Settlements and Survival – Oberland Station Guard Enclosure

before we begin today I want to take a
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their able assistance and continue to support we should be able to upgrade the
resolution here fairly quickly so I just wanted to say thank you all very much
and I want that’s it just want to be grateful and let’s go ahead and get on
with the show hello everyone and welcome back to
Oberlin station sediments in survival today we’re going to be doing something
else with this beast now that we’ve got the main huge barnacle structure there
and we’ve got this thing over here this living quarters hoo-ha thing now I’ve
got to figure out how to square off or develop and close this field what we’re
gonna do today is I’m taking a look at the elevation looking at how it goes
around the bottom of that Ridge see when I got to work with checking out the
field doing some eyeballing to see what the hell I’m gonna put them aside there
and then up here on this side by the railroad tracks I think we’re gonna put
a garden station like in this corner by those trees where that little ramp goes
down like right in here somewhere they’ll probably another guard post up
here and we’ll fence it off towards the living quarters but for now we’re gonna
square off and guard post and fortify in this corner up here the northeast
northeast you have the northeast corner point towards Beantown
and Cambridge but again you know taking a look at it looking at the terrain see
what I got to work with seeing where my anchor is gonna because what I would
like to do is put the guard station up anchor it in and then just wall
everything off around it because the walls you know you can rub you can rub
drop those things and overlap them and whatever but the hard object the the
firm object I guess you could say has to be put in here now this is something
I’ve been thinking about lately is how to elevate the guard stations without
without using that one with the stairways you know to sort of lift the
entire thing up and deal with that slope without having this gigantic monster
ASSA tee so I thought you know maybe I’ll try using these using the deep ball
with the corner pieces I like a bulwark as something to sort of give it some
give it some heft I guess and so we’re gonna do that here and you
know it edge it off make a unit out of it make it sort of solid make it sort of
beefy I guess you could say and but still have it high enough to where you
know they could see up over stuff one of the problems with this game is it
doesn’t have in Manila it doesn’t have a lot of irregularly shaped pieces
everything’s squared off there’s no triangles there’s very few round pieces
there’s not a lot of variable variable size things that you can use to make it
you know extra lumpy extra funky or whatever I’m using a roof here because
it snaps and I want to get an idea what I’m dealing with but I don’t like the
roof because it’s it’s you know it’s a four square I don’t want I want a 1×2
since I’m not using middle extensions of course I have to do it with this thing
so I’m gonna try and groups like this in there now those two Raider poles you saw
me drop down because that’s my way of telling me telling myself okay don’t
build back towards this spot this is your back limit don’t build here because
I have to make sure that I’ve got enough room for the eventual crops and the
field and that stuff like that so I want to make sure that I’ve got sufficient
spacing to where people can walk around behind it and the guard can actually get
up to this thing so yeah test fit it it works good and now for some reason what
am I doing here oh yeah I’m thinking I want a rug drop
to thing I want a rug drop the rug drop the guard station to get the fit
completely forgetting that of course the guard station is fairly soft and will
slide in on its own fairly simply now I can get those two railings in there no
problem but I can’t get the one on the front because it’s rubbing up against
that roof edge which will you know what the game thinks is a roof edge from that
deep wall so yeah here we go gonna try and do my my rug drop thing
with this guard station I do realize a little bit later that you don’t have to
do that I know completely forgot cuz I’m just so
used to doing this sort of thing dropping to stuff where I wanted to fit
of course in my defense when you rug drop a guard station and it goes down it
tends to stick to the objects beneath it so I needed to move the whole thing
later I could do that Here I am realizing that you don’t need to do that
you can just push it in there fine yeah so I get it in there no
problem but I do want to put something on the front I don’t want the guard
station to be on the front like that I want to put I want to put one of those
railings up there I think I do that here so anywho this particular this
particular installment is to show y’all that the fencing things you know Riis
like oh yeah fencing invented invented in and it’s it seems like it should go
