Preview: Show Up & Drop The Mic | Season 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

(SINGING) You hold
tight to your umbrella– Oh my god. (SINGING) ‘Cause
darling, I’m just trying to tell ya
that there’s always been a rainbow hanging over– Wow. Wow! (SINGING) –your head. Oh my god. (SINGING) –good
girl to blow your mind. Bang, bang, into the room. I, I, I know you want it. Yes, I now know who it is. [music playing] Can you hear? NARRATOR: 16 celebrities
go undercover. Actors, authors, radio
and talk show hosts, international
recording artists– [music playing]
Our lips are sealed. NARRATOR: In the smash
hit critics are calling, “Totally Bonkers.” Rachael Ray. Steph Curry. Marshmallow! Who’s behind the mask? Isn’t it obvious? NARRATOR: America’s
favorite top-secret guessing game returns. I guessed it.
You’re welcome. End of show. Drop the mic. NARRATOR: “The Masked
Singer” premieres Wednesday, September 25. Oh my god. I have no idea
what just happened. NARRATOR: On Fox.

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