her daycare Keisha’s I held to
know I’m cleaning this money at my shop what you think what significance in
there I mean Keisha’s still China she wants to have one up on Tasha right she
wants to tell Tasha she’s not relevant anymore and now she’s a new relevant
chick on the fly is getting a little I don’t know it’s a little
that’s what Keisha does I guess that’s what Tasha does she just ready to switch
roles and be being the boss chick okay and she still got some learning I see so
much of highly in Keisha it’s just it’s almost like they recreate it Holly with
a big book a big fake plastic like you said but how he was willing to learn she
was all he was willing to learn yeah what she didn’t have a his same history
with Keisha either so maybe that history that’s true but one thing they had in
common they both hated ghosts and they wanted him dead next thing we see ghosts
lying to Tommy about who’s gonna help him move your money
he didn’t tell Tommy that is Dre helping him move the money significance of that
saying both of them are lying to each other okay nothing nothing has changed
oh the next thing we see ghost Ramona and councilman Tate at Tates
headquarters and this is the scene that really really made Ramona’s panties get
wet ghosts come up with this great elaborate idea to do a all-cash
fundraiser have the banks on the spot cashing checks and Ramona ate it up like
a kid eating the chocolate ice cream it was so delicious what you that and take
us over there just like nah hell today not what you think about that scene I
mean because take know basically ghosts ain’t no good I mean in terms of running
being dirty right nose dirty kissy dirty and so he was sitting back there you
know making faces his faces were comical and kind of look like I don’t know if
you’ve seen that clip of a TI at that church service
with his face on he was looking at ghost like you know what you’re doing here I
see everything you doing what stop trying to be asleep and this was also
the same scene where ghost persuaded Ramona to persuade councilman take to
let to put some heat on sax and the crew that’s God raise kids right and and look
it’s like this man ghost is not only able to control councilman Tate with
that recording he’s also able to control councilman tape with his penis through
Ramona moon right la Tasha and Keisha at daycare
you know Tasha is showing Keisha how to cook the books and then and what Zig and
this is the first time Keisha has seen zig and zag is coming to
get his money what do you think what significance of that thing he couldn’t
take his eyes off that walking statue that you called Keisha’s but I don’t
know why I said this confiding in Keisha was you know Keisha don’t like her can’t
stand her I think it’s because deep down on the inside they want they probably
want to be friends again she’s trying to reach out for that just like I think
deep down inside ghost and Tommy want to mend their fences but their pride and
the egos ain’t gonna let him do it then the next thing we you know Tasha let
Keisha understand she’s got someone moving this wait for and it’s her
homegirl epiphany and sure pimpin he works at the strip club I told you they
could take this story and move it in the strip club turn it into a spinoff
and it’d be something there’s no different from truth on the clothes
coming off only you only you here panties hitting the floor that’s the
only difference so what they were the significance of
Tasha and Keisha all going to see epiphany move this money I can see I
mean they needed some place about the way to move the money if sound like
epiphany can’t get the job done she’s good she’s confident that she can get
the job done it was fun taking a trip to the strip club I guess to watch them
watch the women work and get the job so it’s like quiche and Tasha’s pimps
they were sitting back kind of smirking as they watch that watched everything go
down it was I can see that happening to spin all go on into the strip easy being
easy being one of the spin I can definitely see that I just thought it
was funny next thing not everybody got day drugs
they’re just showing clip after clip after clip of everybody moving they
drugs you had Alphonse moving drugs in front of barber shop you had drugs being
moon in front of grocery store you had them being moved outside the bank
you had them just being mood everywhere what do you think were the significance
of them showing everybody moving their drugs I mean it’s just a big organized
ring basically everything is coming together the plan is coming together
like they wanted it to you have everybody doing their part to accomplish
the mission I guess the other part of that scene is when Dre yeah
Alphonse walks out the grocery store and then they’re straight out and Dre you
know Dre is hard bristles Reds just like dude what the hell are you doing
Alphonse like I’m just waiting for the competition to move Dre looks at
Alphonse little sweet ass and said bruh you ain’t built for this and this is the
scene that came from the trailer dis summer
Dre whips out that knife walk across the street stabbed homeboy and upper real
BAM he takes a competition out what you think I I’m frustrated with Dre mm-hmm I
