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  1. Sonic

    That floating toy clip feels like a setup, timing was to perfect to be true. at the very moment camera turns toward that kid that toy hit him. but idk. it might be true

  2. Aiden Murphy

    Hahaha there's only one explanation…(apart from it being a total fucing hoax)… an angry poltergeist took out his anger on an innocent mans lunch.. haha

  3. Keath Graham

    As for the lights being all on in an abandoned building, the building was purchased and getting ready for renovation. You first have to make sure all the lights are replaced and working so crews can properly renovate the space at all hours.

  4. koila maoh

    #1 reminds me of my low res nite security cams at my home when smudge travels across my cam, exactly, was prety common. I forget what its called. Easy to reproduce whenever I pay attention when it happens.

    While my 4k cameras is able is crystal clear without issues.

  5. Key Lock

    This channel has more FAKES than Donald Trump has called FAKE NEWS to all those media outlets since he's been in office! I could explain a lot of these, but I'm just not going to waste my time with this channel any longer.

     Believe what you will, but having been a paranormal group owner and investigator for 30+ years, our group wouldn't even post 99% of the garbage found in this persons video collection.

    Just not enough tangible proof, just because a camera caught something that folks may believe is out of the ordinary, it may not be and usually is nothing at all paranormal.

  6. Kat's Krafty

    That Gettysburg loop ghost got me creeped. When me and my sister were younger, we used to go to cadets. The way we walked we could see an old hall in the distance that is as big as a castle. One night, it looked like someone opened and came out of the door at the top section of the hall and that someone walked to the edge and jumped over. Then the door opened again, the person came out the door and jumped over the edge again, and then again and again. It went on until the hall was no longer visible!

  7. blahblah blah


  8. Michael Cole

    In reply to the Noddle cup going into the air… It's fake… Watch it carefully… Something from under the Noddle cup fly's out and hits the man in the arm before it falls to the floor. So, in my mind it's faked and they have used some kind of machinery to flip the cup into the air. Just watch and re watch… I saw it straight away.

  9. Brianna Welch

    I've been putting off watching this video since you posted and I'm just now watching it because the picture for the video freaked me out😂

  10. Salty Unicorn

    The Gettysburg video… really? "Many claim this video is fake, however that doesn't explain how the figure goes back to its starting location over and over." You should know better than anyone that it could faked when all you have to do is repeat the clip, honestly, you make videos for a living.

  11. Judith Morales

    Living human : wow look at the ghost from an asylum
    Living human : heard he was a weirdo

    Ghost : bruh I didn’t even do it 😩 I’m dead and y’all still be bullying me 200 years later

  12. Helia Balfour

    The Gettysburg ones is what we refer to as a residual haunting. It's not an intelligent spirit and likely has no comprehension that it is dead and IS reliving their last moments. It appears to be someone crouching and taking cover behind the tree then attempting to run out and was likely shot. Their spirit is very likely attached to that tree because it was considered somewhere safe. It's really sad, honestly.

  13. Alyson Sequoyah

    I must be really super blind, or ain't looking right, but can someone explain to me how that fake Malaysian boy is perched on the toilet.. I just dont see it?! 🧐🤪🤔

  14. Manalapan Murkowski

    The one with the abandoned building…i know a bit about security patrolling buildings and that looked alot like it. They have permission to turn on the power if it's still connected, to patrol the building and make sure no one trespassed. Then they turn it off again. Often so called abandoned buildings are not that abandoned, there are security cameras you can't see and motion detectors and security will show up if someone or something (animals) triggered the sensors. Hence they will randomly show up in the night to check up

  15. AJ Maynard

    The first one just seems as though it could be a set up….you can see the cell phone and someone moving it around in the back ground, as if they were expecting the event to take place…
    The one at the old asylum was probably a night watchman or security making sure kids weren't inside goofing off.
    The one that passes through the fence looks a lot like the ones that were present in a house I once lived in with my husband and kids. He was NOT a believer, but he started seeing those…

  16. Cameo Middleton

    The office one does hit home. I work in a building that was built in the 1850's. The basement freaks a lot of my co workers out, even though it doesn't bother me.

