Revit Tips – Baluster – perpendicular to the pitch line

this kind of balusters are not usual but nessesary somtimes. Balusters are perpendicular to the pitch line of stairs. Start to make a family with a Bluster template. in Baluster template, you can use three Angle Parameters. First, draw a Reference line that will be used for a sweep path of a baluster. and make end points contsraint with reference planes. and make an angular dimension. and make it label with ‘Slope Angle’. to avoid errors, type value of angle not zero. this is the angle that represents with pitch line of stairs(or ramp) then make a baluster with sweep form using reference line just made. Angle and length of this sweep form will always follow the reference line. let’s check it out at a project. draw a stair to make stair hosted railing fast. and name on the baluster just created before load it. Tada…. and make you type of railing. and change balusters. hmm.. not all changed.. then, uncheck ‘use baluster per tread on stairs’ option. i’ll change distance between balusters also. TADA… all balusters are sloped.. but need raling stretch. to extend rail, select only rail using ‘tab’. then go edit Profile, and draw any shape you want. this is just a simple example.
make yours better. thanks for watching,

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