still have a soft spot for Dre even though I can’t stand a lot of the stuff
that he does so definitely he’s grimy yeah but he’s street smart he he knows
he is and I just want him to use that this is what I hear people saying out of
time when people do dirty stuff if you were just used it for good you can’t
make that kind of money doing it for Billy
yeah you can’t you you have to go through all these other levels and
barriers taxes regulations you can’t make that kind of money using the street
why I just remember like there earlier in the series when Jay was just
you know wanting to get out of the drain ever wanted to get out he wanted to
build a better life for his daughter but he never wanted to get out you’re right
he never he wanted to move though he was basically a little time yeah he forgoes
wanted him to get it I did fought tooth and nail to stay in the game even though
go to try to steer him clear exactly yeah way all the mentors out there that
got their hands on millions that want to help people who don’t want to be in the
game raise your hand next thing we see ghost and Tommy having a conversation in
the truck and it sounded like the kind of conversation that lovers have what
are we doing honey I think I’ve even had that conversation well honey where are
we going what are we doing it just they just they so bad want to kiss and make
up but nothing neither one of them wanted to be the first to fold and see
it but it’s like they were hitting around and having this this conversation
that they were in their mind we’re saying but it didn’t come out and say
and so I just left it you know we’re gonna we gonna continue to feel after
this is over we didn’t ever set our feelings aside we can we came together
for rewrite next and that’s very same scene Tommy and girls get pooled by
Jason which earlier like I said y’all I felt like Jason didn’t never trust Tommy
anyway so he kept eyes on them and you even heard Jason in the scene say Tommy
you’ve been trying to ditch my protection and so Jason pulls them takes
half the money because ghost owes him a monthly payment Tommy owes him for his
people he got on them what did that tell you about the relationship and dynamic
between Jason ghost and Tommy I mean it’s all it’s still all about mistress I guess Tommy and so they found out that
Tommy found out the goals of still keeping secrets and vice versa yeah
Jason got on my nerves are in this scene he’s like me you finally think you bout
to ride off in a victory here he comes and stuff up it’s just irritating I just
want them to take him out they’re probably gonna appease your mind you
give them some time the next scene and this is one of my favorite scene this is
probably the best actor we’ve seen out of baby Tariq Ghost and Tommy give
Vincent half the money Vincent says he’ll to the no that’s not
enough and next thing you know Vincent takes a bag of what I thought was apples
but it was really oranges and he just humbles tarik and y’all know every time
I see two Rican pay and I smile I went I get pleasure out of seeing his bad ass
get a whipping and this was off the script now this wasn’t part of treats
playing he wasn’t supposed to get beat by the oranges but the best acting I’ve
seen at a tree was his pain faces when he was getting beat by the morning just
what you’re saying well I had to hold my breath cause I didn’t know if he was
really getting hit hard or not he was getting hit he was just playing it up
but you find out in hand when he on the ground he said that wasn’t part of that
wasn’t supposed to happen when I when I finally smiled next thing we get back in
Tommy house where you see Tommy ghost talking to Tasha and Keisha about they
didn’t get to read because they didn’t have enough money
and this is when Keisha forces Tasha to say let’s hatch this plan where we gonna
move money from your dough boy and you saw how girls react to what you think
I thought it was funny no I ghost gonna get upset because Kisha got a side
hustle sit down somewhere I’m sorry Tasha got a side yeah Tasha got a side
he don’t want her doing drugs she’s supposed to be a sweet homemade whatever
he ain’t helped me take care of her she gotta take care of herself
moving right along Zig is Tasha to wait then we cut to a scene where ghost is
that truth he tells Benny who killed who he think
he’ll Proctor the eager guy but y’all really know that’s not who did it and
then goes ask Benny for help as a back-up plan to when they have to read
meet up with Vinnie I mean Vincent and also to be kind of
like the police outside of truth I thought people probably didn’t catch
that when they decide to stage this other plan what do you think about that
I mean what stood out was that you know ghosts told Benny that’s the wrong
person killed killed yeah totally the wrong person killed Proctor he didn’t
lie intentionally because I mean he didn’t lie because that’s what he
thought I told him I’m not saying that goes live I mean go yeah you know but
now you’ve got this guy who we now know is a heavy hitter in the streets bigger
than Vincent on your team got your back we probably had to keep that in mind