pretty quick you know the fencing seems like as you
go fast but it takes time just like decorating just like everything else and
I thought about not showing you this just you know cutting it out because
it’s you know putting up fences but I think that having it you know having the
time investment shown will help when you start to do this yourself and go me and
you really put that fence up fast like well no no I really didn’t it took like
you know 15 20 minutes I mean it goes up relatively quick depending you know
given how given how much I don’t know how much visual how much visual variety
you get out of the thing but here right here I’m just like I said I’m just
trying to texturize the front of this building because you know it’s flat it’s
just this big sort of wall thing and it looks obviously that’s wall but when you
start to start to dress it up a little bit you can sort of give it a new look
and you facing and then of you know go for my standards right reach for my my
support so I can do my rickety rickety saying I could put the support
underneath and then put like a walkway and snaps and floors to it but scrap
that settlement does not like me putting things under there now of course since I
put since I’ve got the guard station in and he has a little sign to 6:00 he
decides he’s gonna try and get up in there because you know settlers like to
get in your face when you’re trying to work and I eventually have to take the I
do it eventually realized that he’s gonna keep trying until I take that
thing out so now this part here okay using this this roof saying this is an
idea I got from Kevin talebearer when I watched one of his videos for the
locavore pad challenge okay he had had a roof piece and he was using it as a ramp
to go into his one of his workshops get out of the way dude get up here get
out of the way get out of the way move yeah
forget it I’m just gonna store it so he had used a roof piece as a ramp and I
was like Mike that’s really really cool because you have an angle piece that is
not like a 30-degree angle you know for the the one you would use for
scaffolding the scaffolding ramps and it’s not a 45-degree angle like the
normal stairways and ladders are and it’s a nice gentle slope and we all know
that settlers can walk on these things because they end up on the roofs all the
time so to the Brahmin so I decided to try and use that that thing so thank you
Kevin for this idea it’s really really cool and it works really good I really
like the way it works I really looked the way it looks to tell us all that
corrugated steel you know now here I’m just trying to put it in because I don’t
realize quite yet but the ground is too uneven for a flat placement but I know
that the the concrete pillars too big it won’t work that way so we’re gonna try
and put it in with the the warehouse piece to get it to go in and it looks
like it’s gonna go in just fine it’s gonna go in just a little bit lower you
know don’t put it in exactly the same height leave a little bit of a little
bit of a step for them to go up because that way I can sink it mostly in on the
ground and that makes it look pretty nice like that gives it a good an
interesting little profile and then of course now that I got the guard station
out I realized that I can get this piece in there now so I’m gonna try to put it
in but not realizing that it’s too low and the ashtray is not gonna work so we
need to raise it up a little bit so the ashtray will work so the surface the
bottom surfaces are the same height so yeah while we’re doing this and then I’m
gonna struggle with a circle oh yeah the fence I have an idea to do that see that
little corner there that little that little indentation where the ramp meets
the side of the house the ramp means the side of the underneath structure I want
to put I want to put a junk wall in there and I think I’m gonna do that
right now yeah see I’m seeing the corners a little l-shaped piece there
and I’m like I need something to put in that spot so I’m gonna go and reach for
a junk wall here this doesn’t work okay this isn’t gonna
work and this is a good time to segue I suppose into why I don’t use place
anywhere you know normally anybody used in place
anywhere who sees me doing this right now is gonna go dude why use place
anywhere you could just put the wall in there and it would just go this is true
because I’m trying to figure out if I can get that rug on the back I need to
be on the inside of the wall not the outside because the inside is too close
the inside won’t go into that side piece so here’s the mechanics part trying to
figure out how much do I raise it how much can I get it in there Oh Brahmin
Kames like I got I got I got a farmer settler so let’s put this put this
bathtub somewhere to keep them out of the way because I still do have to be
Kanaan and you can see the happiness still stuck at 58 it hasn’t really
recovered from the it hasn’t recovered from the two sellers getting killed yet
it’s gonna go back up it’ll start climbing in a minute but I do get a
