We are doing this Kops 2X c’mon! c’mon! c’mon! oooooooooh [Intro Music Plays] Welcome back kops my name is
Kwebbelkop and today we’re back with GTA V mods and in today’s episode we’re going be testing out some very cool things you kops came up with so the first thing we’re testing out is a ramp car versus another ramp car what’s gonna happen if we drive them into each other? Is one of the ramp cars gonna flip? is the other one not going to flip? So far it seems like nothing is happening but we’re gonna give it a shot kops to see what’s gonna happen maybe we even have to modify one with the so far it looks like nothing is really happening we’re just gotta slowly back up let’s get a little bit of speed right now nothing happens and a random car just appears Up next, kops, we’re going to get a little bit more speed and let’s try to do it this time if the car is still there fuck, the car’s not there anymore hey you know what let’s just customize his bad-boy we’re going to customize him and maybe we can change the suspension let’s see if it even works on regular cars yeah, works fine on regular cars, there we go that’s good wee! wee! bye! ok, turns out we cannot lower it so maybe we just have to redo it but maybe with a little bit of a jump or a side angle ok cops let’s go and do this let’s strike job it’s not gonna work nope, no, it didn’t, it didn’t really work this backwards work let’s try backwards kops let’s try backwards, woooh backward that seems to work I guess a little bit I have one more thing we can try or actually two one would be sideways now that doesn’t work see we’re not even hitting it but we’re kinda hitting it already so that’s also unfortunately not possible how about we do like a little jump then we know it’s possible ok now we’re going to be able to do it alright kops ready let’s jump ok that even was a little bit of my fail it seems that these two cars against each other they don’t do shit so we need to put this car up against another car another insane car you might not even be able to call it a car because it’s a jet-car kops it’s my favorite car in the game the rocket voltage which is a combination between the tesla roadster and a lotus but let’s be honest this is an electric car while this this one kinda isn’t it’s a hybrid, it’s more of a Tesla, I am a Tesla fan let’s turn around over here let’s first try to drive on there normally, ok, let’s first drive on there normally, woooaw! that works great ok, now let’s do this with the rocket!! ok, turn around, oh my God, oh fuck kops I totally forgot, I’ve mods enabled!! it’s just gotta keep on flying kops the car’s gotta keep on flying we are a spaceship now kops we are a mother freaking spaceship let’s keep on flying ok this was a little bit that it wasn’t planed let me just say that I was not expecting for the car to take off like this, um I totally forgot I have mods enabled which um, you know they they just work until we jump out pretty much let’s try to catch up with the plane in the meantime ok because I know we can go pretty far okay I know we can go pretty fast let’s do this the planes right over there we’re really high into the sky right now kops really high into the sky I don’t think we’ll be able to make that we have to turn around we have to land kops, we have to modify our vehicle oh my god this is madness my turn around already so, legit kops, this video just took a different turn I was not expecting to start flying let’s try to land over there how do we learn this thing okay well we can go slow-motion that’s good to know thank you Franklin we are at going to Pay’N’Spray which should be somewhere over here how are we gonna land this, ok right over there that’s where we have to go lads where we have to go back to that we’re safe flight okay i’m jumping out i’m jumping out where the cargo i think the car’s gone let’s customize it, well kops once we praise boost its not gonna stop and I did not know that okay there we go we have an orange one kops, let’s try to climb Mount Chiliad we all know it’s not gonna be that hard because we have mad crazy ass rocket behind us but let’s just go into this first we have to brake through these fences we have to find the right ramp right over here kops is everybody ready for TAKE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFF! ok keep going up the mountain keep no dammit keep on flying my friend keep on flying onto Mount Chiliad we’re kind of drifting we’re kind of drifting right now on to the mountain!! AAAAAAHH! we’re going down! no no okay control it control it perfect ok that’s beautiful can we go underwater with this thing kinda wondering if that’s a that’s a possibility should we try to go into the water maybe drive on the water or something like this fish but it’s still flying and we just cannot control it anymore c’mon jump out okay the cars ruined we need a new one let’s just drive like a normal person okay we’re just gonna drive like a normal person we’re going to pretend this is just a regular car just a regular OH NO I PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON!! WOOOOOOOOOOW!!! ok let’s just go right over there jump out doing it a parachute yes we do actually get a parachute with this car that’s really nice not like we’re gonna use parachute because that can survive stuff anyways now back to the original experiment the ram buggies right over there with two cars over to just in case something happens ok ok line it up of course we need to have the right color very important ok kops i’m ready to do this are you kobs ready for this experiment in 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3, go, go, go, go, GO! oh ok that seems too yeah kind of work a little bit it didn’t work that well but, eh, we’re taking off so that’s good let’s just fly to the moon I can see the moon