Ready Business Toolkit – Surroundings

Take stock of the threats surrounding your business and get ready to be resilient following a natural disaster. When preparing for a high wind event take a look at your signs, flagpoles, landscaping, and fences. Will they withstand high wind? Will your facilities survive debris impacts? If my neighbors building falls over and becomes wind born debris, that’s going to impact my building, So you really do have to look at those surroundings just the same way as a homeowner would look at a large oak tree with arch, you know, branches hanging over their home. Sometimes you’re going to have to unfortunately cut down some of those branches so you have less of a risk of those branches landing on your roof. Including your local emergency manager in these preparations provides another level of confidence your company is on the right path to preparedness. To download a copy of the Ready Business Program Toolkit or in order to get additional information on organizing a workshop in your area visit or

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