Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Brandon and the Electric Fence

Brandon:Burnie tried to murder me in New Zealand. Burnie:So, guys, I am going to tell you the story of Brandon… and the electric fence. [Laughter] Burnie: As you know, New Zealand has a reputation for having these, like, rolling green hills that are gorgeous. So we were looking over this huge valley, just across this fence from us. And I look down at the fence while Brandon is going “This is amazing. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen”. And I see this big sign saying – Brandon: No, no, no! It was a small sign. Gus: It is yellow, though. Burnie: And it shows a hand with lightning coming out of it. [Laughter] Burnie: So, immediately I think “How the fuck do I get Brandon to touch the electric fence?” And so I said “Oh, be careful. Because that wire is barbed wire.” He goes: “I know what barbed wire is.” [Laughter] Fucking stupid And then there’s that OTHER wire beyond it, THAT’S the electric wire. And so, I go, “That’s miniature barbed wire.” I said, “The barbs are so small that you can’t see them, but you can feel them.” And he immediately goes, “Really?” and reaches for it. It was like time stopped. He went, he went “Rrrrreeeeeaaallllyyyyy?” And he’s, like, reaching for this wire. If I was an anime character I’d be doing that quivering watery thing. I was like “oh please, oh please.” He’s reaching for it and I’m like “It’s gonna happen!” Gus: So… so what happened? Burnie: So he grabs the wire and he’s yanking on it going, “I don’t feel the barbs”. It was so disappointing. Such a let down. Joel: And finally Burnie just stabbed him. [Laughter]

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  1. Ze Rubenator

    The power in those fences isn't constant, it's much cheaper just to send pulses through every few seconds, and just as effective. He was probably just lucky to touch it between pulses.

  2. finishNIKO

    Those things dont kill, ive hold on to those things and all it did was send these tingly impulses through my body…and sometimes from there to some of my friends }:D

  3. Yadralf

    You see, the reason for brandon not being electrocuted is probably this: The electric fence was working fine, but as you know elecric fences stay on for a looooonngg time and often over long areas. Therefore, its just much cheaper to just send pulses of electricity instead of constant electricity.

  4. LoganRages

    It was because he was wearing shoes. If he was barefoot, his feet would complete the circuit, giving him a shock. (Also works if he was wearing flip-flops or any other open shoe that many have contact between grass and your foot)

  5. Moved to a different channel

    I like how people are talking about the electric fence yet nobody said the rolling green hills reminds them of tremors 2

  6. Jim The Chair

    I did something like this with my friend. Told him it was very small barbed wire only sensitive by your tongue and he licked the wire. Best. Moment. Ever.

  7. Chuck lZ

    Electric fences don't run in a constant stream, they run in pulses that occur every so often. It's very probable that he grabbed it in between pulses. I know this because I was shocked by an electric fence once… My arm involuntarily twitched an hour afterwards it was scary.

  8. Drkwatch

    As a New Zealander, I can confirm these are common. Not as dangerous as you'd think though. Kinda feels like getting kicked in the chest.

    I climbed them when I was young…I was a weird kid STOP JUDGING ME

  9. poriferaThief

    Hearing these descriptions of people being electrocuted is very interesting. Funny enough about three people used the same phrase "like a kick in the chest".

    I'm assuming that a shock feels like a kick in the chest.

  10. RipleyandWeeds

    Its like a looney tunes skit, where the character sets up a trap and then when the other guy triggers it doesn't work. I bet if Bernie touched it would've worked just fine.

  11. Zach Grant

    Probably a little late here…. but the most likely reason he didn't feel the shock is because many of those long, expansive electric fences are cycling. They turn on and off at set intervals to keep power consumption down. Most fences are up to keep cattle/horses/sheep inside, not intruders out, and the reason they're electrified is to keep the animals from leaning on them and eventually knocking that portion down and creating a gap. Because the animal will usually lean on them for long spans of time (horses tend to be the worst offenders), you could only have the fence charged half the time, in thirty-second intervals, and the animal leaning on the fence will still receive the discouraging shock.

  12. Joshua Lemmon

    Hey Burnie, the reason Brandon didn't get shocked is because it was probably a pulse current on the line, something like five seconds intervals, its like that so if you do touch it, it's not immediate and you're able to let go if you do get shocked.

  13. thedougman2008

    The electric wire works on a pulse basis. Nothing will happen for a time, but it will eventually happen. I know because I did the same thing, I touched it once, twice, three times and nothing. Then I hold on to it for a few seconds and BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!!!!! It felt like my body vibrated 1000 times in a second, but I don't recall it hurting and I didn't piss myself. Maybe I am just a ground type.

  14. Joseph Cave

    when I was younger I was at my grandpa's farm and there was an electric fence and one day I went and grabbed it while it was on.It hurt. The end.

  15. moneyman295

    He could have just not been grounded because of his shoes and such or he didnt touch both wires the rest are usuallly ground theirs actually a old popular video of a bunch of college students holding hands standing on tupperware bins and the person in the front holds the fence and the person in the back jumps off barefoot onto the ground all while holding hands and they all get zapped at once

  16. Absolutely Solid

    You have to touch more than one wire so that there’s a positive and a negative, electricity like to take the path of least resistance so it going from the wire threw your body into the ground isn’t the path of least resistance but from one wire being the electrical wire threw you’re body and into another wire apparently works, electricity is weird haha

  17. Kiwi Jx

    I live in NZ and I was babysitting my nephew and we went to the college a block away. Now right over from the college is someone's farm and the cows come right up to the fence, now the first fence wasn't electric, and just inside was this small fence that didn't connect to anything and my nephew deared me to go over the fence and such, so I go and I'm on the other side of the fence then lean over and touch this tiny fence and my hand just locks into place and I freak out!! Didn't hurt that bad but I did clear at my nephew and tell him to never speak of this again.

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