Saber Fencing : Saber Fencing Parry Position

In this clip, we’re going to look at the parrying
positions. How do you defend yourself in sabre. Now, since sabre is a cutting weapon it goes
along a line to cut and you have to depend, defend on that line. So, back off a little
bit Bob, right about there. Okay, and he’s going to demonstrate a couple of positions.
One of the positions he’s going to demonstrate is that one right there. In this position
he protects himself from this cut, but you don’t have to move it. You just keep it right
there, and protect yourself from that cut. It’s a wall. You’re not going any further
right there, like that. Now, if I go to the head, he protects his head. See? And if I
go to the chest, he protects his chest. It shouldn’t be too wide. It should be just enough
to protect. Just enough to protect. Just enough to protect. After he protects, and after he
defends himself, then he immediately attacks. Good. Here we go again. On guard. No, on guard.
All gone. On guard. Oh, no, no. That’s not what I taught you. I know. Give me twenty.
Okay, ready? Here it goes. There, and you’re going to re… that’s right! Remember, the
arm is target. So you can go immediately to the arm, if I keep my arm out there. Oh, you
have to hit the arm. Again. Good. Okay. Head. It worked. Head. Good. Noticed? He blocked,
then he attacked. He’s the one that gets the point, even though I scored with the light,
but that doesn’t mean I get the point. Only the attacker gets the point. So, let’s try
a few while we run out of. Oh, no you’re going. Oh! Now we’re doing it. Okay, again. It’s
not horn. Good. Ah! Going around! I’ve got the, the other one going on. Alright, so it’s
very difficult sometimes to get those parries. You have to practice, and continuously practice
the positions and then, after a while, you’ll get pretty good at it. These are not easy
weapons to learn. It takes practice and patience.

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