Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Shock Bus

[title music] Burnie: I used to go to, like, border towns in Mexico and there’s this dude walking around at some of these bars down there. And he has this game which is essentially
where he has a car battery with a dial on it and you see who can go higher on the dial. My friend won because he could go higher
than anyone else. But we realized he got to the point where you could no longer let go. Geoff: Did he won a trip to the emergeny room? Burnie: His arms started to roll up. Like this. Geoff: Ha ha ha.
Burnie: We were like, “Wow, Chris! You’re doing awesome!” And he’s like [twitching]
[others laugh] [static] Burnie: You know, I was in a car this morning and a school bus stopped. And I had this feeling like, “Oh, that’s a school bus, uhhh” [disgusted] “Hey, I don’t have to go school. I’m an adult. I don’t have to go.” Burnie: And I– I flipped off a school bus.
Gus: WHAT?! WHY?
[Gavin laughs] Burnie: I just thought, “Eh, fuck you school bus!”
[Barbara laughs] Burnie: “I’m not going to school.” Gus: Did the kids see you, like, “Woah, the guy flipped me off!” Burnie: Here’s exactly how it went: I stopped. And I went, “Ehh.” “Oh, haha” [sticks out tongue]
[Burnie laughs] [static] [music]

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  1. Voy

    I think that was me cos a year ago I was on the school bus and some guy started finger-swearing at me and I was like 'um.. Ok then' and then my friends and I all laughed

  2. Taco shenanigans

    I've totally done that!! then you have that awkward moment when you realize what the hell your doing and start cracking up. lol 

  3. Claire Cameron

    when I officially see myself as an adult I will grab my car, find the nearest school bus and flip it off, just for the sake of this video

  4. Psykos1

    I remember a while back I was in the back of the bus with my friends in middle school and we flipped off some adult lady driving behind us and she was laughing at us and flicked us off too. It's a good memory lmao

  5. Blargenth

    Thats odd to see how others react to every day stimuli like that. Our school didn't have a bus system, so for me seeing school buses meant field trip… which was a good thing

  6. Brodie Man88

    In the Army we had these phones that you had to crank to get to ring. They sent a charge, we would attach the wire to metal handles and basically do the same thing. I won…. and for the same reason, all of a sudden the electricity was causing my hands to tighten so much that even if I wanted to let go I couldn't.

  7. Keyboardkat3

    If I was in that bus and looked back and saw burnie flipping us off, I'd be like "at least someone knows how I feel right now."

  8. DavidtheWavid

    I never took a bus to school. Was only ever in them for field trips, which were the only escape from my abusive teachers and the only time I actually learned anything I didn't learn in first grade from my other school, so there's no negative association whatsoever with buses for me.

  9. KAY B 14

    OMG as an electrician I just can't stand hearing these stupid stories of plane idiotism!!!!
    Even though it's directional current, Chris should be happy about still having his arms, if so!!!!
    And btw don't worry about living too long, that has severely oldered his heart!
    as said plain stupidity!!!! sry for not laughing


    A little 7-year old once flipped me off while he was in a schoolbus. It was one of the greatest feelings ever.

  11. The Sun

    When I was on a field trip a long time ago, some kids on my bus pointed and said they saw a guy flip them off. To this day I'm wondering if they saw Burnie

  12. CallMeFreakFujiko

    I connected the Bluetooth of my phone to the car today just to play this on the radio, since this is the first day of school.
    Now I'm going to flip off every school bus I see.

  13. Little Larvitar

    Once on my school bus we were waving at cars some of them waved back but one flipped us off
    WE WERE LIKE OOOOOOOOH and we all started laughing

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