Q-railing at BAU 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to BAU 2019 We obviously know the products, because we sell them. Of course we’ve also taken a look at the new product. That’s even easier and faster to install. Mark, where are you? It’s really important that you can align the glass and that it can be mounted with the least effort. And of course the speed with which everything can be done. Because these days time is the factor that costs most money. The advantage for Q-railing: They’re innovating. They don’t stop after one system, they keep innovating. Every time there’s a new system to solve issues on site. It’s a really smart company. Really easy, not much work and with the least of effort. Easy Alu, a highly affordable aluminium system that’s really easy to install. Easy Glass Air, shown here, which is an extraordinary designer piece. The biggest challenge is glass alignment on uneven ground. Getting the glass leveled once the base shoes are installed. Easy Glass Prime is an aluminium base shoe that allows to adjust the glass alignment by up to 0.6° to both sides using a disc clamping system.

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