over there kops, we’re just gonna go to the moon okay you know what we go we don’t have a Maze Bank we tried to land on the Maze Bank that would be mad nuts! ok so we can slow motion which makes us drop from the sky very quickly maybe we can try to slow mo onto the maze bank ok really tricky but it might be possible ok go up just a little bit okay Oh damnit! damnit buildings why are you there why are you there building okay well it stopped that’s good to know the car is able to stop no it’s going no it stopped again oh god I’m was killed someone over there OH NOOOOO!! I’m so sorry guys I’m so sorry I can’t control this vehicle ok i’m SORAAAAAAAAAAAY!! oh, shit, we just fell out let’s get back into the vehicle that was terrible that was terrible it still works right still works please? yes, yes it works ok kops you know what’s gonna happen WE’RE GONNA KILL EVERYBODY. . . . . .sorry can we just destroy this car and see if it’s gonna blow up or not oh my god this is so much fun this is so much fun yeeeeeeees! wooah! bam! sometimes we are short of charge just a little bit Woah, Woah! TAKE OFF! they got my friends!! c’mon take off! its just spinning! it’s losing control! oh oh ooh yeah! we just did a sick flip i can see this playing kops we’re gonna catch up with it we’re gonna be catching up with this plane kops we have to go a little bit higher my friend, just a little bit higher we’re gonna try to land on this plane this is ridiculous hurry up before it gets out of the map ok perfect and we’re doing this kops we are doing this kops to c’mon! c’mon! c’mon! oooooooooh!! oh so close go down go down hit the plane! NO! ok, we missed the plane time to go back, oh dammit can we control ourselves that was madness that was crazy we should have used slow-motion i’m still learning this okay this is a total new mechanic a jet-propelled engine super engine flying vehicle ok you see we’re starting to learn how to fly it, we’re starting to learn how to fly it okay now all we have to do oh my God, that looks so funny all you have to do is land on the Maze Bank okay can we use a little bit of cinematic view WoooOOAH! can we WOOAH! can we do this ok go up a little bit go up a little bit just a little bit aaaaaaaaaaaaaand slow motion YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! WE LANDED ON THE MAZE BANK! and the car still works oh, no, it doesn’t, oh yeah, no, it works it works we take off again go, wooaw! ok let’s try to fly like under, uh, over here let’s try to fly right there because I’ve done this with a plane but I’ve never done this with a flying car ok, like a legit flying car and then what we have to do now is we have to go down ok, fly under there followed OH NO! so close 2X oh my god that got so close the fuck are you doing police officer, c’mon wooAAWW! ok gotta fly through the buildings like I mean in between the buildings not though them you crazy? and turn around! let’s try to do this again okay let’s try to do this again we’re gonna fly right underneath here we got so close it’s really hard to do this right over there damnit missed it again miss it again we’re spinning again oh dammit let’s do this again okay kops ready? ready?? nope, oh! oh, park entry! entr- nope nope nope nope! park, I was about say parking entry stunt but we didn’t hit it! the car is up and still working fine trust me okay no no that’s actually it’s actually not really working ok let’s go again all we have to do is use a booster take off taking off is very important maybe we have to fly, flying with a little runner, let’s just try a big bridge instead let’s try a big bridge where are the big bridges there’s a big big bridge over there, can we do it I believe in ourselves kops I believe in ourselves ok right over their kops right over there oh, are we gonna fly underneath the bridge?! WE JUST FLEW UNDERNEATH THE BRIDGE that was crazy, oh wow, ok let’s try different stunt so we are able to do it for sure you just need a lot of practice before you can do it this is crazy look at car just flying, weee! it feels so good like flying this car with like a jet in the back, ok, let’s try to get as low to the ground as possible maybe try to fly like on the highway come on go up a little bit, fuck! ok nope nope nope take off take off take off take off there we go ok we just took off that’s too much let’s try to fly through the windmill farm c’mon control the damn car control the damn car, ok, sometimes it just doesn’t want to be controlled, you just gotta go with it there we go! and than we can control it, okay we still have not hit a plane but I see a plane flying towards right over there are we able to hit it are we able to, JOOOOAH! we dodged it! we dodged a plane, ok what about the next plane what about the plane right over there can we fly into the plane and we’re hearing suspicious activity on this plane is it gonna drop a nuke on, uh, Los Santos we don’t know so we’ll have to take it down it looks like commercial flight but, err, no passengers aboard its operated by drones and robots in AI who’s behind this attack it must be Trevor, let’s go kops let’s go and duck let’s go ducking sequence from interstellar come on this is the ducking sequence oh, oh! WE LANDED ON THERE! NOOO WAAAY!! NOO WAAY! we ducked, erf, fuck! I just broke my controller but I don’t even care that was crazy anyways kops oh my god that was madness the plane is just is, I can’t do anything because I broke my controller, it just fell off my desk but that was madness kops! holy s3!5! I hope you enjoyed this video if you did then please drop a ‘like’ also don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet already, and I’ll see you kops tomorrow! bye-bye [Outro Music Plays] Can I please continue my video now? thank you Zorro! bye!

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