SECRET Backyard Skatepark!

Let me supply lines break all my love again to close with this fish Ladies didn’t John raise its about to do the one and only busy role Quick little front disaster straight over to that side a little salad. Here it comes No, I know Don’t worry no kids are impressed with anymore. You know. I said what a flare turned down be acceptable we’ll try that whole a double flare Oh, John Ray is double play this right now if you give me a helmet That’s your signature trick if you’ve ever had a signature trick, it’s nothing flatly And it’s just a one at one point five flex. Just call it the one point five. No one point five They kick look fake II was like prime that’s a good high five. Yeah Practicing my high-fives all week date number I think for out here in New York and we are out here at this amazing Mini ramps and straight up backyard mini ramp Josh. The owner is the skater right here to Josh’s got on the side come out. Fakie Shoot I’m sorry, dude, no orange juice No, bro, my knocks the orange juice all the way back here. What a frickin goon. Oh We’re safe so my line is gonna be feeble Smith whipping and then bar back knows what let’s start it up on this side with a quick Scooter fakie now people spin its wit No boys in the bar back nose try again for the net actually get the nose why Not quite one more go I should be able to get it There we go what Paul I thought those were grapes Oh My gosh To fire the frontside flip they’ll turn its the Tony Hawk To Jon’s guys dropping in all the board. Fakie Well, I was gonna go for a double with singles. Chill – I guess I guess Okay. Okay dope. Yes, mate. This is Just thinking so much line So you’re trying half cab flip rock and roll Oz nali nali was that back side or front side front side flip rock, that’s ridiculous Okay, okay So mega ramp We could try it Give me a quick line. What should I do screwed? You’re fake He knows Blanca set up think about your next victim and then slow turned down. Okay, I’ll do that Turn down cloture now give one a shot just just do a flare and think about it like you’ll have to fully do it Just that just do a flare and think about I do that all the time with so many tricks I Only do like I’ll go up and think about it when I go up to do like triple will flip wit like three flips one Whip I always go I think about like ah So I always just do triple flip and then just write it out but it’s usually just in front of my house on the curb That’s a trick, you know So you could do it you could do it Just do a small tweak in there step by step get John to get peer pressure for the vlog As soon as you get that flip you’re in the game. I want just sat on this frickin wire Like just do a flare and slightly like turn your bars 90 I bet you it’ll do do it turn now. I’ll buy you two ice cubes. I Do to ice trees in a cookie Cooked car right now. Let us know do you guys think John has got the flare turned down? I think he’s got it as Suzy turns Mars Oh What do you think sir? What what does it count looks like good enough I’m not here You don’t have to like crank it just a little bit. We’ll call it even Oh attempt number one at flare Barton Boom if you just turn your bars cuz you’re already spinning and you’re upside down it’ll do it’ll do turn down a Tenth two for a John’s flare turn down Is this your first Fleur turn don’t ever ever even trying and he’s got that second shot. Oh dude, peer pressure is the best John don’t forget Pulis. Ned. I press reports. I want to see looks like yeah, you want to check that one Not quite that one not quite what will peak the footage really quick on my angle so you can see what it looks like and Then you can make the necessary changes and you can give me a fork for this landing bike sideways now you can have mine Thank you We got a time limit before we lose our bloody toes Then is that from mosquitoes mosquitoes just like you got rekt that hard by much Guys, and when I get bit by a mosquito, it does not look like that. I Like five, yeah, I feel it do one though Dude this Rick and ramp is so thumbnail friendly. It’s unreal. I’ll see the colors. I’m like a fish. I love colorful shiny things Dude right there John do it for the grapes, dude Yeah, once you get your bars, like here like once you get them, like I said, I’d do it bowlegged So it’s a little bit different the way that I do it because my leg is already pushed out of the way Yeah. Yeah, I kind of it’s not as much of a turn down like turning in this way. It’s more your turn dining out here Just getting there new contender It didn’t go where the orange juice 2031 your old dog learning new tricks wait your birthday 31 year old dog This is the coolest scooter trick I’ve seen you do in the past 10 minutes I Know I’m trying to hide you up a little bit. Okay, buddy lock his arm You look so good booze is like oh Baby she is. I still think Oh more though, like it’s like an end. I mean you could go more but that was good Yeah, Josh No, nope additive yeah, I Know I’ll be all right. I’ll miss all my love to give to Close with this fish That was like some Tony Hawk pro skater like some skate 3 stuff I got this one. Don’t forget That one look good to me like if I saw you do that at a skate park anywhere else even here I like that look like a flower turn enemy At that high-five made no sound whatsoever looks like fun Alright, see if I can get wet front scoop on it. I suck at those Oh Tree Well, then did all my head tube, oh I hurt my toe. Oh Okay, so I’m unfortunately right after that last clip Josh’s neighbor came out and started like freaking out yelling at us Well, mainly yelling at Josh because she doesn’t like the ramp do the noise or whatever, but she lives in New York City So I’m a little confused about that but whatever, but today is September 11th 2019 and it’s so crazy to be able to be in the city that the twin towers collapsed and on the day 18 years later last night I was sitting here laying in my room and just looking out the window I can see where the twin towers were standing 18 years ago. It’s a little misty right now But this is where the towers would have been standing. The tallest tower of here is the Freedom Tower which is 1776 feet tall I believe the Twin Towers Just just short of that but I’m definitely gonna say a few prayers as I always do on September 11th for the families affected And friends affected to those who had lost their lives on that day 18 years ago on a brighter No Huge things too for letting us come over and ride that mini ramp that mini ramp was actually a ton of fun It was in an area where I would have never thought that there was even a backyard let alone a backyard mini ramp So Josh again, thank you so much for letting John and I come over and cruise I think John actually aided in the construction of that ramp so huge shout out to John for going in and helping Josh make that thing that that thing is actually really really cool it was Just the perfect transition the coping actually stick tout a good amount which sounds bad Normally because normally it is on a larger quarter pipe But on a smaller quarter pipe such as a mini ramp It works out perfectly because you can stall and lock into any kind of noseblunt stall or like a scooter. Fakie stall 50/50 Whatever the case may be that you’re using pegs are just your deck to stall or grind. You can lock in absolutely Phenomenally with large coping so that’s a plus. Good job Josh good thinking Tomorrow is actually my last day in New York and it’s looking like it’s gonna be raining and then the day after that I will Be going to Illinois and hanging out with my family I am going to be filming while I am there But I do have a couple videos saved up for the channel so that I don’t have to spend all of my time in front Of the camera, but thank you guys so much for watching the videos lately You guys have been absolutely blowing up the channel huge huge shout to you guys. Love you guys Thank you again and until next time I’m out of here

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  1. Steven Scoots

    Ayyeee you passed 900K NOW 98,000 Subs to go till 1,000,000! Keep up the great work and I hope to ride with you soon! Also do something epic for 1Million Subs!!

  2. Thomas Parsons

    Raymond hit 900k yesterday and he is already on 901k so if he goes up 1k a day everyday until the end of the year he will have a million 😮

  3. It’s ice Wolf

    Hi Raymond I wanted to say I’m ordering merchandise soon love ur vids see u in the next vid btw u inspired me to try to do a vey check out that vid if u want

  4. ?Ghxst ?

    So I am a skateboarder and I want to scooter but I don’t have enough money and all of my friends will think I am weird but I really love scootering

  5. Cody Lewis

    I live in Chrisman Illinois its a very small town has maybe 1000 people now. Keep up the great work and RIP to the fallen. I always say a prayer as well.

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