RimWorld Lord of the Rims – S2Ep9 – Proper Defences

how’s it going this is Kolrolf and
welcome back to RimWorld Lord of the rims there’s a few things I want to get
done this episode in between episodes I was thinking about next I’m just gonna
pause here for a second work activities um just gonna change a
few things around because I really want while I’m finding the colonies not
working as efficiently as it could things like let’s see handle yeah need
that as a higher priority cuz well we’ve lost obedience on sailor and klavdia so
I can’t bring them into battle anymore which is no good and let’s see a few
other people I want to change so I want to improve increase that increase
negotiate but not higher than warden this is still kind of in keeping with I
want the well how old you know from left to right it goes all your ones then goes
to your twos threes fours etc but yeah there’s a couple of key skills that
aren’t really getting done now grow and plant need to be really high priority
because you only have a couple of people that can do that half the colony can’t
things like hunt though I noticed Hunter lacks range weapon because a terrace
does not have a bow even though you know I think it’s cuz we don’t have enough
melee attackers and I kind of feel we could use another melee yeah you don’t have too many animals
that were hunting at the moment but these guys are both good hunters so
that’s fine instruct you know Dooley or five with no passion so I think we’re
actually gonna turn you off because now we’ve got enough people with passions
and ability for construction so let’s have them focus on those tasks mining
are we here you’ve got a double passion so I’ll leave you on that plant head
Smith tunnel I’d like you to do crafting yeah we’re actually gonna do it as a one
because we really need no I haven’t to open these up we’ve run a limestone
brick so that’s why if these things aren’t getting done so I want to turn
that on so those will get built and let’s see where are we here tunnel yeah
so you’re gonna warden plant cut craft and clean and that should work and then
and then cook and hunted after might just keep this as a one for a little
while I may have to switch it back to a two later because he’s gonna stop doing
these tasks but we need lots of bricks for other things this episodes so let’s
leave it there for now camber doctor you’re gonna hunt mine hall and clean so
right now you’re kind of mainly focused on hauling and cleaning because we don’t
have too much else we want you to do actually let’s set you to two on craft
because he do have a passion for it my way if Tom was doing other things
actually let’s let’s have Tom well as a two as well yeah that way someone should
be able to do the work cutting and they should be fine at ours is amazing of
these they come on her high and the other thing was research I want to get a
research bench in here and start researching and gain is our best
researcher by far you’re not Terrace has a lot of passion
she’s a lot of a job she’s doing so that that should work the only other thing
was maybe have gained it’s a one it’s gonna warden real planche or negotiate
and construct yeah okay now the little that’ll still work is there’s not a lot
of growing and planting going on this is our only planting zone so yeah okay
that’ll work that’ll work alright the next thing we wanted to do was oh yeah I
want to move the pantry up so we got our little dining room here but we’ve got
all our food storage over here so let’s move it up over here that way I’ll go
get food and be right by the table that could sit and eat and that will also
free up more room for pots salted pots that is there and I think what we’ll do
is we’ll get these builds and then we’ll have to switch things around because I
do want medicine nearby but I’m thinking this side once these get moved I’ll put
more salted pots down here put medicine in these ones and then these ones are
just before meat and foodstuffs okay oh good we’ve already got limestone bricks
being made wonderful thank you tamil that is good oh yeah gain I did want you
to get you don’t have any ability whatsoever but I think we’re gonna give
you a bow yeah you’re gonna be terrible at it and
you’ve got no passion so you’re gonna be pretty much always terrible at it but
you know maybe you’ll get better and at least you’re another participating in
combat and that is important uh winter has begun so maybe what we should do
oops not work orders chop wood let’s just run around chopping whatever trees
we can before they eventually die off in the cold well bond to trees there we go
okay so we’ll queue that up and that’ll give our plant cutters something to do
and the next thing we want to do is work on our defensive structures because
thinking about this in between episodes and this is just going to slow people
down it’s not gonna prevent them so we can’t like funnel them through an area
because they can just run straight past so with what we have available to us where we hear structure late wall there
we go what I’m thinking is we’re gonna do more
of a traditional style kill box which I don’t actually like making kill boxes
but I don’t see us having a whole lot of choice we just don’t have any other way
to soften up enemies before they attack us and get to us and in melee combat so
let’s see if we do this and does that make sense you should fill that in
okay I fill that in I actually doesn’t matter cuz we’re gonna kind of need to
whoops didn’t mean to do that super okay here we go again
just do it like this this will be our opening here and yeah
so we can have them come out somewhere over here okay so this does mean we’re
gonna need to deconstruct a few of these but that’s okay oh yeah it’s snowing it
is snowing let’s see we’re gonna deconstruct every other one of these and they’re yeah okay so because what we’re
gonna do we’re gonna have we’re gonna use these to slow them down as they come
in and then so here here here this one may need to move over maybe not trap
here but we’re not gonna be able to reset it let me think about this for a
second okay so I think I’ve got it figured out
so yeah like I said we’re gonna remove every other one of these and then we’re
gonna have a spike trap right here and then a door just down down down wind
down gradient the next next up will be a door so we can reset the trap as well as
rescue anyone that’s just knocked out and temporary set up this side but I’m
more focused on when I get this done see our guys are harvesting this earth bread
as well as chopping trees which is great in the morning we’re gonna force them to
work on this we’re actually gonna need a whole lot more bricks
