She’s Dating The Gangster Full Teaser (English Subbed)

They say “If you’re in love, the whole world stops. you’re heart starts to beat very fast. and… Step away! Gangster! Gangster!? My father is a gangster!? Uh-uh! And Athena Dizon is his great love! Kenji’s really got it. He treated Athena as a queen. She even has the same name as you! That jerk got a girlfriend!? You see, he really loves her. Even if they already broke up. Where is she? Who? The beautiful Athena. You’ll pretend to be my girlfriend To make her jealous. What!? Come on, Athena! Just answer Kenji! No, no, no, no! “Say yes or die.”!? NO! Dad, this is Kenji. My boyfriend! Oh, Athena! Hey, babe. I’ll teach you how to play billiard. That’s my Kenji! My Sexy Love! Go Sexy! Go Sexy! Go sexy, Sexy Love! I’m done. So what really happened to the two of them? They said their love story is a big case of bad timing. I want to end this all because its becoming real! What ‘real’ do you mean!? Its becoming real that I love you! On its 20th year, Star Cinema proudly presents A Cathy Garcia-Molina film starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo in a story about one great love that will stand the test of time. This is where I will marry you. You made me really, really happy. I will never forget this in my whole entire life. She’s Dating The Gangster July 16 in cinemas nationwide!

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