Rainbow Six Siege: БАМБУК/BAMBOO (Eng subtitles)

Cmon bro we’re going to fall asleep, come in already Caveira threw an impact, he’ll never go in now Oh, side entrance The one with the bushes, where the grass is growing Wtf?.. I don’t know how is it called Where the fucking small bamboo is growing! Behind near the point “small bamboo”, ok What the fuck, what bamboo? What the hell is he even saying?! Uuuugh, maybe it wold be better to turn you to zero? (in Discord*) Well blyat This passage, the one on the left Thats main entrance, what “side entrance” you’re talking about? The mainest, right in the center of the building Its called main entrance? Well, there are bamboo growing Fuck off Don’t know what’s wrong, I’d understood that immediately I think thats tea room Nope, I’m bullshitting you Office Enot, if there is no bamboo then it’s not a tea room You’re in skyscraper, right? Yep It’s clear where the bamboo is there! Here, you see?! Venge understood right away And I’m sure he understood wrong! Ah, ok… It should be when you’re going up to the office from first floor by the stairs No? Nope, he meant the main fucking entrance Main entrance to tthe fucking building On the first floor, that’s what he meant Oh, yeah, there are some bushes there too… Yes, because the whole fucking map is decorated with them No! At that place there are a lot of bamboo, it’s clear that… Well than be specific – “it’s the place with a LOT of bamboo” or just fucking say it like a normal human being But that doesn’t seem to be an option for some fucking reason Guys! Caveira on me! HELP!!! I’m coming, almost there She’s here Fuck I’m 13 hp There is bamboo growing here, I’m sorry Enot I can’t go any faster Finka just decided to kill herself Got Caveira She’s somewhere in CCTV… I killed her already!!! Oh, you did? Fuck guys, I’m shitting you not, there is a bamboo here Well yeah, but that’s not the only place… No no no! Not there, you’re speaking about wrong bamboo! Can we fucking stop speaking about bamboo or I’m gonna quit and delete the fucking game No! C4, please! What… …can you do… … from a green… Wait… Eliminate the enemy? Where the fuck is he, under the table? Should be there, behing the desk He’s… under the table there… Oh… lol There is a Miras window. Be carefull I’m watching the holl, blow it up He is there… Nwm They have Valkyrie or what? Fuck, Clash is here already! Caveira is coming your way, be carefull, there she is And Clash How they spotted me on the wing? Ok, how are we going to do this? Ha! You thought I didn’t hear ya, right? Hit her again! That Caveira on me! Nice Fuck, why?! Loll, nobody on point Is there someone near me? I want to start capturing the point so they would move a bit Yeah, I’m here So, guys I need one of you in central yard I blew two holes thats easy to peek Ok, better watch the second hole, they are going to run behind the bar Fuck, Panda I was killed from the street It was Vigil He was peeking though your hole… Same place! Fuck! What is it, Artem? Artem, yopu made two holes… … I peeking one, killing an enemy, turning right and there is Doc, peeking other hole! Nice I mean Rook, not Doc but nwm Laughing out loud on him Well he should be curious whats in there… What if it’s glory hole? *The feel when it’s so close but no(((* Shit It’s bad here, really bad! Blyat, I came out right at someones shots Sognar there is a hole in the wall behind you Yes yes there!.. Will you die? I killed Sledge if anything No, not him Hibana in a room next to you, with the hologram Behind you, in a room you just left So close! I missed his head!( I have no idea on what is happeing right now Come on! I’ve got the defuser btw Blyat I knew it! Damn I’m out of shotgun shells in a mag What an idiot I’m going in While they turning off their phones I’ve got two of them here Yeah, let me reload Three of them! Three in A Two more One on ping I didn’t kill him, did I? Kapkan almost full He says that he is plant “I’m plant” like I’m planting! Nope you’re plant Fuck you! blah blah blah blyat I got it, stop screaming already! Then why are you starting this about my english? Next time say not that you’re plant… Because you are plant! Next time say not that you’re plant, say that you’re vegetable Maybe I should rather say “potato”? Vegetable, sounds better then just “potato”

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