Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Lost Phone Karma

Burnie: so one of the things that happened in Sydney, our first stop, I left my phone in the cab Burnie: It was a big pain in the ass Burnie: and the entire time Gavin’s like “I can’t believe you left your phone in the cab” [laughing] Burnie: even after we got it all settled he’s like “you left your phone in a cab, you’re an idiot” Gavin: You’re the most unorganized person I know
Burnie: What did I tell you? Burnie: people hand me shit. Don’t hand me stuff. People are handing me t-shirts and cups that I gotta carry away it’s like Burnie: FUCK! Burnie: and so then I lost my cab because I was keeping track of some goddamn t-shirt someone gave me Burnie: Thanks for the t-shirt, by the way
[laughing] Burnie: so, Gavin the entire time is just ridiculing me for leaving stuff behind Burnie: and we get back to Austin and we’re out in front and we get out of the cab and we’re getting everything Burnie: goddamn if I don’t look in the cab and make sure I’m not leaving anything behind Burnie: There’s Gavin’s cell phone sitting in the backseat of the cab Burnie: I was so prepared to let that phone just drive away and go “haha haha ha”
[others laughing] Gavin: he was just looking at me with like obviously trying to hold in the biggest grin in the world he’s just looking right at me Gavin: and he’s like Burnie: I had a pretty good tell going on I was like shaking while I was like trying not to laugh and smile

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  1. master0fh0rr0r

    Wow. I only just now realized why all the phones in these videos have a banana on the back of them. I've literally been watching these for like 6 years and just realized it's an Apple reference.

  2. LunaTheBlackWolf

    "Don't hand me stuff!" -Burnie

    So if I was giving away a suitcase full of a billion dollars for free, you WOULDN'T want me to hand it to you? 😉 LMAO okay, if you insist!

    Lol love you guys!

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