REDSTONE CIRCUIT BLOCKS! Minecraft Update 17w13b!

Ladies and gentlemen, This morning, I have got some very exciting news indeed. As you guys may, or may not know, I’m quite friendly with the people at Mojang. Obviously, I’ve been making Redstone Videos for a very long time indeed. And I chat to them occasionally… and they have sent me, they have sent me, a new Minecraft update. This is like a test update… Things that they’re playing around with, ideas that they have And they wanted me to test them out because of course I use a lot of Redstone. And these are heavily… Redstone… FOCUSED… Now, I am extremely excited to show you this, Because look what I have in front of me. Now these may just look like command blocks, but they are not command blocks. These are craftable in SURVIVAL, and they have Redstone Circuits, on the inside of them. I can’t believe I’m even saying that! *woosh* So, circuit #1 is going to be the AND gate block. So, this block right here, the green one, is the AND gate block. And it works like AND gates in Minecraft. I mean we flick this lever right here, you can see absolutely nothing happens, we flick this lever right here, absolutely nothing happens. But, if both levers are flicked, Then this thing will give a comparator output. And then of course once again, turn off this lever, Comparator turns off, neither of them are on, the comparator is currently off. Redstone output. Redstone output It’s an AND gate in a block, ladies and gentlemen. *woosh* This one probably isn’t quite as exciting, but considering we’re going through all of the logic circuits and things like that, we do have a NOT gate in a block aswell. So, when we run a redstone input in, this thing right here converts the redstone signal, and it gives an off output, or it doesn’t give a redstone output. Then when we flick the lever off, then we get ourselves a redstone output. Now although you can just do this, with a redstone torch, it is of course slightly smaller, and this thing doesn’t power anything around it, which means that we’ll be able to slot this in plenty of different redstone contraptions. *woosh* So that is all of the logic gates in all of the circuitry blocks, you may be sat there thinking why is there no OR gates but that is because an OR gate can be created in one block anyways. So mojang decided that they weren’t going to add it in. However there are three different logic blocks, that are going to be SUPER useful, in every single redstone contraption from this point forth. *woosh* So this little circuit here is known as a T-Flip Flop. So as you can see, when I hit this button, this redstone block is extended out and it powers this repeater, and when we hit the button again it shuts everything off. Now, this thing is used in pretty much every single one of my Redstone builds, All of you are fairly familiar with it, And now we can do it… In a single block. Hit the button, comparator turns off. Hit the button, comparator turns on again. Now this is a very small T-Flip Flop, There are smaller designs, Back in the day, they used to be considerably bigger. *boop of a button* But this is just ridiculous. *boop of a button* I mean seriously! *boopwoosh* Another one of my personal favorites, is the Clock- -in-a-Block. The Clock-Block. That is incredibly difficult to say. But as you can see, we power this block right here, And we get ourselves a cycling Redstone output. A flashing Redstone output that turns on and off, Which once again can be used in a ton of Redstone Circuits. Now my only complaint about this one, is that we can’t set the speed. Of how fast this thing gives output. This is the speed that we get, and that is it. That’s something I would like to see in the future. Perhaps you right-click on it, Or perhaps it works as repeaters, We just click on it a few times, and it speeds things up. I guess that’s a suggestion I’ll have to give to the Mojang team. *woosh intensifies* And for the final Redstone circuit of today’s video, We have got this system right here. Now I’d just thought I’d throw in this block, To demonstrate the fact that you can actually take outputs Through a block! From the systems as well. But this is known as the R-S Nor Latch Block, So if we hit this button, You can see that our output will change, then we hit the button, and absolutely nothing will happen. And then when we go over to this side, we hit this button, we got ourselves a Redstone output, and we hit the button again, and again, and again… and absolutely nothing will change once again. So this is the R-S Nor Latch in a Block. And once again: R-S Nor Latches Are relatively big Redstone circuits, so this is really gonna compact things down. It’s just… it’s incredible! It’s seriously incredible! I’m beyond excited, I just want to start building things! *intensifying woosh intensifies* So here we go, I guess that kind of rounds everything up. We have got, all the different blocks. So this one right here is the AND gate, This one right here is the Redstone clock, this one over here is the NOT gate, This one is the R-S Nor Latch, and this one over here is the T-Flip Flop. The Logic Blocks! I absolutely love these things! I cannot wait to get started on using them! They are going to be incredible in all of my Redstone circuits! It’s… it’s a good time to be a Minceraft Redstoner. That’s for sure, but anyways, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did, Be sure to hit that like button! And if you really loved it, then make sure to subscribe. And thanks for watching guys, this has been Mumbo, and I’m out, I’ll see ya later! Outro Music (ProleteR – April Showers) What? Why did the music stop? I don’t know… let’s see. Hey! Yeah? Hey you there! What, Mumbo? Check the date! wot? *wheeze* Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Haa-haha! A-ha-ha! *wheeze* Ha-ha-ha! *sighs* Ohhh, I get you every year! But Mumbo… Every year I get ya! But I was so excited for those blocks! 🙁

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