Secret Deck Carnival Valor Cruise Tips MUST SEE Best View Ever #2

this is deck three on the carnival valor and its kind of a secret deck the last day we were on the cruise, there were several people coming out there saying they wish they would have found it sooner because they didn’t know anything about it and there are several other decks that you can go out on to i think its 6, 7, 8 and 9 and you can go out the front of the ship on these decks but this is deck three, right outside of the dining areas most of the time there are chairs set up the thing thats nice about this is its quieter it is right below the life boats but thats no problem what so ever because it does block the sun a lot of folks like to hang out on the lido deck but this is a great place to be closer to the water watching it pass by, you do see fish you do see some flying fish its very relaxing and quiet here is a video clip of an airplane going in for a landing while we were at aruba we are just setting out on deck three watching what ever comes by there was a lot of airplanes coming in and out that day so it seemed like every 15 minutes or so an airplane came in it looks like the end of the runway must be really close to the water i don’t know if its like that one at st maartan where the people get blown off the beach or not it just looks like its really close to the water, and not much room for error now we found this to be a really good alternative to a balcony because it was just one deck up from where we stayed at on deck two and we spent $469 per person which, it totaled $938 plus an additional $159 for for a total for $1097 for an eight day trip we thought that was a really good deal and i think i may have come out to early this morning trying to get a place to set they do eventually set the chairs out a little bit later and there is a bench down there a little ways a couple of benches to set on

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