Rebuilding $10 ENVY Scooter! | Part 3: DECK Paint

Wow Oh And this one down a mole careful with this one that’s already right to an idiot So we are over at the anodized ER right now in yesterday’s video actually called these guys to see if they were able to do Like just single pieces like this clamp in the fork and the deck I’m going to cruise in there and talk to them about pricing I don’t want to take the camera in because first Impressions are usually really important in if I go in there with all his YouTube stuff going on They might think I’m just really weird and turned me away so I’m gonna go in there and talk to these guys about pricing really quick decide if I want to do this in purple or Pink or I looked at it and originally it was pink as you guys see like kind of in there It’s a deeper color in here than it is on the actual front of the clamp I’m gonna take some pictures up this definitely quick to make sure I have all of the Designs that I can reprint them look today starting off busy. It’s already busy. I’ll be right back Okay, so we’re over here at Cal Oaks right now I did get some info regarding All the parts and what we’re gonna have to do in order to get them all a note and it looks like it’s gonna cost Me somewhere in the range of like 200 bucks, but it’s not that bad. Oh, I Personally think it’s very worth it. The nostalgia is real although It’s an ode. I have to strip all them down Which means that I’m gonna have to go to the zone tonight and get all that done Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kody Gregory’s guys. He’s like the super super og home It used to come here when I was like this kids age. I never mind. How do you start writing? I was like 13 Let’s even get a first go flip triple on the 5 if I land this flip triple first try you have to flip double first turn But you can flip whip okay deal has a perfect seal See, I like to talk when I do it. You don’t have to do that So this is like a flip 10 it at least triples the difficulty Oh God. He tried to stick me Alright, drop it and flip triple 1 2 3 and jake has to flip double. Let’s see it mr. K Greg The fakie scoop fakie the normal scoop. Fakie Oh, that’s how you know, he’s been around for a long time because he does scooter figis just like me. That’s Rick and rare Shit float drop see ya. Whoa hot nigga ding pickles, Jake droppin first ever Hot dog I Hope you land it but I’m glad you’ve been laying now. And cuz I wasn’t recording which all we do up Bank It’s like my math final. Hold on rescue Okay. Alright Do you land it this this ride No, no, you gotta listen very carefully because if you don’t pay attention, that’s how you lose front teeth like we are gone Yeah, well, I’ve got six missing. Oh Oh, it’s a nose Bunter What was that right now right there trick number. I don’t know. We’re on flip web bar drop round should get this one First go hopefully Sorry scooter I apologize. I’ll never do it again until tomorrow. Oh Just the right footage Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you grind too many curves So if your scooter looks like this, you gotta stop grinding curves too many, but it’s all good, though I mean at least you’re riding right and This is what happens when you do wait to be your nose punch What is happening dude, I do do scooter fake nose money. You got it. Oh Yes tonight you say uh, my favorite ramp here at Kellogg skate park is the eight-foot quarter So let’s play on that a little bit first things first let’s just get a quick air on it to see if the Sun is really bad right now because if it’s bad then it’s my Most hated parking. I Mean what I just said, it’s my most hated Park and what an idiot If the Sun is really bad That’s when it’s my most hated ramp in the straight part because you can’t see I apologize. I didn’t mean to do that Let’s see if we can get a bar. Nd first go if that works. Well, so it turned out in there after Whoa, I mean it works, but not that well but Let’s do that one again just to make sure we don’t die when we do this turn bar spin grab anything that Was way better that’s what we’re looking for beings that that works as well as it did Let’s go turn down in after I drop it in first go I will be happy and if I do it first guy, you have to like the video Yes, you know the rules I don’t make the rules, huh Tricks Street dive in the house. Oh, it didn’t work at all. That was embarrassing. Okay, hang on cut the clip cut the clip Oh Does it work There we go You know Street guys do flare bars That’s my stash just for my street heritage, you know, do you guys always wear kneepads over there pants Always true guys never wear shorts. Neither do I ever I’m like Bucky lassic So what I believe Cody is trying to do is like a fakey scooter. Fakie push off the wall a normal scooter Fakie and then jump to knows what and then quad whippin right? But all right look up. Okay. Yeah, that’s that’s that’s easy That’s how I figured like you’re stepping Okay, I feel II just do double umbrella cup that’s like a little more like normal. I guess you could say He’s got to make sure you locked in to the nose not really well so he can get the flick for the double flip Both side. Yes mates both Ned Oh Not the foot I have to do Kids are ruthless you and I both know this kids are freakin ruthless You know how people call some like like, you know a peer pressure blog pressure. I think it’s even worse That was impressively escape That looked good to me My scooter sounds bad right now. I know well Now that I am definitely gonna have sweat lines along the top of my pants I think it’s time to get over to scooter zone get this thing. Oh, that’s not the scooter No one in my car get it stripped down so we can get it prepared for an O Before we move forward with this video I want to let you guys know that you should not do what I’m about to do unless you have