force and a fist person during this video and I’m just like struggling
struggling struggling trying to figure this out but any place anywhere so I’m
trying to put this thing in here right and there’s a will not fit on either
side because of the way it’s shaped and what it looks like and the fact that I
can’t sink anything in that spot cuz if scrap that settlement so I try every
trick I know I tried the ladders I tried the scaffolding I try to hug in the
inside I move to a different spot and it just it doesn’t work it doesn’t work
doesn’t work in hindsight as I say often I should have given up much sooner than
this but I always think that can make something work you know that’s you know
that’s part of the fun that’s part of the challenge is can I get this to go
where I want it to go that way I want it to go do I have the ability and the
tools and the techniques and what-have-you
to get it to go and in this case I do not but I have still not given up yet
I’m still thinking maybe the scaffolding will work maybe it’s too high maybe it’s
too low because in this in this particular instance I don’t have there’s
no indication to me what the problem is I just know that there is a problem
and yeah it’s not gonna sink dude it’s not gonna sink I’m like okay so the
scaffolding isn’t gonna work the rug isn’t gonna work on the inside can I get
the rug on the inside and a different elevation is that the problem is but
yeah it just doesn’t want to work on the inside it will not it will not let me
put it on the inside I’m thinking is that the ground it’s doing it maybe I
need to move it we put it down here so yeah I did again think about cutting
this out but I do want to show you that when you uh when you have problems and
you struggle with things going in you’re not alone you’re not alone you’re not
the only one who has difficulty with this and I haven’t even I’m so irritated
this right now like I it’s got to go I know this will work because I’ve done it
before but I just can’t get that thing to sit on that rug there’s no flat spot
here in this thing and I’m like you know what to hell with it what am I getting
if I’m gonna give up soon is it gonna be here yeah I think it’s here right I put
it on there and just ages one girl you know what to hold it I’m done with you
so because I can’t get it go down I had to think of another solution right
because if I had placed anywhere obviously it would go there and be fine
whatever but I want to try something different so now I have to do something
different and it turns out I think that this this particular solution came out a
little bit better it looks a little bit more chunky this way you know using this
particular piece here works well because it’s sort of since it’s so thick on one
and anything on the other it’s sort of a triangular shape overall which means I
can get it to go like here and that looks kind of nice that might looks a
little bit better than it would have so I need something else to cover that
little lab that last little gap so I want that little angle piece that I like
so much and again this doesn’t work because the ground does not let me sink
it does not let me sink hardly at all here
it just doesn’t so I try it and I try it I get the conduit out I’m checking it
I’m like okay just won’t sink there so maybe I can get it to sink further away
as long as I get some reach on it so let’s get the conduit out put it up
there but this does not sync it only goes in
so far it doesn’t go down as far as I want it to it only goes to there so I’m
like you know what it’s getting dark I’ll put it there and then I’ll go sleep
and see if I like it and let’s do the transition to daytime I think it’s gonna
be right here yeah we transition to daytime I look at it I immediately hate
it I’m like nope that’s not gonna work let’s just take it down and put it like
a railing in there I just need something to cover that gap you know and if I had
mods if I had my vanilla extensions in my own normal scrappy mods that place
would have been perfect for a couple of barrels or the boxes and crates or in
hindsight again the the Far Harbor barrels would have been good to cover
that up because they’re thick they sink they’re nice and they’re ready to go and
then right around here somewhere as I’m putting the stairs in I think I get
attacked I’m pretty sure I get attacked I recall being attacked I do cut that
part out too because it’s you know I had to move everything moves of corpses and
roll up pieces off the screen and stuff like that so but yeah I got attacked
here that was kind of cool as I’m doing the stairs but again put the stairs in
here not quite lined up a little bit lower so the sutler has to climb a
little bit it seems that when they have to step up there a path better and even
if it means like two pixels if they’ve got to climb up a little bit it tends to
work better so we get the second stairway here stick it on there and I
could have used other ramps and stuff here but the stairway seemed to work and
