– Ow. – It doesn’t cinch in. – Ow! – Comb.
Aaaaah! – Right? – I’m ready for my photo shoot. (upbeat music) Hi guys it’s Audrey and… – Jordan from JustJordan33! – Today we’re going to be doing
the 80s Hairstyle Challenge! And this video’s about to get crazy! – It’s gonna be very crazy. – Because if you didn’t
know, the 80s hairstyles were really crazy back then. – They’re like, pooof! – They’re poofy, and
crimped, and just everywhere. Before we get on to
doing the 80s hairstyles, our mom has challenged us
to figure out how to put one of thingumajigs into our hair. – And apparently all of
these little mini challenges are things that they would use in the 80s. – My mom grew up in the 80s
so she had these hairstyles. Let’s start off with this
challenge, the banana clip. – Okay I’m going to go with
the matching hair color kinda. What the what? (enthusiastically laughs) – Audrey it’s not that hard. – What’d you do? – You’re just like, “Grrrr-hehehe.” – Oh, wait. – Why is it a banana? It looks like an alligator. Look. It looks like a bumpit too. I have a feeling I know. (boisterously laughs) – Is this what they do in the 80s? Cute. What is she… What are you doing? – I don’t know! – This actually, I’d go to
school looking like this. – Clip, flip… bumpit! – Obviously we don’t know how to do this. – We get the extra volume! – Same. Same. – You gotta hide it with your hair so use some bobby pins if you need. – Okay. – How you get that bump without volume. You probably want it up here,
not down there, but you know. – How do you actually use
these its giving me a headache. – Wait, I’m going to put it
up like what I mean to do. Ow. Ow!
– I can’t get this out! Ow!
– Ow! – It’s painful. – How do you actually use this? – I broke it! I knew it! I knew it was a bumpit. – Wait, no how do– – [Mom] It’s not a bumpit,
you put it in like– – How’d she hide it? – You stuck it up like this? It’s a bumpit! – It’s a ponytail, durh. – It’s a pony? – [Mom] I’ll show you. – It’s a ponytail? – You put it like this son;
you learn from the master. Why do people not use this
anymore for their tails? Is it cute? – My hair’s too thick, I can’t get it! – Okay, did I do it? Look at my awesome… Why don’t people just do this every day? – I can’t get it. (laughing) – So I got my ponytail in. If I was in gym let’s see
how this would hold up. This is what you do in gym class. – I can’t get it! – So is your hair supposed to be looking fly after like mine? – Mine doesn’t work, my hair’s too thick. This product is not made for everyone! – I think you need the
all bump for your hair. – I’ll try multiple. – Okay let’s go on to
the next mini challenge. The next challenge is that we
have to make two ponytails, or pigtails, with these things. – They are like a hair tie with– – No it’s like one of those
things in science class where it goes like this– – Yeah. – And knocks it and then knocks it back. – Like this, ready? Are you ready? Ding. – ♪ Ding ding ding ♪ – Ding! – Okay. – It’s like a hair tie
that cinched in the middle with two decorative hair
ball thingies at the end. That makes sense. – Okay let’s try this. My ponytails look so weird
’cause my hair’s thin, so when I do pigtails it looks
like a two-year-old did it. – I have one thin side and one thick side. – Ow. – Actually I’m going to
learn from the experience and figure out how to do this beforehand. – Oh dang it. I think I know how you do it. – It’s like this? – Boom. I won. – Boom. – This is how you have a… – Wait. – a nice, little loose pigtail. – That’s not, wait, what? You loop it like this. – You already lost, you don’t loop. – And then– – You just stick it in, like this. – And then you take this
big ball, and you loop it, you loop this other
side through this side, come on, loop, and then, tada! See it looks like it. It works. I’m a box at this challenge.
