Prova tiro P14 e inaugurazione SBAM WALL

Hello all SBAM friends! I’m Cook and today we will finally make the shooting test of the P14 how are we going to make this test? as usual we will shoot two clips at 100 meters and two clips at 200 meters let’s see how this rifle how this rifle will group these cartridges are loaded with N140 powder 39 grains and hunting ball 150 grains soft point flat base which is the dose I normally use on this rifle on all my 303’s let’s see what it will do let’s start from 100 meters we will use our video camera for reference ok let’s see how it will go ok we are on paper ok we doubled the previus shot today are going high usually.. usually with this setting we are on the center, but whatever let’s see the grouping maybe the barrel too clean, I cleaned it last time? can’t remember yeah maybe I had a clean barrel and now is starting to shoot the way I like second clip fuck! Fucking Sellier & Bellot the S&B brass loaded with the clip sometimes jams is high again come on! ok high 9 doubled the 10 ok let’s shoot the last two rounds we have left and then we try the 200 meters this time we are low ok 10 again see? when you have the willing you put them in the right place so we can see the first shots where a bit high probably the barrel was clean then it stabilized and when it was shoting right…. It was shooting right ok now let’s go to 200 meters ok now we will try the P14 at 200 meters we have the 200 video camera is the first time for me shooting this rifle at 200 meters on the paper target, I only shot at 100 so let’s see what it does I try to not touch the elevation ok we are on paper so let’s see the grouping ok ok we are already really close came back where I was before 6 on the side let’s try this time the second clip mah always there not a great grouping over there between 2 and 3 it opened a bit for sure it can do better at 200 meters but anyways is fine we will analyze the results in a moment see you in a bit hello all SBAM friends we are here to analyze the P14 range test which is the second we have done so we can see that at 100 meters *you could do better than just showing the grouping!* *you’ve quite busted my balls* *and also this musket here!* *lI have an idea, I tought something* *we will start the SBAM wall!* *musket, useless, we’ll never use it!* *Max!* -random mumbling- *here* *let’s hang the brand new* *SBAM wall!* *there!* *what do you think about it?* good idea! *yeah?* Yeah! let’s show this and let’s start our ranking since this is the second one here we have the P14 let’s briefly explain how the SBAM wall will work it will be like in Top Gear, ok? we will show you both groupings at 100 and 200 meters and we will see what the most badass! ok, 100 meters we shoot 10 rounds both at 100 and 200 so so we decided to… take the best 8 rounds at 100 meters and the best 5… *6* 6 we said? ok ok then, let’s see let’s measure the P14 grouping at 100 meters *so let’s take the best 5 shots therefore* *1..2..3..4 ..5..* *5 here* *no sorry! 8!* *so 6..7..8* *so we have this grouping, let’s measure it now* *with the caliber* *and is* *we have 7cm* ok let’s note the 7cm 7 cm ok, P14 at 200 meters here didn’t went well *the P14 here drops quite a bit* *1..2..3..4..5..6..* *quite wide* open it completely *do we take 6 or 5?* let’s take 6 I’m sorry for this *13.5 cm here* *plus* *4* *ok let’s make 17* so 17 centimeters so we made a grouping at 100 meters of 7cm, generally decent at 200 I sucked so let’s make an average compairing it with the Gewehr 98 the other one we made but we didn’t measured the groups the Gewehr 98 made the super grouping we take 8, so 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5..6..7..8 we take the maximum width is a shame because this great group could do better we have 7.. 68 millimiters *at 100 meters they gave similar results* yeah but at 200 meters the gewehr kicked is ass badly tho the best 6 1..2..3..4..5… …ohh here get’s bigger tho anyway we are at 13cm therefore 7 plus 13 *so one in total 23 and the other 20* 20, so let’s start to write down maximum grouping width P14 so the P14 with 23 cm of grouping so we have 23 in total instead the Gewehr 98 *20* 20 so at the moment we start our ranking of the SBAM wall with the Gewehr 98 *with 20 cm* *in first place* and the P14 second with 23 ok then for this test of the P14 and SBAM wall preview that’s all *hopefully will work fine* *and won’t be an incredible bullshit!* we will work on it! *forgive us* *if we will make changes down the road* I believe we are on a good path! bye all SBAM friends!!

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  1. Utente Utente

    Ciao ragazzi, farete un video prima o poi su cosa guardare quando si acquista un ex ordinanza? canna, ferri, e via dicendo? spesso salta fuori anche la questione headspace..

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