next scene Rodriguez and McCall show up to Tasha’s daycare and Tasha didn’t even
know that property died at ghost house and they’re requesting to meet up with
Tori what did you think about that Rodriguez ain’t letting no she’s not
she’s not she’s like a bulldog this year I thought it was funny when
they first walked in etosha almost had a had a panic attack and started
hyperventilating when she saw the police come here she did yeah that just still
goes sure how young lucky she is in this game next scene Tasha confronts ghost at
truth and that exchange between Tasha and Councilman tell you how he can
flip-flop from politician to hood nigga to professional it’s so funny to me but
she’s man it that ghost didn’t say nothing about
Proctor died and now they’re gonna ghost has to an arranged a meeting with Tasha
and Vincent what you think about that I mean nothing new again is all about
everybody keeping secrets right but I don’t see how you keep that from your
mother from the mother your kids yeah the one who had gave birth the one who
held the baby for nine months the one who split huh bagina open to have this
baby for yo pump hey you supposed to tell her you know you gotta let her know
you can’t hide that yeah and she ain’t knows Kisha I mean I want to keep mixing
them up I’m sorry Tasha isn’t gonna do anything I don’t talk she’s not gonna
get in the way of anything anything if anything she’s gonna help contribute to
getting him home well the thing is is man Cole you don’t tell women stuff
because y’all are emotional and we need to work things out without y’all putting
emotion in it what y’all don’t know won’t hurt y’all until y’all find out
what y’all don’t know is y’all can’t get it done without us
yeah when y’all find out I suppose get it done together but y’all the most
drivers crazy we’re next Tariq – Tariq is talking about being
scared in the truck when Tasha show up to meet him – get him from Vincent which
was some of the most horrible acting I ever seen you would have thought Tasha
with no boy you know where your baby hurt for real anyways they go in there
they meet the fans that meet my car that meet my Rodriguez and Rodriguez has a
mean face when tarika sitting down lying about a white guy who lives on the 12th
floor not wooden black people to be in there just lying through his teeth
what’d you think was significant by any of it none of she had this little blank
stare on her face like okay are you done because I’m sick of listening to the BS
the other thing that stood out was they brought up the fact that the back
door was propped open somebody it was either in the house or either came in
through the back door or left the anything to back that back to what I was
propped open the Tommy leave out the doggone door and leave it propped open
okay the police know apparently so that is ridiculous this is very sloppy
Tommy and that could come back to bite him in the butt – very very sloppy next
thing Tasha is back at Tommy house she’s telling everybody that Vincent plans to
kill them even after they get the money and so this is when Tasha unhatched is
the plan to rob the fundraiser edge for Ruth what’d you think about that I
thought it was a tall order right and I just wanted to sit back and see how they
were gonna try to pull this off well it was well done to me
Tommy contributed to the plans and we’ve got to get one of Vincent guys as an
exchange ghosts contributed because he made sure that Benny and his crew was
sealed off the area for true and Keisha was the one who said we need to come up
with a plan toss to execute the plan we need to rob
truth so I hey everybody worked together on that one
next scene be V and B G and Tommy snatch up Vincent right here man there was all
giggles ain’t nothing significant about that that scene the fundraiser starts
you see Tate gets his money back he doesn’t know how it goes put it all
ghost won’t tell them ghost gives him the little memory sticks and this is the
only recording I have do you believe that of course not
but at the same time Pete rue because ghost has Ramona power over tape too so
it could be but I ghost asleep goes to hood for there he ain’t gonna do that
then the plan starts you got to bit ya got Alfons we got big Grimm and you got
Spanky about to rob him but before we even get that you see grace in
everything that’s going down because of our fines stupid but our fines standing
outside Club true says I’m gonna get paid either way and that raised
suspicions to Dre what you think was going on then I mean
the wheels were turning dragoo something was up you can see him thinking hard you
know he’s not a dummy hmm so he’s thinking hard he knew something was
about to go down so just go their separate ways
Drago’s back in the club yeah he’s being hyper alert he’s he’s scanning the room
trying to see what was going on and paid off because he saw through it he saw too
bit yeah no first he saw spank okay so he went to
the back and little too bit in and he saw too big and too bit saw him yeah I
mean he slipped up and let himself get he want it too bit too Sam and then he
slipped out the back door and didn’t come back this is probably gonna be the
turncoat for Drake there’s like what the hell y’all double-cross ain’t let