– My hair would be ruined. If I did this everyday… – Okay this is the other
half, this is the very th– – Done! – Let me try that again. – I’m a dorpy child. Well this is a success. – I got the other side watch this I’m going to be the
perfect child ever. Wow. – Same. – Perfect 80s child, I’m
meant to be in the 80s. And by the way we don’t
even know how to do our hair in this era (laughing), how
are going to do in the 80s? The most I can do if flat-iron
my hair, I can’t even put in a ponytail. – Well here’s my ponytail so
I think I’m going to wear this to school tomorrow. Okay now let’s go on
to the main challenge. Here are our pictures
that we have to recreate. Ahh, mine looks so crazy! – Mine looks, ooohh. – How am I gonna get my hair so poofy? – So we have different pictures to make it a little bit
interesting to see if– – Your hair is really crimped,
my hair is blow-dried galore. – How do you know? – The 80s are coming
back because every girl at my school does this now. – I know, they all go like
this and they’re like, “Uh.” – Okay let’s just try do to our hairstyle. So while Jordan’s doing
her hair, I’m going to try to do my girl’s make-up. – We’re going to go full
out, and make us look identical to these people. – Except for the clothes. – I’m gonna try it. Oh. Oh no. I don’t know how long to leave it for. I don’t want to burn off my hair. – Yep I can already tell I am
not supposed to be in the 80s. I don’t know how people did
their hair, or their make-up. – Wow. Wow! – Oh no, that texture. – It’s like the sandpaper texture. Oh I should wear this to school tomorrow. – You should and just
see what you would do. – Just rock it? And everyone would be like, “Hey.” – Na ah! Ready to go to
my first concert yea! – Wow. Look, it’s so weird. I’m going to have some really
thick hair by the end of this. – Some thickly hair? – Feel the difference, feel this. – Are you sure you want me to feel it. – Oh no. This is super… I got a really small layer, and this is huge. – Here’s my make-up. – My hair is fully crimped and crazy. – I look like a rock star. – I’m going to pause my
hair and do my make-up. – And I’m going to do my hair! – Blush time! (roaring hair dryer) They have a lot of blush so
I’m gonna have to apply a lot. – I’m ready for my photo shoot. (roaring blow dryer) I doubt this is doing anything. – Look at this, I got sunburned! I put on a lot of blush. – You’re grudy. – As you can tell I
normally don’t put on blush, so I don’t know what I’m doing. – Applying to hairspray, everything. – Goodbye. – Oh no it’s gonna start stanking. No get away the iron from it. ‘Kay I’m done with blush. I’m going to go on to my
eyeshadow, which I’m going to use.. – I hate doing hair. – I’m going to use this
bright, purply and silvery because I think that’s what she has on. – She doesn’t have anything on. – I’ll put on a little bit of that too. You know? Just do it. – I don’t know how to spray
my hair with hairspray, so I’m just going to experiment. – Oh no. (crazed laughing) I don’t normally use this big
of a brush but I’m doing it ’cause I feel like I gotta go all out. Oh my. – I feel it. I really feel it. – You’ve got the volume there for sure. – Do I? Really? – Or a grease head. – Chaz. Maybe I should wear it
like this everyday to school. Here we go. – Now time for the purple. Oh.. – This is going to be a
joy to have in my hair. I feel like I need to rat my hair. Is that what they did in the 80s, or was that a different generation? – No hints. – Okay, ratting it is. (electronic music) – I just look like a
zombie when I rat my hair. – Wow, I look like… I’m a little kid and I tried to apply make-up. What else did she do? She has a little highlight on the nose. I’m gonna just use eye shadow
’cause I don’t have highlight. I’m gonna try it, oh no! – How does she make her hair like… ♪ Little bunny foo foo ♪ I think she has short
hair and I just have long. – Oh it’s wet, it looks like
you took a shower. Oh no. (roaring hair dryer) – ‘Kay now let me finish my hair. – Why does this hair spray reek? – Okay I think–
– It smells like dog pee. Literally. Not kidding, someone peed their bed. Here we go. (hairspray can hisses) – Oh it is so wet. (roaring hair dryer) I may hairspray too! – I’m a happy unicorn! I swear, if my hair falls
out because of this I’m done. – It’s ponytail time! – I just saw lightening in this. My arm is shaking! Right now it just looks like I just got out of the
shower in my front head. – Okay it’s time to make the
bangs, I’m scared to do this. Oh how do you do this? No. I’ve already secured it in. I’ve already hair sprayed it. – Aaahh. – Wait, one last thing. I can do it. I got this. Stay. Please stay. – You need hair spray Jordan. – Spritz it for me! Spritz it for me. – Gel doesn’t do anything. (hissing) Now don’t move it an inch. Alright so this is our final hairdos… – I think I really nailed
everything especially the bangs, that bang has a lot of volume. – I tried my hardest, I feel
like I’d have to chop off this much of my hair to complete the look but I’m not willing to
sacrifice that for this video. – I will!
– But. – Right…
– No. Comment down below who you think did the best in this challenge, who got closer to their
person’s hairstyle. – Me every day! – And vote up in the poles. Also in the comments down
below tell us what other decade you guys want us to try
to recreate our hair. It could be the 90s, the
70s, the 50s, the 40s– – Svelte. – It could be the beehive! – The beehive? – We could try! But tell us in the comments
down below what you want to see and we might do a part two. And the spotlight of this video goes to… (hands drumming) Tada! Congrads.
– Yay! – Thank you so much and we love you. If you guys wanna be a
spotlight for the next video be sure to take a screenshot of your favorite part of this
video and post it on your personal Instagram account. Tag me @AllAroundAudrey and JustJordan33. – Underscore! – Hashtag #pigsfeetsquad,
and we will see your picture and you might have a chance
to be in the next video. That’s it for today, we’ll
see you guys next time. Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat piano and guitar music)

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