  17. TanaKitty JoyR

    Re watching this I'm absolutely positive that at 6:20 to the right of the figure in the middle something moves from the right to left side. I showed my friend n even they agreed

  18. Kimberly Johnson

    My father used to work at Central State hospital before it was shit down. That place has a very colorful past. There could be a whole series just on that place, especially the Powell Building. I spent a fair amount of time there in my childhood, but never in the building for too long. My visits were usually restricted to the garden or the helipad.

  19. Tavarres Butts

    Yo! My brother in law works for Dynamic and Central State's vacant buildings are never occupied at night .. and security never foot patrols the buildings. Cleaning crews are also scared to work there at night. The police department is called if somebody enters the buildings .. which is very rare due to penalties. It's an easy 3 or 4 benjamins just to get out of jail for crossing into those buildings. The ghost people mostly just drive by and snap photos that way. After discussing the video with my friends … I believe it's real because of the way it's shaped and how it disappears.

  20. Me Last

    When the ghost appears in Gettysburg, someone should run over to it and try to get it or get its attention just to see what happens. It might help the ghost break the loop

  21. Me Last

    I want to see a video of a ghost in a bathroom taking a duke and making grunting noises sounding like they're pushing out their old dead truss. That would be entertaining and believable since nobody would think to fake such a scenario

  22. BeMiken Tales

    pay close attention at 3:18 , once the noodles go flying in the air you can see a grayish object hit the guy in the leg, phone or a device meant to pop the noodles in the air?

  23. Cormia Avalon

    As a fan I wuv you ^^ my hubby be jealous sometimes XD since I refer to my male youtuber faves as my fantasy hubbies lol Its all innocent mind you =)

  24. Greeny Wasabi

    Toy "floating" next to conveniently hanging sheet. Bent backwards on the toilet.. err no. you can see the bend of his knees in his Jeans and his feet. This is the dumbest clip in this video. Full of covenant placed objects and camera angles. These things from Asia always turn out to be stunts for films.

  25. Robert Schmidt

    The leaping noodle cup can be explained by some simple physics. These cheap disposable cups are often made of waxed cardboard, pre-filled with ingredients. To make the meal one simply removes the sealed lid and pours in boiling water. The heat can soften and partially melt the wax, and when the cup is put on a cold flat surface, like the glass counter in the video , it can rapidly solidify the wax forming an air tight seal, trapping a small pocket of air under the cup. As a few minutes pass, the trapped air heats up, and pressure steadily rises, the wax and glass under the cup also starts to heat up, making the wax soft again. This all results in the trapped air suddenly exploding when the seal fails, launching the cup upward. A white cloud of steam can be seen around the cup as this explosion occurs. This is the trapped water vapour in the hot air suddenly condensing as the pressure is released.

  26. Draigon Whitehead

    I like how Slapped Ham says: "An angry poltergeist takes his anger out on a poor guy's lunch."

    And then GrubHub chimes in with a "douchebag poltergeist ruins your cup'o'noodles? Try GrubHub."

  27. Shaun&Jennifer Southard

    The ghost in the Gettysburg battle field is dressed in blue or grey you can see the color when it moves and stops it looks like its crawling to be honest

  28. Henry Richards

    Why would the power still be on at an abandoned asylum? It must cost a significant amount to have all those lights blazing – the power company would have the answer, I suspect.

  29. Reko Smith

    That lil baby bent backwards i feel for them i really hope that they got every Demon up outta that apt didnt deserve that but that satans thing his weak ass go after the weak and innocent…Satan i rebuke yo ass in tha name of my Father YAWEH ALWAYZ I LOVE U MY POWERFUL SPIRITE…

  30. Aleksandar Jelenic

    Chair on the left in the first video,just after Slapped Ham says love to get your opinions in the comment section below |(you can see a some kind rope attached to the chairs left back leaning)
    Maybe im wrong but it looks like im not

  31. Jason Sparshott

    Why would at least 3 other people be filming the man at his desk unless something was set up to scare him …. how would they know to be there ?!?! Come on

  32. Jennifer

    Heart pounding and looking around my creepy work place, I decide to play a game instead…yep that'll make me aalll beatter, "gonna go back to this in a few, let's put up some stock" Ok approximately 3 minutes later and Im baaack! Just cant stay away…

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