anybody know nothing going on Dre just Debbie you ain’t see him tomorrow he
will go I thought he was gonna come back in and do something or they’re up
something or mess up the whole plan but Dre just dipped and you ain’t see a
moment agent Dre Dre street savvy now and then as they start to commence the
robbery what was funny was people start doing stuff that they wasn’t supposed to
be doing so two-bit who didn’t get paid with Tommy for the first heist they did
earlier in this episode he runs up on ghost and takes that watch was wasn’t
supposed to be a part of the plan but I think two bits like I need to get paid
ghosts ain’t want to give up to what and what was your favorite part well he gave it to him and I think that
just goes to show that deep down inside ghosts still really once loves his son
hasn’t really hit them how crooked their son is not yet they know he’s bad but it
hasn’t hit them just how deep he is then the next scene Alfons punk-ass who
deserve to get what’s coming to him that everybody’s out the building he
could be out the building too but decides to go over there and mess
with Ramona and what do you think was the significance of that basically he
said yo husband was caught on a porn tape I seen you on TV with Councilman
Ted what do you think was the significance
of I don’t know why he just happened a peeper out and just stopped in his
tracks in the middle of all of it I think the significance was to show how
much ghost really cares about her because when he ran up on her ghost gave
take that gun he said this is your opportunity then he risked his life by
running up on Alphonse who’s clearly off script at that point and efforts to try
to get him off of Ramona I can see that oh I didn’t think about it that way
exactly because that’s what you got me here for that’s what I’m here for
and I’m here for y’all to for the same reason after that scene next thing you
know basically councilman tails has said his field I know who you are
he says his name Alphonse get ready to shoot him councilman take click click
bang shoot some right there looks like a hero what you think about that I mean he
came out looking like like you see it looking like a hero now the only problem
that I thought could be an issue in my state if I had a friend a gun and he
shoots somebody even if it’s to save someone’s you could get in trouble
however councilman Tate probably ain’t got to worry about that because number
one he’s an ex-cop and number two you know he’s got some pool around that
police district because he’s running for governor so this should be no big deal
for councilman tape to get over use it if that’s ghost gun or if that’s some
street gun where your serial number scratched off shouldn’t be a big deal
now question yeah you have all this money in the building right are these
high rollers you have a gubernatorial candidate mm-hmm
where is the security I didn’t see one security nobody nothing around there I
think I think ghost ghost had Benny and his crew be the quote-unquote security
or seal off the block but if you but if you really and truly got a person
running for office and they are past the primary way sometimes you supposed to be
detail it would be somebody around there taking care of the details now that’s
the part this is Dunphy yeah Cortney 50 where was the security detail and then
you have four goons robbing this entire nightclub right for for this entire
nightclub oh yeah I call this off what almost doesn’t make sense it was a lot
of scary people who ain’t used to street life you also have a lot of a lot of
those scary people who want to try to beat they chest sometimes in front of a
crowd so there might be no chance with no gun and you ain’t got no good
who ain’t not gonna do that it won’t know though it was none of these great
American patriots that ride motorcycles and wave Americans there were none of
them in there none of em with this guy you should have saw some type of a
security guards you to stop police somewhere inside the building so to be
any more people was able to take over thank you
I agree with that the next thing you cut to Ramona talking about how the building
how all the things that was stolen the money was F was insured now we debated
about this how the hell you’re gonna have insurance on stolen property in a
club so like I was telling my wife the backdrop to that is goes had a bank come
to the fundraiser and was clearing people’s checks so at the very least
you’re covered by the FDIC insurance that Bank covers up to two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars people’s personal possessions are probably covered under
their insurance and I’m sure truth itself might have had some kind of
robbery insurance also so you’ve probably got three layers of insurance
going on with all that next scene and we’re getting to the end
here Vincent and ghost and Tommy all meet up to exchange oh here what’s that
game stole Ramona what about it she was sigh I in the whole situation right as
she’s watching tape give his uh give his news the news interview yeah she she was
just reciting how this doesn’t seem something doesn’t seem right she didn’t
