Republicans SCOTUS-Block President Obama: The Daily Show

By now you’ve probably all heard
that yesterday President Barack Obama
finally made his big pick. And no, we’re not talking
about March Madness, we’re… -(laughter) -We’re
talking about his selection to convert this elite eight
back into a normal nine. Today I am nominating Chief Judge
Merrick Brian Garland to join the Supreme Court. Yes, Merrick Brian Garland. This fine fellow. A chief judge
of the DC Court of Appeals, Harvard graduate
with a brilliant legal mind, you know,
prosecuted Timothy McVeigh, and on top of all of that,
he’s totes adorbs. -(laughter) -Oh, no.
You can be the judge of that. Thank you, Mr. President. This is the greatest honor
of my life. (sighs) (crying): Other than
Lynn agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. For me, there could be
no higher public service than serving as a member of
the United States Supreme Court. I am grateful beyond words for the honor
you have bestowed upon me. -Oh, can I keep him?
-(audience aw-ing) Can we keep him, please, Mommy? Aw, that guy is so adorable. Like, next to him,
even sweet Ruth Bader Ginsburg seems like an asshole. -Aw…
-(laughter) I love him so much. Merrick Brian Garland. I love it.
It’s got a ring to it. MBG. You down with MBG? Yeah, you know me. Who’s down with MBG? Well, apparently, nobody. NEWSWOMAN:Senate Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell
said it would be
a “waste of time”
to meet nominee
Merrick Garland.
REPORTER: Are you any more open
to holding hearings? I spoke to Lindsey Graham,
who said to me that he has said
to the president, “Even if you pickedme,”
Lindsey Graham, “I would lead the charge
against me because you are the one who
picked me in an election year.” Oh, Lindsey. That’s just low self-esteem
right there, buddy. -(laughter) -You’re worth
voting for yourself, my friend. Sure, maybe GOP primary voters
rejected you, but rest assured,
Trevor loves you, baby. -(cheering)
-Trevor loves you. Don’t forget. But this… you know,
this resistance to Judge Garland doesn’t seem to make any sense. I mean, just based
on what senate Republicans have said about him in the past. Merrick Garland
is highly qualified to sit on the DC circuit. His intelligence
and his scholarship cannot be questioned. NEWSMAN:Pat Roberts,
the Kansas Republican senator,
I said, “Well, why did you
support him in 1997?”
He said,
“I just supported him.”
Over my seven years
as president, in all my conversations
with senators from both parties, in which I asked their views on qualified
Supreme Court nominees, the one name
that has come up repeatedly, from Republicans
and Democrats alike, is Merrick Garland. That’s right.
Everyone likes Merrick Garland. He’s, like, the Paul Rudd
of federal judges. -(laughter)
-In fact, it’s even more… It’s, like, Paul Rudd
with a puppy’s face, and then, like, the puppy’s eyes
are Paul Rudd’s face. -(laughter)
-That’s-that’s more… Yeah. That’s what… Aah! Aah! I’ve created a monster.
Go away! Go away! Bad Rudd! Bad Rudd! So, uh, so I don’t get it,
I don’t get it. Democrats like him,
Republicans like him– why won’t the Republicans
even consider him? They simply do not believe,
they say, that a president in this heated
of an election cycle, who is a lame duck, should
be able to nominate somebody. The decision
the senate announced weeks ago remains about a principle… and not a person. The senate will continue
to observe the Biden Rule. Man, Mitch McConnell seems
like a bit of a dick. -(laughter)
-Uh… well, just in principle. Not as a person. -(laughter)
-Because… because the Biden Rule
isn’t a rule. It was a proposal in a speech
that Biden gave in 1992, where he argued
against considering a Supreme Court nominee
duringthatelection year. So yeah, don’t get me wrong,
Biden messed up– but it’s not a rule. Just because you propose
something doesn’t make it rule. And that includes tonight. You don’t have to kiss
these people just because they’re Irish. You don’t have to do that. There is no Biden Rule. Okay, well,
there is one Biden Rule, and that is,
if you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat
and wipe the seat. -(laughter)
-That’s the Biden Rule. -(applause)
-That’s the only rule we follow. And-and just… By the way,
since when do Republicans have any respect
for what Joe Biden says? I think the vice president
very well knows that sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth
the right way. Democrats aren’t asked
to answer every time Joe Biden says something
embarrassing. The latest, uh, gaffe of the
gift that keeps on giving, uh, who is, by the the way, a heartbeat away
from the presidency. The next time you’re at a party, walk up to someone, just say, “Vice President Joe Biden” and close your mouth. They will crack up laughing. Yeah, that’s true. If you say
“Joe Biden” at a party, people crack up laughing. Uh, just like if you say
“Ted Cruz” at a party, people leave. Time to go, people. It’s Ted Cruz, it’s Ted Cruz.
Time to go, people. Ted Cruz.
Put the drink down. Ted Cruz, come on, guys,
get out of here. Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, people. We should all start doing that
at parties from now on. Ted Cruz, everybody,
time to go, Ted Cruz. Uh, listen, Republicans, I understand
what you’re going through. You lost Justice Scalia,
a legendary conservative justice and you don’t want him replaced
by anyone that Obama likes. But here’s the big question: how do you think
this is going to play out? Because, what, you filibuster
this guy until Obama is gone? Then what happens? ‘Cause what if Hillary Clinton
becomes president and she picks Garland
or someone even more liberal? Or, God forbid, Donald Trump
becomes president. And who knows what he’d do. Like, he could do any…
He could pick Judge Judy. He could…
Just because he’s heard of her. You don’t know what he’d do. He might not even pick a person. He could nominate
a painting of himself or… or… Like, anything.
He could nominate a racist bottle of champagne.
You don’t… And I don’t even know
what that means, to be honest. Like, because how could a bottle
of champagne be racist? It doesn’t… Like, like, maybe
you’re celebrating, it’s like, “Three, two, one, (bleep).” Who taught you that, champagne? Bad champagne. I really don’t understand,
you know. For the Republicans,
there really is no winning here. So the question is
what do you want? Our view is this: give the people a voice in filling this vacancy. You know, this is rich
coming from McConnell. He’s saying
give the people a voice, but he’s silence the one voice who the people chose.
And he’s so dug… (cheering, applause) he’s so dug in on his
partisanship, he refuses to listen to reason, even when it’s right there
in the room with him. The next justice
could fundamentally alter the direction
of the Supreme Court and have a profound impact
on our country. So, of course… of course, the American people
should have a say in the court’s direction. Well, they did,
by electing Obama. It is a president’s
constitutional right to nominate
a Supreme Court justice, and it is the senate’s
constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold its consent. Traditionally after
a confirmation hear… As Chairman Grassley
and I declared weeks ago and reiterated personally
to President Obama, the senate will continue
to observe the Biden rule. Not a rule.
It’s not a rule. So that the American people
have a voice in this momentous decision. The American people
may well elect a president who decides to nominate
Judge Garland… -They already did.
-…for senate consideration. They already did. President Obama
made this nomination not… not with the intent of seeing
the nominee confirmed, but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. He’s also politicizing. -Which is the type of thing…
-That you’re doing right now! …then-senate judiciary
committee chairman Biden -was concerned about.
-Can I borrow this? The exact thing Chairman Biden
was concerned about. -The Biden rule underlines…
-It’s not a rule! …that what the president
has done with this nomination -would be unfair to any nominee.
-There’s no such thing! Mitch, you’re
making this (bleep) up! And, more importantly,
the rule warns of the great cost -the president’s action…

