RAKDOS SINGLETON SMASH! – MTG Arena Singleton Decks Guide

Look, we’re got Vraska’s Contempt open incase they do play a Lyra this turn And then BAM! It’s gone! It’s gone like Nexus of Fate. Hello! My name is Emma, and today we are back with some more Magic The Gathering Arena Today checking out a Singleton deck I thought this time around we’d check out a Rakdos deck Just because I haven’t really played that. And Singleton where it’s just a bit of fun you want to chuck some things together I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity I have tested this deck I actually did go 5-0 when I played it just before.

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  1. EmmaExegames

    Thanks for watching the video, everyone! How are you going with getting all the cards in Singleton this weekend? Would love to know what decks are working for you – possibly so I can use it to get my final Ghalta's πŸ˜‰ Subscribe if you're new here and want to watch more videos!

  2. Adrian De La Rosa

    Great Video. Nice build. Better than my Rakdos singleton. I haven't gotten five wins with my rakdos deck. πŸ™ My Orzhov deck did great though. Faced that rat deck and ended it with Ethereal Absolution. πŸ™‚

  3. Anduwaithe

    0:40 (Edited after finishing the video) I'm still new to MTG, but many of the decks that kicked my butt in Singleton tended to have a lot of discard and card-draw cards in them. So I put in stuff like Duress, Divest, Drill Bit, Kitesail Freebooter, et cetera. Angrath the Flame-Chained also seemed key to at least 2 of my wins.

  4. bmay81

    I played a few games last night and I killed the rats once but damn the merfolk and dinosaur decks murdered me! plus I got mana screwed many times.

  5. Doug C.

    Great build! I’d like to see more of these event videos with suggestions for 5-0. And then anything for the ladder climbing. Will you be strictly best of one or will you do best of three also?

  6. Jeff Thibodeaux

    Holy cow, I just realized that you havent uploaded in quite some time. I often looked forward to your brews. I hope all is well.

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