Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence with 400 Foot Roaming Area!

No wires, no digging, It’s that simple! The Havahart® Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence gives you all the benefits of a wireless dog fence, plus so much more. Twenty times more Roaming Area While other brands offer a maximum
radius of only 93 feet, The Havahart® Radial-Shape Wireless
Dog Fence can be set up to a 400 foot radius. That’s close to 20 times more
Roaming Area for your dog to really enjoy. Expanded Trigger Zone Our wider Trigger Zone is specifically
designed to keep your dog safe, inside the Roaming Area and away from danger. Stylish and compact fence Controller At a fraction of the size of competitive
systems, the sleek five-inch tall fence Controller allows for ideal yet discrete
placement in your home, giving your dog maximum Roaming Area. Ten-minute setup. Take the guesswork out. The easy-to-read digital LCD screen
lets you set the exact distance of your Fence Boundary and customize correction levels for up
to two dogs in just a few simple steps. It’s that easy. Radial-Shape Wireless Dog Fence: the
easy, economical, instant circular fence solution from Havahart® Wireless,
the leading innovator of digital wireless fence solutions

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