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Reader Comments

  1. unanimous300

    The Republican's house is burning, and all they think is to burn down the country with them. McConnell has two more years of his term. He believes causing more gridlock in congress will advance his agenda, he is that far removed from reality. Wanton stupidity.

  2. jpkjnn

    Republicans are so full of shit. they are full of it and know that there is no such principle. they're increasingly in violation of their oath and the Constitution.

  3. Anogoya Dagaati

    Man, it's just so sad about Obama and the Republicans. It's like they will deny their own mothers, heck their very own existence if it means opposing the guy! Just wow, I thought I understood hatred but really?

  4. Liz C

    Why do people make fun of Biden so much? I'm actually curious- I always heard he was silly but then I watched an interview with him and he seemed really thoughtful and intelligent.

  5. Simon Smith

    Looking forward to when Trump nominates Guy Fieri to the supreme court so the prophecy can be complete. All hail Her her Imperious Condescension!

  6. Jesse Torres

    Just a reminder, Merrick Garland was nominated by Obama 8 months ago! Even if the parties had been switched (Republican President and Democrat Congress), them doing nothing regarding 1 of the most important government positions in our government is a disgrace to our system of checks and balances. And even with the people Trump has listed he would nominate, I doubt we will find within his administration a justice as conservative as Scalia, so the Senate waiting/expecting that to happen was/still is a bad decision on their part. If they did this with the mindset that it would hurt President Obama, the Republicans in Congress have also potentially hurt millions of Americans that they swore to represent and vote for them/their needs, yet they put their political party above everything else. Even with a Republican President and controlling both chambers of the House, they are now going to be split during this administration, and who knows what other decisions may lead to the same course of action by them. Finally, I'm NOT saying all Republicans are bad/crooked (I'm from a red state), but I feel that this was a selfish decision on their part to not "give him a chance" (which is something many on BOTH SIDES in Congress and the media are saying we should do with Trump). If you actually read all of my long-ass comment, thank you very much and thank God for me to be in a country where (because of the 1st Amendment) I can share this opinion with my fellow Americans even if they disagree with me (which may not be so easy in the near future).

