Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie’s Wedding Pranks

GUS: Speaking of the wedding, you almost pulled the ultimate prank at that wedding. BURNIE: Fuck, I almost ruined Michael and Lindsay’s wedding ‘twice’. BARBARA: (laughing)
BURNIE: There was no way that Gavin remembered to turn off his phone and so, Michael hates Gavin’s ringtone, which is that “AAAAAHHH!!” so I had it in my text “Don’t forget to turn off your phone.” [You are a punk cunt.]
so I had it in my text “Don’t forget to turn off your phone.” and I was waiting for the “Is there anyone who objects to this union?” I was waiting on that. And I sent it, and nope. He had his phone off. GAVIN: I think I checked to see if my phone was on silent about ten times before I walked down the stairs and in the end I just turned my phone completely off. BURNIE: So the other thing was, so we’re eating appetizers while you guys were outside taking pictures and Monty’s like “Where are they?” and I said “They’re outside taking pictures” and Monty’s like “Why- they didn’t take pictures before?” It’s like “No, because the bride and groom couldn’t see each other I guess.” “Meh.” BARBARA: (laughing)
BURNIE: So, we’re sitting there and I look over and I see the cake, and I go “Hey Monty, you want a piece of cake?” and he goes “Ya, what kind of cake is it?” I go “I don’t know, just get a piece.” I go “Get me a piece when you get one too.” He goes “Okay.” Sheena goes “What are you doing!?”
BARBARA: Nooo!! BURNIE: He like, he took a full step towards the cake, and I was like BARBARA, GUS, GAVIN: (laughing)
BURNIE: “Oh my God! This is gonna be the greatest moment of my life!” GAVIN: I don’t think he would be sorry, would he? Like, Lindsay would be like “WHA-?!” and he’d be like “I mean… it’s cake. I was going to eat it anyway.”

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  1. StrayQrow Art

    I know I may get some hate for this but RT really has felt different when Monty was around…(Not worse but…different)

    And seeing this gives a side of Monty where he's well….not animating or working. Its Nice, I guess – makes him feel more human and relate-able. Thats just my view.

  2. Cinematic Catastrophe

    It shows Gus as the priest/reverend to marry them, did he really do that? I know Gus is ordained as a Universal life church priest and did marry Geoff and Griffon as well as Jack and Caiti. did he also marry Michael and Lindsay?

  3. Jack P

    Jesus christ all these people talking to/about monty because of his death, just shut up already. He's gone and that's very sad, but commenting about it on every video that even mentions him is just stupid, and seems like you just want attention.

  4. ZukoHalliwell

    If I ever meet the Joneses at RTX or something, I would ask Michael how he would've reacted if Gavin's phone rang during the ceremony, and I would ask Lindsay how she would've reacted if Monty had cut the cake while they were taking pictures.

  5. James Of Hoenn

    If only month started a RWBY food fight with that cake. It would have been so epic to see… Rest In Peace you wonderful mind.

  6. Atticus Shadowmore

    Just imagion if Monty did take the cake.

    end credits of RWBY

    We love you Monty.

    Except Lindsey and I. You ruined our wedding – Michal

  7. Richard Avelino

    Monty would have then coreographed himself running and front-flipping out of the wedding, too…

    While Burnie made the most awesome dream about it.

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