they’re easy for me to use so I’m always gonna reach for them first yeah get to
the side so I can sink it better again the terrain here is sort of iffy so I
have to uh I have to fiddle with a little bit more than I’d like but yep
got a tag so let’s skip that part let’s cut out five minutes of killing yet –
yaaay and harvesting their meat moving their corpses so now that I’ve got my
guard station dug it up now it’s time to sort of connect it to the sides and
again here’s another another thing that I tried that just didn’t work you know
this thing here I really want to put this piece on the side of the lower
structure so it angles up so I can put the I can put the wall defences closer
up on higher up on the elevation and you’ll higher up that ramp
but I have it I have forgotten that those little corner pieces the
corrugated the little tin roofs on those things are really really hard they’re
hard they’re firm they do not like to have anything sinking to them whatsoever
period even with the scaffolding ladder which I try as a dodge here I haven’t
there’s the rug I see the rug now but I try to get into here thinking that the
scaffold is gonna make a softer and it does not that those tin roofs just do
not do not play nice with anything so yeah tip if you want to sink things into
those little tin roofs you got to use a rug glitch you there’s just no way that
I know what to do it with this piece although it would look cool about it if
I could have gotten that to work thinking you lower it maybe lowering it
maybe betting it close enough maybe it’ll be good enough but ya know as soon
as it touches any pixel the outside edge of that thing it just goes red it’s like
nah that’s gonna look like crap there’s gonna be a big gap so I pick it up to
test it can I snap it back in no it’s alright time to punt let’s go let’s go
grab ourselves a rug and start a chunk along this bad boy so now I’m gonna do
so now the process is junk wall dis off and again when you’re working with
elevated areas like this you’ve got to use stairways so you can see because the
elevations are just so whack can’t see the top you can’t see the bottom you’re
gonna be guessing half the time what the elevation is so you have to look for the
lowest point you can see I’m test-fitting it which way I want it
inside out or outside in will do outside will do the inside-out so do it this way
put the supports through the piece so it looks like they’re all sort of built
together snap that grabbed a rug yada-yada now we need another piece here
and that kind of spacing just lends itself well to that that corner piece
because what you can do with the corner piece is you can adjust its height and
depth and its spacing to where you know both sides will touch no matter how far
or close it is by just rotating it you can change the distance to a to a
certain degree I mean it’s only gonna be so wide no matter what you do
but you can do pretty cool things by shifting it around like I do here yeah
there we go take the rug out you know pick it up let
it go read drop it take the rug out see if it drops if it doesn’t drop excellent
so now I got my corner and I got a garden the left on the top I got a guard
on the right so it seems to make sense to put a turret here of some kind and
here I’m gonna put a missile turret because I’ve got I’ve got machine guns
on the other side and I’d like to know what I like to do when I’m placing
turrets he is when I have potential attacks coming from more than one
direction I like to put different types of turrets facing different ways so in
this case I’m gonna put a missile turret on the north end right I mean there’s
gonna be machine gun turrets all around no problem there but I’m gonna put one
missile turret on the north end and I’m gonna put a laser turret on the south
end that way when I hear the turrets going off if the missile turrets firing
I know the attacks on the north side and if it’s the laser turret I know it’s on
the south side so I know where to start looking for enemies because as we know
there’s a spawn point down this hill basically where that ladder is right
down there on the bottom of the hill there’s one to the south on the top of
the ridge and there’s one to the west down behind those rocks
there’s no spawn point here to the east I don’t think I’m pretty sure there
isn’t ok another trick here I’m using this wall for spacing right because I
know that it’s hard to sync the doorway but it’s easy to sink you know junk wall
so I used the doorway as a spacey eyes like a measurement as a ruler I place it
I look where the right corner is and then I lose a left corner over the right
corner is so I know when I synched a regular junk wall they’ll overlap like
this one does so that’s a little trick you can use when you’re in a hurry you
can just you know take that and use it as a ruler or whatever and here we’re
gonna do the same thing I always do which is put a turtle scaffolding behind
the thing put a half-height structure in front of it and then stick sticks of the