  7. Apfelkind4000

    Your 2 Parties System and Checks and Balances don't work with politicians like that. We know this behavior here in Germany as well but we have many parties and coalitions so it's ok and works. But your System is dieing thanks to the republican party.

  8. Harrison Shone

    Parents, if you ever need to explain to your kids why Donald Trump ended up nominating his penis to the supreme court, show them this.


    Goes to show you these muthuphuken republicans don't give a shit about the America, whatever OBAMA wanted to do to keep America great they were always apposed of it, because he was the one doing it. Fucking pricks.

  10. B6 schilke

    Check Mitch's home state ranking. Look what is was when he took office and look where it ranks now. Mitch is not good for Kentucky or America. GO AWAY DROOPY!!!

  11. Syd San99

    Can we just have that guy at every single public announcement, interview and press conference every politician in the future has. We can nickname him reality.

  12. PowerUnknown

    Who ever Obama backs conservatives go agaisnt. Can you imagine if he backed trump they would be like God dammit we have to pick someone else now. This is why I don't follow either side.

  13. Somrit Basu

    I am surprised how u dont feel bad about so many innocent people suffering at the hands of Muslims.

    Why can't the leftist media think of all men as equal

  14. Krista Antonini Martin

    My dad Frank A. named me after the Vostok 1, 3KA-3, my initials are K-A or KA, and I think that the rocket science lies in Trump's court.

  15. Oh Well

    funny looking back at how Republicans treated Obama, and how when you try to treat them the same, they are the innocent ones and you are attacking them.

  16. K The Show

    If you want to get rid of Mitch McConnell then sign this petition to help get impeachment proceedings started:  And spread the word about the petition.

  17. Sam Geuvenen

    Wait, wouldn't Biden have been there to tell McConnell he's full of shit, since the Vice President is supposed to preside over the Senate? Was he forbidden from talking about rules not existing, even when they're supposedly named after him?

  18. erin h

    And there Lindsey Graham highlight EXACTLY what is wrong with this government. His opposition has literally NOTHING to do with the qualifications of the appointee, but everything to do with the fact that he doesn't want a Democrat nominating him. Everyone only cares about the party name and doesn't give a shit about what's actually good for the country!

  19. Shrey Butle

    Back when Trevor didn't have to totally roast any upcoming government employee because people with credibility, honor and knowledge actually ran the White House.

  20. Shrey Butle

    Back when Trevor didn't have to totally roast any upcoming government employee because people with credibility, honor and knowledge actually ran the White House.

  21. Patrick Kearns

    Fast forward 2 years later Republicans rush kavanaugh in despite sexual assault accusations and a botched FBI investigation to sworn him in before the mid terms

  22. Annesha Masters

    “A president in this heated of an election cycle shouldn’t be able to nominate a sc justice” ?? BUT YALL LET DONALD TRUMP (a widely controversial person and president ) NOMINATE A POTENTIAL RAPIST AND MAJORLY UNSTABLE BEER ENTHUSIAST (also very controversial) ?? Damn America sure loves a double standard

  23. Gai. L

    Watching this after that walking crashed beer can came onto the bench of SCOTUS. This is horribly fucked up. America could have a dignified, honorable man serving at the highest court of the land. Now what you've got is that coward Kavanaugh best known for screaming "I like beeeeeeeeer!!!!!"
    Republicans are mindfuckingly deplorable.

  24. SchwerMetall154

    Obama – Here's a centrist SCOTUS candidate to help balance the court between liberal and conservative since my last two picks were a bit liberal.

    Republicans – Nuh-huh, we demand to wait nine months before considering anyone nonetheless a vote in respect of what some guy we have no actual respect for said 30 years ago.

    Trump – Here's a neocon judge to replace the originalist judge for SCOTUS, Merrick Garland is too liberal and a radical socialist!
    Republicans – CONFIRM-CONFIRM-CONFIRM! We only considered him for a week – CONFIRM!

    Trump – Here's a gang-rapist who drinks heavily until he blacks out of which the BAR Association says shouldn't even be part of the American judicial system.
    Literally Everyone Else – What?! Are you serious?! No! What about that Merrick Garland guy? A centrist to replace a centrist, that's a way better choice than a gang-rapist!

    Literally Everyone Else – Please don't die RBG! Crosses fingers Please don't die – please don't die – please don't die…

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