Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Millie So Serious

GEOFF: I saw The Woods live at the theater- it was really cool. All of our friends were there, Sugar Pine was there, obviously – they made it, -but I took Millie because she *loves* Sugar Pine, right? And so they found out we were going, and they asked if Millie would want to check people in. And so she was at the front – there were four hundred people there. There was a list of 300 people that bought tickets, and a hundred people that were like VIP people. And she had like these two lists, and they put her there, and she was so focused and serious about it. Like, I had to psyche her up before hand, she’s like “What if I screw up? What if I…” and I’m like, “you’re gonna be fine”.
I ran her through tests, where I would, like, tell her a name and she’d have to look it up and see if the person was on there, and then say “Okay, you can go in.” -and then I was, like, I would give her a fake name and then I’d be belligerent. and she would have to deal with a belligerent person.
MICHAEL: Good training for a 12 year old. GEOFF: Yeah, it was good, it was a lot of fun, but then at one point James and Elyse Willems came up, -and Elyse walked up to her and goes “Oh hey Millie, how’s it going? “Good to see ya. How have ya been, whats new in your life?” And Millie goes “I’m very busy right now. I don’t have time to talk to you. Enjoy the show.” [laughter] The funniest thing I’ve ever seen. -Damn.
-Yeah. -Shut down!
-That’ll knock her down a peg. That’s Millie to a T. I’ve mentioned it before but the first conversation I had with Millie, like, she was probably what, six?
MICHAEL: Six or seven. Like, she was young, so I came out to talk to her much like you would a kid. Just kind of tone my voice down a little bit like “Hey, nice to see you!”, and she stopped me and was like, “Listen, I appreciate it, but you don’t have to talk to me like that, I’m not a kid.” I was like “Nice, noted.”
GEOFF: We also did the thing where I like to do- RYAN: Pitchers?
GEOFF: -what’s called the Irish Goodbye. Is that where you just leave without saying goodbye to them? Yeah, you just leave without saying goodbye.
MICHAEL: That means you just leave the room. And so I was like, “Millie, let’s go.” and she’s like, “alright”, and then we were leaving, -we were like half way down the street. And she’s like “Where are we going?” and I go “Oh, we’re done.” and she’s like “What, we’re *leaving* leaving?” -and I was like, “Yeah, we gotta go, we gonna go back to the hotel.”, and she was like, “We didn’t say goodbye to anybody.” and I was like, “Heh.” And she’s like “We’re not doing that.” and I’m like “No no, we are, we’re like three blocks away.” -but she’s like “No, we’re gonna go back and say goodbye and thank them for inviting us- -and thank them for letting you moderate and me for checking people in.” and I was like, “No, we’re not gonna do that.” and she goes, “Yeah, no. That’s rude. We’re going back.” and she just turned around and started walking back, and I was like, “All right, I’ll catch up.” Had to go back and go like “Bye guys, see you later.” [Music] [Music]

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  1. JakkuWolf Insomnia

    I've said it once and I'll say it again because people still don't believe it: the older you get the dumber you get, the more immature and irresponsible you get

  2. Rcweasel

    I hope none of this goes to her head and she gets suuuper stressed over everything and gets grey hairs before Geoff, stay gold Millie gurl

  3. Prior of the Ori

    Whoa, I thought Rooster Teeth died out ages ago. I remember the good ol days of my rooster teeth facebook-esk profile. Not sure why this showed up in my recommend now of all times, is that site still a thing? lol

  4. Lord Bloodraven

    It's the saddest day in everyone's life when their child becomes more mature than they are.

    Gus will never have that problem. #GusIsAGenius

  5. Kunt Destroyer

    Millie is out here being more mature than her dad and showing initiative. By going back she's strengthening the memory those Pine Tree guys are going to have of her. Employers will love her lol

  6. mjfsuperstar92

    I met Millie at RTX last year and asked her for a photo. I can easily say that I've never met such a polite 12 year old and I probably never will again.

  7. Jason Guy

    Can we talk about how well geoff accidentally raised her, by teaching her that the best way that she can be a rebellikus teenager against her dad is by being polite, diligent, and considerate?

  8. Mo Gamer

    I’m Irish and I can tell you right now your ‘Irish Goodbye’ is completely wrong. We take fuck’n ages saying goodbye to everyone 😂 At the end of a phone call we have to say goodbye 5times before it’s okay to hangup 😂🇮🇪

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