say it but she was a seducer she said everybody came out basically
clean right where everything was insured Titus’s hero the club is gonna get free
advertisement it’s okay and tate is gonna be ingratiated by people who want
to see someone take a hard stance on crime right and so I think her wheels
are turning out right something is going on and she needs to be a little bit more
alert as well I think she’s used to dirt it’s dirty politics is dirty games it
ain’t it ain’t dealing drugs prostitutes cocaine but it is dealing
something that is a lot more precious and should be treated such the taxpayers
money and anytime you have that you’re gonna
have crooks with their grimy hands trying to do something it’s just not
considered to be a dirty level crime and she’s used to that yeah but she she
thinks goes out the game or actually she doesn’t really know how you know it’s
true right she don’t know so yeah so we had to care for shadow ahead see which
way she gonna go next scene Vincent ghost Tommy they all meet up to exchange
to reap exchange Vincent’s right-hand man and the cash of course Benson was
gonna try to double-cross him I thought that was funny and Vincent really
thought it was gonna work until ghosts said I brought some backup to and Benny
rose up and this is what we learned Benny is more powerful than Vincent
little punk-ass one thing about Vincent’s this whole
entire show if you’re supposed to be the boss Vincent was showing his but too
much ain’t no balls gonna be in the streets getting out the car as much as
Vincent what did you think was the significance of Benny showing how more
powerful he is than Vincent I think that was the whole point the show how how
powerful he is his show of force yeah Vincent that
he definitely didn’t want no heat with uh Benny nope and so it was seemed too
easy yeah and y’all know where y’all heard
first that being he was gonna be a crime balls Italian crime boss on this channel
right you know it also made me think why didn’t Proctor go to Benny is say cuz
many offers I could tell you why I didn’t Walker go to him cuz because
Proctor already had heat on his back from Cooper Saxe telling him putting
recording devices on him he knew the heat was on him
and he knows what his cousin is doing so why bring that kind of heat to my
cousin’s house well couldn’t the cousin give protection for Benny I mean give
protection for Proctor he could have Proctor up in his own crib
and you got people there protecting you in the same in the same way go said
Vincent don’t want cops sniffing behind him it’s probably the same way product
they looked at it for being same exact thing and very in Tommy looks at Benny
after ghost says I told Benny who killed Proctor and that’s when things started
to turn for the worst at that point in time ghost realizes Tommy did it he goes
back home tells Tasha you know what Tasha Tommy killed Proctor and Tariq
Hilton man what you think about that the parents are finally opening your eyes
exactly the the good way that they want him to be innocent as they he’s a little
street thug yeah yeah and then the very last scene of the show which was fitting
because a show ended with Holly talking to Tommy the same way Keisha
running off at the mouth I’ll kill a nigga I killed ghosts for you and then
Tommy says nah baby this is something I gotta handle with him one on one but you
know what’s gonna happen for shouted this is easy
Keisha’s gonna get in the way and try to hurt ghost and Tommy are gonna wanna
have me killed Kisha which thing I can completely see that happening yeah
maybe if he kills Keyshia for four ghosts that may get them back on the
right page again and I don’t know what happens now one thing that’s still
confusing to me is when Tariq got it when they did the exchange the Tariq
really think that they were gonna take Ghost and Tommy out at that time cuz he
had already told Tasha you know they’re gonna kill him kill he killed him anyway
I think to read was in on that Tariq this look too calm I think he was in
when he got explained when they get killed he want them to get killed so he
can get the money he didn’t care he want them out the way but it didn’t happen
mm-hmm and a Tariq is this big mastermind is f he gonna come back is he
gonna go back and circle around get that B we gotta see what else is gonna happen
with effort because I think she’s working with somebody we’re gonna soon
we had to find out about that so leave us all your comments never be afraid to
drop your conspiracy theories there’s no such thing as a stupid one because
nobody is sitting here with Kourtney Kim and fifty another plot drop them all
y’all seen all the twists and turns that happened if you want a power t-shirt hit
my video description link that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to
like my video please comment subscribe go get yourself a life game be on the
lookout for my trailer clipped by a clip video I will try to have that done by
Monday or Tuesday and be sure to just continue to leave us all your comments
anything you want to say going out no I’m just sitting back waiting waiting
for it to unfold that’s what we’re all doing and until the next sex is held
power with you we’ll see you

