Revit Tips – make Railing sloped without any hosts

you need to make a raling slope without a host somtimes. this ramp is made with floor, not ‘ramp’ first, draw a profile of railing you want. if this ramp was from ‘ramp’fuction, it could be a host, but it’s not. so i’ll make this ramp sloped manually. just draw short line at the end of the profile you want to stretch up. then, apply custom level you want. in this case 2nd foor it at 4000 high. and apply ‘slope’ to the profile line that you want to make sloped. now, raling has slope, but balusters are wierd. so, lets fix this. change base and base offset of balusters as ‘-1100’ from ‘top bar’. ignore any warnig. just delete. now you have a sloped raling without host. thanks for watching. bye. 🙂

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  1. barney newton

    This is great! But when modelling a continuous railing along a sloped roof is it necessary to implement the vertical extension at each junction where the roof pitch differs? Thanks again!

  2. Luis Roncayolo

    I love you thank you for this tutorial you have no idea what a positive impact you just gave to my life lol I have a final in like 4 hours and this was killing me

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