Presentation Tool: Haiku Deck

Hello everyone this is Heather Moorefield-Lang is my YouTube channel Tech 15 and today I’m going to be
showing you Haiku Deck a great presentation tool that you can
create of course presentations on, you can create
these with your iPad you can also create them on the web now,
this tools pretty new it was created on a little over a year ago
maybe two pushing two years at this point and this
particular tool allows you to create different types the presentations slide based they can stay online or you
do have the opportunity to download them to SlideShare as a PDF or
as a PowerPoint a completely for free which is very nice
and so if you want to be able to use Haiku Deck, you go right up here if
you don’t have an account is wanna sign in and I already have one
so I am just going to click right in I’ll go to my decks at this point it
will take me to my decks you’ll see you have already created a couple
presentations at this point and from here we can also create a new
deck which is what I’m going to do this will take me to the screen and the first thing you do have the
option of selecting slide types you have your lead slide type, you can do bullets,
numbers, you can also do you kind of listing and categories you also have the option to do pictures,
charts, and graphs as well as colors. You can also choose
different formats for all your different types a slides and depending on which
slide you choose you get different layouts and then you can also choose notes. So
let’s say that I was going to do you a presentation on digital storytelling and I’m at the University of South
Carolina for this one I might just want to
choose a color so maybe I want orange I know this is not our school’s color but that’s okay and that’s my lead screen from there I can choose pretty much
anything I want if I wanted just a blank screen or if I wanted to choose a picture I
could do that so if I go back here and choosing image and the really nice
thing is is Haiku Deck has Creative Commons images and when you actually download it
you already have the Creative Commons license and photo courtesy of information
given to you in your image and your PowerPoint. So all of those are already there so if I wanted any of the images here I can actually use those if I were to
look for an e-reader I can look for that and I have plenty of
those as well so I want to look for digital
storytelling, I could look for computers, I could do all sorts of things but let’s just
say for kicks today I’m gonna choose that one alright and that if I wanted another
slide from there I could say you know what is digital storytelling
and then I can move on from there and I can start doing my bullets adding in, doing
whatever it is that I wish you see pretty much the way it goes, it is
similar to PowerPoint along those lines but it does allow us
to create things online the really nice thing is is that it does
have an entire library of images already available with Creative Commons
licenses already available and they also work
with the Getty Museum to have even more images were talking
millions of images here available for us to be able
to use with our presentations and then
once they’re finished you can choose if you want your presentation to be private where you want it to be public and then
you can also go over here you can share it on all these different tools,
social media WordPress, if you so choose if you have
a blog you can also if you so choose, export it an exporting it, you can export it, as a
SlideShare, PDF, or a PowerPoint and the really nice thing about this is
that most presentation tools and, I use a lot of
them, charge you to be able to export down to a
PowerPoint this presentation tool does not is one of the few that it is free so that’s something to seriously take
into consideration and then we can also put it into
categories and things like that so this is Haiku Deck, a winner for the
American Association of School Librarians for Teaching and Learning
Best Websites this year really nice presentation tool, I’ve
thoroughly enjoyed using myself as you can see, we actually created the Best Websites presentation this year for 2014
with Haiku Deck and I really have enjoyed
it and I hope you do too let me know if you have any questions
and keep an eye on Tech 15 for more videos thanks and have a good day

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