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Reader Comments


    What is all this nonsense about Tariq master plan? Like did y’all watch the actual episode. Vincent was planning all killing all of them in the end. The real mastermind was Ghost and Benny.

  2. EJ Dudley

    Just reading this thing online and it says Tasha kills ghost because she thought he killed a Tariq then Tariq and 2bit becomes the new ghost and Tommy….

  3. Kerriann King

    I like proctor but he still snitch on Tommy he's crazy but I like tommy I also think Tariq is playing gangster and he realize effe set him up when he looked at the chest board and will try to take her out to prove to himself he ready for the life

  4. trilenes

    The next episode I see that small timing MF Zigg get knocked off by Tommy for trying to holla at LaKeisha in that trailer you see Tommy with a gun about to shoot someone in the trunk and all of Tommy crew standing next to him I believe it’s Zigg but I can be wrong it could be Dre but I believe deep down it’s Zigg Tasha told him don’t mess with him

  5. Nia Marie

    I’m with wifey, there’s no way they would have had a “cash only” event without security – especially an event with liquor! Chile please.

  6. Nia Marie

    Also, “I’ll have someone call family services” nope. It would not go down like that 🤦🏽‍♀️ they don’t just be releasing kids because a parent gets someone to make some calls.

  7. rob Henry

    The significance of Alfonse stopping and running his mouth is his connection to Tate

    Tate knew him… Tate shot him… Ramona at the end said it’s funny how this played out

    If Ghost pulled that trigger AND was the person who had the idea this would have looked like his plan

    I think… Councilmen Tate campaign is going to fall apart and Ghost is going to end up running and winning

    My theory has been all drug dealers want to be politicians

    Pablo Escobar… Queen of the South Camilla Vargas husband became governor

    If he becomes governor it’s going to be dope and a possible spin off

    He can also fire Cooper Saxe 🤔

    Not sure about this theory but I think that would be a dope spin

    Tate gets caught sleeping with old dude wife.. dude brings out the dirt he has on him and they continually point out Tate needs James St Patrick if he needs him so much he must be the better candidate

  8. rob Henry

    In a previous season they stated that Proctor and Benny are not supposed to be talking for some reason… I can’t remember what or why… but I know they can’t be seen together tho

  9. Jermane Robinson

    If you guys think abt it when proctor told ghost that someone was after him and she said that name If it was a message that benny and proctor had made and proctor knew if he had died ghost would tell benny the name that proctor gave him

  10. Africa 4Life

    I really LOVE the Tate character and the relationship he has with Ghost, straight comedy. Ghost set him up. It was nice to see Ghost, Tasha, Tommy, and Keisha together. Tariq it seemed like he wanted Ghost and Tommy to reconcile. Jason is going to die, they have to take this guy out. Ramona said it wasn't the first time she had a gun pointed at her, so she is about that life. Not sure why Tasha didn't tell Tommy about her supplier or why she just didn't get her weight from Tommy? We have to figure out who Effie is related to it is either Kanin or the officer Tariq shot.

  11. Vanessa H

    I want Tommy and Ghost to take Jason out. Jason played them both against each other and now he stole a million from them. Maybe Ghost can get Benny to take Jason out?

  12. DeleteJdFrom NY206

    Noone is talking about when benny whispered to vincent are we good in italian , that right before that he told vincent "we are way ahead" rewatch the scene.

  13. Ms. Twyman

    I think Benny is gonna get Tommy AND Tariq….Tommy for killing Proctor and Tariq for helping him…even though Tariq brought Elisa Marie to Benny.

  14. 215 LC

    The one thing I didn't like about this episode was that it showed them trying to make 1 MILLION IN 1 DAY on the STREET. That's a lot of small dirty bills and unrealistic, especially when they showed the final stacks as if they were all hundreds. Smaller bills would have been larger stacks and a lot more duffle bags. They should have showed it as pushing weight to major dealers in different areas. 50 should have know better.

  15. Nia Marie

    The last scene was sad. It felt like the REAL end of Ghost and Tommy. It seemed to me like Tommy said goodbye to Tariq in his own way. Tommy realizes that he’s alone.

    I’m still mad about how he did proctor.

  16. Yakhov White

    Why haven’t they just promote Rodriguez top flight FBI agent of the century, like it would make it more real, I don’t know why they haven’t promoted her. No way she gets to move like she moving

  17. walter harris

    Tariq is protecting Ghost. His girl she told Vincient Tariq switched pills. Benny have the answer to who killed Proctor. Wasn’t who Ghost told him. Ghost protecting Tommy. Tommy think Ghost told Benny. Tariq want die, He is the one killing there enemies.

  18. Theo

    Question @LamontTyson.. How do you think Tasha would've felt if the robbery at Truth went wrong and they shot James/Ghost in front of her? That's something i wonder…

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