Get the Brand-new Denis Backpack! Now available at Hey, everybody welcome to another Roblox adventure! Today, we’re back at our house and blocksberg and for those of you who have missed previous episodes, I’ve been working on my very own house, started from scratch, and it’s been going amazing so far! Everything’s coming together really nicely and uh As we revisit today, I was thinking we work on the pool. How does it sound having a backyard pool party in Roblox that sounds amazing? I really like to get the pool section done and that we can invite a bunch of people over- actually in Blocksburg, There’s even an option to host a party at your house, so we could do that, so I think that’s what we’re gonna be working on today. But otherwise that was a quick little recap actually let’s turn the light on in the bathroom here we go switch on, and there definitely needs to be more lighting just overall in the house, and some windows too. Actually, real quick a window would go really nicely right here Let’s see what kind of- oh my goodness that is creepy Why is everyone so stinky in this game? Hi? She says oh? My goodness alright anyways, so I’d like to get probably the same windows Is that there actually no? We’d probably want a window that fits more of like this sort of wooden style like this Yeah, because it’s just in the it’s in the front end of the house, okay We come back here, and then we go to actually we just enter build mode never mind Okay, so well quickly out the window there Just because like I know that it should really be right here So I’d like to get that out of the way, and then we can move on to the pool, okay? so let’s go windows and then Probably just like a normal sunset window frame like this, and then we’d want it to be the same height as well So yeah like right there, and then it could go yeah, probably something like that it would have to be kind of in the kitchen so that Yeah, and that action when we paint it We could we could probably just copy the colors like we could go boom just like that. Hey Not too bad got a nice. No wouldn’t feel to it pretty good. I think I’m happy with that I don’t know the things that doesn’t match that too Well, I wonder if it would actually look better if we put in one that was a lot more similar like this one right here and then And then we just have to move that one and then this though. We just move over Probably like right there Yeah, I think that just looks better. So we’re just gonna stick with that I think we don’t need to worry too much about the kitchen right now because like I already said we’re gonna be Actually this could be moved over a teeny tiny bit okay anyways low back here the pool what are we going to do about this pool pools have decks and on the decks They would typically be well here What’s the what’s the material? Inside of the pool it looks to just be like some sort of concrete will want a little seating area right here probably like some sort of Patio or something actually no, it’s nice having the grass Okay, well let’s see if we were to make a path so build a floor and then go See generate floor if we just want to create like Here here. Oh my goodness. What is happening right now? No no no no no no Okay, hold on. We are just going like this I Just I don’t know something doesn’t seem right like like it should it really be a path or should it be like like stepping stones that come out into the backyard Let’s first make the deck and then we’ll go from there, okay So as for a floor actually I wonder if no see I don’t wanna I don’t want these points where are these points coming from I I? Don’t want it. Oh great now. Oh Come on. What is happening right now? That’s not this isn’t what I want at all So it would be good deck actually if we were to go points, right? Yeah And then around like so back here, and then here actually though This can be moved like all the way back here really Then this as well just back there How would that look? Then right click to buy does that work? Oh, it’s actually covering the pool Okay That is not quite right that in that case. We’re gonna have to be a little bit more specific with it We’re Gonna have to go Okay, so not automatically go boop and then Actually, sorry that’s supposed to be there And then that is the first floor right click to buy and then back around like that Right click to buy, okay there. We go now. This is gonna. Look good then just as we come around to finally finish it off okay, so I would just say now well. I mean especially after we paint it, ooh Oh, there’s gonna be the hard part now I seriously gums the painting I can get so incredibly Like specific with it. I could do it for ages. I just don’t know what’s the best like See like is that a good pool deck. I can’t even tell if that looks good. I don’t really know What what would look good for an outdoor pool deck simply because I also like Just I I did used to have a backyard pool And I remember that it was just kind of concrete that Led into the pool But I don’t know if concrete’s the way to go in this scenario Well, I mean, I don’t know maybe it is concrete is a really good Good material to have as like a pool deck because it’s totally fine getting it wet and stuff I don’t know oh man, oh That does look pretty good. I think I Think it looks good. Yeah, yeah You know what it’s kind of fancy. It’s sort of nice. Let’s do it. Let’s just try it out We’ll even go all the way around and we’ll be copying the colors and stuff and we’ll see if it looks any good and go