so let’s um let’s pause when satisfied at 200 and let’s have a stockpile of 400
there we go and oops not suspend unpause that’s what
we’re trying to do and limestone do you want this done but we do really
need defenses because we’ve got nothing right now really and that is not not
safe oh good Willett Aras is running around
what are you doing oh you’re hauling wood good okay
are you assigned to construction can I get you to construct a tower sturdy died
oh yeah you are okay yeah so you’re hauling right now cuz there’s hauling
jobs to be done and then you’ll start constructing once those are all done Oh
but hauling to this is nice that is good caravan request 800 patch leveler lever
yes leather and hyper we’ve hobbit pants a plasteel steel plasteel spear huh huh that’s interesting I don’t know if we’re
gonna do that though I think we should pass just we don’t have enough colonists
really a field to do that and I’d rather us work on our defenses and just kind of
looking at this I’d actually rather forbid the outside to be constructed
first there we go let’s do the inside and that way we can
at least funnel them along here in the outside less important but okay
yeah definitely need a whole lot more bricks let’s see maybe I can get some as
we have on crafting that wasn’t terribly good at it Tunnel and camber all right
what are we doing oh we’re eating and starting our day cleaning all right
let’s prioritize cutting bricks camber cleaning is good but
let’s get this stuff started you’re gonna go with limestone first because we
because we left that up yeah oh yeah and all our sleep blocks are done yeah it’s
kind of what I want done but it’s also kind of not hmm
you know we do want to make this and actually let’s take a look oops no
production that’s what we’re trying to find so a simple research bench I was
looking at old style gloomy furniture so there’s a simple research bench is 25
iron and 75 wood an old style where is it over here 25 iron something I would
okay good so it’s the same doesn’t it’s no less of a cost I think yeah it’s
actually a little smaller than the vanilla one but size isn’t really a big
deal it’s not it’s not game breaking to do that this is still set up to be
hauled over yeah okay Oh Dooley are you doing that right now
nope can i okay can I get you to prioritize hauling that I just want that
out of there and be able to clean up this area there we go perfect
thank you for getting that done gain our harvesting which is important just feel
a little bit nervous about our lack of defenses as I have said but
oh yeah just looking over peace talks yeah so I think we’re gonna pass on the
peace talks I don’t know it’s just uh we don’t really need to be trying to make
peace with them right now and I’m not sure if we’d even be able to maintain it
going forward because they’re very likely just gonna keep relations just
keep roading and eroding and may not be able to keep them op-ed it’s fun to have
some enemies in the game I don’t know if you can actually make it so there’s no
no factions that are hostile with you that would be kind of that would be no
good then all Randy could throw at us is infestations and yeah that would really
not be good tameness is getting trained it’s good let’s check our animals sailor
I guess you have to check them yeah let’s see here
sailor is that still zero of three obedience is two of three good good good
good all right well look we’ve got rhinos in
the minus 10 degree weather we’ve got out here huh
oh we’ve got a raid now group of tribes people attacking immediately one two
three four five six okay hmm the fences are still not up all right well let’s
get everyone yeah let’s get everyone over here we can use this for cover come on everyone tarus we’re gonna have
you in front I guess hopefully where are they not quite here yet so hopefully see
Tamil Oh everyone’s kind of coming okay okay okay let’s get people set up around
the corner here and then you guys are gonna move up a little bit okay Dumbo
over here yeah right there thank you okay where are they here they are here
they come let’s speed up time a little bit get them in here should have a shot
soon I could get you guys to kind of focus on one person there and now the
next please yeah they’re all shooting behind the
cover that we’re kind of providing them Howie
okay next person hopefully they will break after this and that stars they’re okay they are fleeing good and
how badly injured are we not too bad oh how how and then this person is gonna
die in five hours okay let’s try to capture red and oh yeah
everyone else please go get yourselves tended to and whatnot well pretty soon
we were just gonna be using our hands to patch our wounds let’s just unforgiven
as everyone makes it back we’ll see what we can do for them yeah your medical
good so you can hope on for bid and already tending to read excellent you’ve
got a long walk ready you’re gonna hold in there whoo yeah it would be good if
we had closer meds and the next I should let people keep walking the next thing
is gonna be tell roar you’re gonna have to tend to everyone and first you must
tend to looks like Willie I know you’re resting hold on we’re just gonna let you
get in bed and then prioritize standing sorry red are you
you hold note Oh cameras still walking this is gonna be close bring enough meds
to tend to read completely you just might as well speed up time it’s all we
can really do three hours come on camber run run run run and then
tend really well sorry just want to check on Julie and tell her good okay
and tell her yeah twelve hours okay and read three hours you might possibly
make it six hours yeah you’re gonna be okay all right
and we’ll look at your stats and a little bit but that should be fine
amber what are you wasting meds on no I need you to I need you to tend other
people you’re tend to actually tend to tell Rohr
there you go if you could please I know red has a bruise
yeah but we only have so many meds and we need to we need horrible meds for our
guys – all right tell her how you doing there buddy nine hours yeah you’ll be
okay oh good you’re gonna be so okay you’re
gonna run around and tend to others what a trouper that will enable camber to
tend to green like spike and all right everyone is basically tended aside from
tell Rory yourself camber yeah I go a good kid good go finish tending to tell
her are okay I’m Tamil is feeding red very good so a quick look at your stats
super immune pyromaniac underground ur mystic animals and cooking huh okay well
we’ll look into that a little bit more next time right now we’re gonna have to
say goodbye thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoyed take care

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