fence railing on top to keep grenades from hitting it from the top so yeah I
guess channel news I guess we can do channel news
is happening because we’re just building turrets and walls and stuff that we’ve
done this stuff how many times before but everyone’s just a little bit
different you know it’s variations on a theme but for Channel News we’re getting
closer to 2000 every day which is flattering and perplexing and equal
measure I have not yet had the heart to load up
that character what I took my memory is unlike I remember how bad those were man
I don’t want to look at until I absolutely have to so in a way I’m kind
of I’m kind of looking forward to K subscribers and in a way I’m sort of
dreading it because yeah y’all are gonna crack up laughing when you see these
things oh my god but but it’s a good object lesson I guess it’s a good it’s a
good it’s a good thing it’ll say yes everyone started the same place every
when you see all these awesome builders they started the same way you know maybe
they did a little more learning maybe they did a little more reviewing before
they started showing people their stuff I mean I did I mean the character I
started the oldest videos in the channel that aren’t tutorials our silent tours
of the third characters built so yeah I didn’t have the guts to show you all the
first the first what no just no so we had a little texture to the front if I
didn’t really want to have you know multiple layers of fencing in there I
don’t like repeating textures and a junk fence works just fine so look at our
turns stand now all we need to do is just enclose the rest of it here we’ve
got what probably three walls worth of space here use this tire wall because
it’s nice and thick adds a lot of adds a lot of extra texture you can do
different angles with it which is nice depending on which way you want to put
it and of course if you want to you can put a turret on top of the center post
there on top of the stack of thick tires by just Group selecting it with the
conduit and sliding it in there till it turns red and it’ll be perched on top of
that little post in the middle which looks kind of cool I’m not gonna do it
here obviously cuz I have a turn already point in that direction but we’ll do
that and then one other challenge is probably going to be doing more state of
decay coming up seems to be moderately popular I’m enjoying the game even
though it is uh even though it does have some
problems it has some problems but we won’t go into that if I do cover that
I’ll cover that in a related state of decay stream I am sort of following
Draco’s lead and then I’m trying to do a hundred day challenge I was gonna stay
in the same map but I have a feeling staying on the same map is gonna be like
I’ve never left sanctuary kind of deal where it’s like you really can’t play it
very much because it’s like there’s nothing to do you’ve looted everything
so you’re just waiting for new survivors to crab at you and you’re ringing for
new infestations to pop up because you’ve cleared everything but I do find
it interesting that unlike the first game it is possible in fact to stay on
the same map pretty much forever depending on which leader you pick so
okay so the walls up and I think we’re pretty much done are we gonna fade yep
alright so here’s the – or Vokes here is the guard enclosure and here is our wall
our outside wall it’s a little low it’s not as high as the normal walls are but
since the ground slopes away past the wall it will be sufficiently high for
our purposes and here’s the sidelines for the guard you can see the dead Yahoo
I over there but he can see this whole approach man all the way from the
railings all the way to all the way to downtown pretty much and he can overlook
the field here there’s a little patch here we could put something there maybe
a generator or something and then we’ll take a two around the outside here we’re
gonna we’re gonna work on that we’re gonna work on this thing at some point
for sure but we’re gonna look at the elevation from the bottom see how
formidable it looks and it looks built up its rickety and it’s you know it’s
hard it would be hard to assault this thing for sure definitely hard to
assault this thing and oh here let me run into a tree yeah
trademarks are delia but you’ve got good sight lines you’ve got good coverage
you’ve got you know you have to come up a hill to come out this place it’s not
it’s got a nice irregular sort of profile and the guard station looks like
it’s you know fortified underneath it’s got some structure underneath it the
back wall of course still looks the same but that’s about it so there we go
that’s how that’s how long it takes to build a wall at least for this corner
thing so go up to the top here and we’ll do our sign-off if you like what you see
go ahead and click that like button if you if you’re new to the channel you
want to see more hit subscribe and there’ll be more I want to thank you for
watching and I will see you in the next one
take care

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