Like that and then we can even do a little bit of a zoom out does that look good? I don’t know I Know how to make it look way better though check this out If we do this, okay, I need to get rid of the painting okay Why is it now my mouse is moving everything okay? There we go This needs to be more, so I’m just gonna redo these I’m gonna leave this though, and you’ll leave that build and then we don’t want to be getting rid of anything. We’ll go floor again Essentially like once we really get the floor down then I think we’ll have like nothing to Everything after that’s gonna be super easy. I think the floor is honestly the hard part this can go all the way back here I know you guys probably think I’m crazy Actually, I am crazy. That’s not support. I can’t do that. Then we’ll do it over here and then okay, and now back here is where we go a little bit crazy just like that just I can’t right there and Then this is whenever will okay? Yeah. Yeah, cool cool cool. So this will just quickly copy copy everything copy that and then this copies that and Then we get rid of this actually end that I didn’t do that right and then we go build floor and Boop there you go perfect, and then that’s whenever we can finish this off right here, okay? And now once we finish the painting which will take two seconds I? think we have a pretty decent pool deck and Then back here we could actually put in a some sort of fencing I think Would be would be quite good like a little gates almost, so if we go decorate Would be fences or build you know they’d be under this one here. See I just want like a Like a half tall sort of fence tightened fence. Oh my goodness aluminum slate fence This is crazy some of this stuff is like a little too much little too extreme see the glass fence would be pretty good actually so, but if I just go like that See then that can look okay, then all I need here is some Form of gates, and then it would look great It’s just like right there right in the middle unless I actually I could just leave it open never mind These I wanna no, no I want to get I’m trying to get rid of stuff Oh, I need to get rid of the whole thing okay. You know what we’ll do this then right there Then back here and go boop and ooh Perfect that for nighttime though we’re gonna want to make sure we get some nighttime lighting And a diving board actually if we don’t decorate and then is there like pool items. Oh, there is oh. Oh diving board. Yes, oh So that would obviously go right here. Oh man where would it go though actually though. Maybe it would go over here Just like that. Oh, man. That’s good. That’s real good. Well mmM No, no no no no it should really actually be over here. What other pool items. Do we have actually build pool items Oh, that’s actually under decorate pull items And there’s actually a smaller diving board that would work, too hypothetically if I move this Does that look better? I don’t know yeah, I think that looks pretty good. Yeah, yeah go with that I Just remembered. We can actually also paint these that’s amazing What should we paint these actually we could paint some like? I’m fine with the material maybe just like a white and off-white Just like that, and then that one. We just copy the color Looks pretty good to me actually let’s put in lighting Lighting’s, probably the next best thing to do there’s even a slide. Oh my goodness relaxed umbrella. That’s also really cool. We’re not Gonna Worry about that for now like I said Furniture is like one of the last things although I did actually furnish my room last time. You know what well well, we’ll see What’s in the moment feels, right? String lights that would actually look really nice. If it was like somehow going above That’s not yeah, that’s obviously not how they work though, okay, when I can do that. That would be great for Christmastime though I just realized for Christmas time We can completely decorate this house for Christmas and have Christmas parties And there’s probably gonna be Christmas trees and stuff you can put in as well. Oh that is amazing Allows you to toggle all lamps in a room What the light switch that’s huge that’s huge we got to put a light switch down somewhere Yeah, I just like right here. Maybe or maybe like right here actually no no we can do like Man, where would be the best place to put a light switch. I think that would be good I don’t know okay pool party. No pool party. We can’t forget about the pool party. Oh This is so difficult I don’t know there’s so many light options guys. I don’t know which one would look the best I just feel like there’s better lights out there. No. It doesn’t seem like a chairs though No, I remember up here there was like. I had some really nice like chairs for you know like the Law delay back the foldable ones though what the what should call it like patio chairs and stuff I just don’t know where that would go comforts could be comfort maybe oh It could be deck chair deck chair would go great up here and down here really If it’s like you know your back here you can put a uh Yeah, yeah, you can just put like a good thing either plastic. Son. Share. I think that’s yeah that we we want those So we can go like this yeah. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about sweets that looks awesome, and then we could even have a Little table right here, and then some sort of little outdoor table. That works pretty well Hypothetically put that down Anything else that would have worked better. Yeah that seems to fit nicely for outside, then it would be nice having the umbrellas well, though decorates pool items and then the sea a Fancy Beach umbrella, and then that is just a normal beach umbrella I kind of like the Fancy one I just don’t know exactly where I would put it without it getting like super in the way Well back there actually works kind of nice like that Except like oh man. I wish I rotated it actually I can there’s nothing stopping me Oh, just like that perfect just to give it. You know a little bit more of a natural look you feel me well This is looking pretty good already. This this umbrella though How do I feel about it? It’s weird that it just looks like sand you know there’s nothing not much else to it Also, these need to be actually moved a little bit more forward so I would say Yeah Yeah, this could actually be one more back even just like that okay, and then as for painting Oh, what’s kind of paintin do we want to do here? We can do any kind that we want oh? white looks pretty good actually I am a fan. I am a fan and then this one should I just straight up? Copy the color is that too much white honestly might be too much white going on. Maybe we should go for something a little bit Not the same as everything else that I have Green ooh Green I do like the green a lot then this one can can be like a red They don’t have to be the same color. Well that looks pretty good. Okay, cool. We can maybe put a a duck in there Just like that You know he’s just floating about It’s perfect there you go just like that boom is he oh there we go and now he’s floating around That’s amazing alright lighting guys. We got a tackle the lighting Oh actually, we should also probably get a ladder so that people can climb out of the pool all right there we go We should have people Be able to climb out right? Actually probably like right here like right here Okay, um yeah, yes sweet This is a really nice-looking pool if we had the lighting down then it would be Pretty much perfect like there would be almost no complaints. I could possibly have about it if we go Oh, where was it again? Okay, lighting? Huh, okay. I’m gonna tackle this right now. I’m gonna get it let’s try the tiki torches whoo so far pretty good So far. I’m liking these tiki torches they do kind of work right there. You know is like just uh That’s for general lighting Not too bad ah actually how that that wood don’t work. It doesn’t look so bad Yeah, you know what the tiki torches weren’t a bad idea. I think the tiki torches work quite well perfect Do we want some sort of bench right there or something? Something anything. I don’t know there’s a little outside barbecue though That looks good that can just be put like somewhere here like right there or like oh right there in between the ooh ooh Oh, man. Oh, man. I don’t know this is getting difficult. It’s getting difficult to figure out There’s just so many options all the time. I don’t know I’m just way too on the fence about everything okay, and then if that’s all under kitchen then so what about like oh Decorations I guess just decorations work then man. There’s so many teeny-tiny little decorations Wow Oh Fruit Bowl perfect perfect for outside just like that boom oh Man wow oh there’s so many items oh My goodness sinister skull is a nice little wall mount for outer doors Potentially could have someone who was painting outside. They look pretty good and they were painting the fruits look They were painting the fruits. Oh, that’s hilarious oh man, I Really like that Wow, so that would be like as if someone was like standing right here Decided to paint the fruit. I think that’s pretty funny. What if that was put over here actually I? Don’t know maybe it doesn’t even doesn’t need it. You know what nobody it’s pretty good though. Oh my goodness the statue Oh, wow that it’s tiny that is so much smaller than I thought it would be mirrors actually This would go good for this room right here. This should this should really have a mirror Just like that boom maybe right here right there I’ll be right there perfect So that that way whenever you’re about to leave the house you can just quickly you know check it out See what’s going on? You know what for now pool looks pretty good. I’m pretty happy with it So let us know leave build mode and then we can save game and come on everybody. Let’s go this way We’re gonna come over here. We’re going around and checking out the new pool. Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about We can actually switch these off – how do I do that. I just go boop Yeah see, so whenever you’re getting ready for the nighttime you’re just going around and you’re You know you gotta you gotta prepare stuff you got to Turn on all the torches and then yeah there you go look at that. Though a nice little pool now Let’s see and inside of the pool all looks fine a little bit of a rubber ducky to play with okay, and then yeah Yeah, pretty good climb up here is this bouncy oh You know they’re sticking up the pole. This is pretty great. This is uh this is pretty fantastic Everyone’s hanging out at the pool. We’re having a pool party already. Oh, man. This would be a great stream time I really really want to finish the house And then do a bunch of streams on it where we’re playing different games and doing different events and stuff that would be amazing And I can’t wait to work on this deck up here as well. It’s gonna. Look good. It’s gonna look real nice. Oh Man, and we’re actually really close to the city. We’re like right smack dab