parents supervision I am definitely of age to do this on my own just so you guys know so if you’re like 13 you’re thinking Oh, I should just go and get this stuff and spray paint. Don’t do it. It’s dangerous nasty stuff. Okay. Thanks so what I’m gonna be doing right now to strip the paint off of this anodizing is This is like an oven cleaner And if you spray this stuff on this it will actually eat away at the and dicing again. Don’t do this I’m gonna do all of it separately and I’ve decided to go ahead and do this in a Purple as opposed to doing it in the pink that we have on here right now because I’m gonna be redoing this in purple It’s gonna cost me literally no extra to do the fork as well So I just figured I would re-enter the entire fork also just to make sure it’s completely perfect. So That’s that so I just finished getting all of the photos of the bottom of the deck as well as the clamp for my wreckers Later on so I can get all that stuff back on the deck afterwards. But now I think it’s time to start spraying. I Don’t know exactly how much I’m supposed to put on there, but I’m assuming I should just put like a decent amount Goodbye, and be green nasty a no Now once I spray all this stuff, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to leave it for about 15-20 minutes and then I’ll come back out and if it’s Completely awful back up a little bit we can put like a second coat and just like essentially do like a second round on it and We’ll go from there, which I’ll probably have to do for the opposite side. Anyway gonna let that do its thing Oh my gosh, spray the clamp Definitely bubbling just bubbling loud. All right, so let’s unwrap this for quick quick. Same thing with the fork I’m not gonna do the headset because if I do the headset We’re gonna lose the etching and I definitely wanna keep the etching on there So I can’t redo all of it like all the edges plus it doesn’t really need to be redone I’ve never actually done this myself. I know a bunch of my friends that have done it. I’ve seen people do on YouTube So if there’s some tricks to the trade that I’m sure a lot of you guys might know that have done this before I don’t know. I’m just going okay, we’re spraying I’m sure if I put this in like a tub and let it so could be a little bit different but this is working out Just fine All right. I’m gonna let that chill for like like I say, probably 15 or 20 minutes It looks like some of its already kind of getting eaten up on this deck right here, and that’s definitely a good sign So give me a little bit. Okay, so I actually moved everything upstairs because I figured it’s oven cleaner I mean people do this inside of their house So it shouldn’t be that bad being like up in your mind and after about well It’s been like 10 minutes. You guys can see some of the color is definitely stripping off of the fork right here This color is almost all the way off on the clamp So you like it’s kind of like a looks Brown But it’s a silver color right here because that’s obviously the aluminum coming through the deck It’s not like as much coming off right now, but it’s plugged because I wasn’t able to like kind of spray it on flat So it’s not sitting on this but also doesn’t look like the graphics are gonna come off of the parts So that MV one is staying on there Obviously a lot better than the color is which means that that should stay on there pretty well, too so I’m gonna give this stuff a few more minutes to kind of settle and try to strip off a little bit more of the Anodizing and I want to try to just wipe it and see what happens All right so it’s been a couple more minutes and I think I’m just gonna start out with Taking the clamp and wiping it off. I have my gloves on obviously I think I’m gonna have to let this sit more as well as this one for like I’m maybe you know like 20 minutes or So but let’s see how this right now So you guys saw with the clamp looked like before and I’m wiping it down and I already took like a small peek. Oh My god look at the cup that is a complete differently took all of the pink off completely Well, not completely because I think I have to spray a little bit more on there to actually get it completely off But I’m gonna do the same thing to the fork But I do want to take the fork and wipe it off a little bit and see what that looks like At least on that fork tube. Alright, so let’s go ahead and respray this one I’m grab a different paper towel. See what this thing. Looks like Dad is freakin crazy. Dude. Look at the difference between this that’s the best the back of the fork So that’s what the the anodizing looked like before now. I’m just indifferent is completely silver as I said I do need to put a little bit more of that stuff on The back end and let this sit for probably around thirty minutes as opposed to like fifteen or twenty let that do its thing I’m gonna let this sit for a lot longer and then respray that and I think we should be good by then But this is gonna take a lot more time that I kind of anticipated So if you guys want to see what all this stuff looks like Make sure you guys tune back tomorrow to check it out And I think I’m just as excited to see all this stuff as you guys are so as always. Oh God We’re good. Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video. Hopefully you guys did enjoy it I know I’ve enjoyed spending the entire day Just kind of messing around with this stuff and getting everything taken care of I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s coming It’s gonna be complete here probably within the next hopefully within the next week as long as I can find wheels but again Thank you guys for watching make sure you guys do subscribe and like this video if you have not already and if you enjoyed it But until next time I’m out of here

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