near downtown Man cool Coolio I kind of want to go see that person’s house over there actually You know I’ve been spending so much time at my own house. It’s like go see what other what some things other people have made so if we come over here and Then excuse me so over here is oh man. The house is looking so good It’s really really coming together, and it makes me really happy There’s the nice little stata basic house and then over here someone seems to been working on some sort of more modern looking house Looking pretty good so far. I wonder if this was a preset or if they’re using some sort of reference I think they’re just wow no this is they definitely just did this themselves Wow, very interesting Uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh, there’s a piano What I didn’t realize there were pianos in this game. Can I can I play it? Doo doo doo doo no I can’t okay um let me say anything in here. What’s going on in here? I can’t I can’t open the doors Let me roommate you oh is this her house? Oh, oh perfect Thanks. I want to say I wanna say thank you to her okay. Now. Let’s see what’s going on in here. There’s a garage Nice. We’re definitely gonna have to get a car for the house. That’s what it’s missing there’s actually so much room for a garage on the side of the house like There’s all that like huge patch of grass I can put a garage there. That’s such a good idea. Oh Man, there’s actually a nice little area as well. Just looking about looking at the fire, and then you’re in a rocking chair Oh man cool. Well I’m really excited to work on all this stuff I’m really excited to work on the house Working on a house in a game feels like working on a house in real life like you’re just building Something that you just you know you want it to look perfect like exactly what you’re imagining. It’s amazing She’s asking if I want anything to eat mmM. Yes Got any hot dogs. Oh there. We go surprise face, okay? She’s like okay beets, and I’m like got any hot dogs that I don’t know about Pizza, ooh What is this right here? We got some tacos. I want some hot dogs. Oh man Jeez like you bring me hot dogs Oh, this is a using Eating at someone’s house. Oh, this is Great like my house. I Do I do like your house? It’s nice It’s very interesting the amount of windows right there, but interesting design choice very open feels very good very modern I really really like the exterior of it. Oh Here we go. We can then he took my hot dogs. Oh, yes? any drinks That’s okay. It’s okay. I Don’t need any drinks. I just gotta eat this my God what am I gonna? Do actually I’m Gonna Oh can I waive that no? I want to waive the hot dog around hold on how do I do this emotes? Can I point the hot dog? Yeah there we go? Okay, I’m now gonna eat. It well all I just shove it right into my face not even into my mouth it. Just goes wrong Wrong now. Oh she locked everyone else I didn’t even realize all right hello everyone I am going to go back and do a little bit of a nice little recap of everything I really liked looking back at the and all the work we’ve done and go yeah You know what this is some good stuff. You don’t already see from a distance. You got the pool back there Oh, it’s looking so good from up above. Oh wow so you look at all the space there for a garage We could so easily fit a garage right there. I really want to do that I really really really want a garage right here, and it would be perfect cuz I can just have like the path right here And I can put a path there as well I would be so easy and be so good oh I can make the entire front area of my house Maybe that’s what I’ll work on next Wow, this is oh Man, this is just so so much all of a sudden. It’d be like it’s too perfect having a garage right here actually Just so I don’t forget Just so I don’t forget. I did someone just proposed to me will you marry me? Oh my goodness, I? just got proposed to I want to go build and then floor and Right here real quick. I really want to do this now before I forget later I think this is an adequate amount of room just like that Yes, I think so Perfect Walls and go ooh oh, we got to go like this We got to go like that and then like that then we can even go Decorate no no build doors and then garage door where would that be I’ve seen it before it garage door Just like that and then perfectly centered wow and there it is ladies and gentlemen we now are in the process of adding a garage to the house and if we even zoom out real quick and just look it fits the Composition of everything it still leaves a bunch of room for just like backyard activities. It’s perfect Oh, man, and then I can just have a side entrance into the house. This is so good. Oh, man. I’m so excited I’m so excited to finish this house. There’s still so much work that needs to be done, but oh my goodness I’m having so much fun with it. I hope you guys enjoy watching it do let me know in the comments because Man, it would make me the happiest person ever if you guys really really like these box berg videos But anyways guys on that note I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another Roblox Adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video a like Maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out sir my ocelots new channel There’s a link in the description below for that as well He posts his own videos so go ahead and show him some love and subscribe other than that though guys I will see you and the next one

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