Should We Build the Wall? We Asked Trump Supporters.

An impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful,
beautiful, southern border wall. Should we build the wall? They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime,
they’re rapists and some, I assume are good people. Donald Trump recently traveled to the US/Mexico
border near San Diego to tour prototypes of the big beautiful wall that was the centerpiece oh his presidential campaign. Trump supporters came out to express their
enthusiasm. Why do you support the wall? It’s like, if you had a kennel, with dogs, I’m not saying that we’re all dogs or anything like that but, are we going to let them all run in the field? Trump has requested 25 billion dollars just
to build the wall and independent estimates put the price tag
even higher. Trump’s saving a lot of money so, nobody should
be complaining about the cost. Everything that comes with illegals and drugs
and other things, that’s also expensive. Annual maintenance would run at least hundreds
of millions of dollars on top of the billions already being spent
to expand border patrol personnel and technology. Mexico will pay for the wall. Actually it won’t. I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall. Which leaves american taxpayers on the hook. There’s a lot of people here who are criminals,
drug dealers, gang members. We’ve seen example after example of people
killing people and then nothing’s happening. But there are good people too, so we also have to make sure that we’re cracking down on the bad rather than the good. Do you think that there’s any merit to the
argument that instead of spending, you know, 25 billion
dollars on a wall we could better use those resources if we’re
actually just targeting the bad actors. This is an investment on it’s own, any investment’s
gonna cost money. And of course the initial investment’s gonna
be huge. As a border patrol agent, I can tell you that
walls do work. The US has erected hundreds of miles of fencing
and other barriers in the last 30 years, more than quintupled the number of border
patrol agents on the ground in addition to installing high tech sensors
and cameras and using military drones to patrol and yet coyotes and drug cartels have out-innovated
authorities using tunnels, planes, drones, ships, catapults,
car ramps, and even specially built submarines. So how would this new wall be different? You’re dealing with people who will find a
way around it, but I think one of the most powerful things
we can do is create deterrence. You build a 30 foot wall, you need a 31 foot
ladder, right? Like, what do you say to people that say that? They got to come over the other side. What about if they have a rope? I’m in favor regardless of what fence, there
needs to be razor wire, but they’re staring at a wall of razor wire,
they can’t cross. Something concrete or also you’re not having
people digging holes under the wall either because people can dig holes under walls too. It doesn’t have to solve all our problems
but we have to start moving towards a solution and I don’t think you can have it without
a wall. But would a new physical wall actually accomplish
what supporters hope for? The majority of unauthorized immigrants to
the US don’t walk across the border. They show up with temporary visas and then
overstay them. And these days more Mexican migrants have
been exiting the country than coming in. This is the land of the American dream and
we want people to come in here. But we want people to do it the right way, like my family did when they came from Mexico and Cuba. But for Mexican immigrants getting a visa
is nearly impossible. In 2018 the quota is just 25 thousand people and there are nearly 1.3 million on the waiting
list. I don’t want our country to change to the
point where it is not what it is now. You’re from Iraq, right? So people who are pro wall, pro Trump, might
say ‘well people from Iraq are changing the nature
of our country.’ right? So do you worry if we put caps on legal immigration
that people like you who are immigrating and trying to do the right
thing won’t have that opportunity? Ok, you gotta care about American citizens
first, yes there is a lot of people in my original
country that want to come to the United States, but I’m an American right now, it’s, you gotta
look at what for the American people first. Ironically, expanding fencing and reducing
guest workers over the last few decades has led to more unauthorized immigrants staying
in the US. Because the barriers didn’t stop entrance, but they did raise the cost of going back over the border. An exhaustive study by Princeton sociologist
Douglass Massey concluded there are now over 5 million more
illegal residents than there would have been if policies under
Ronald Reagan had been maintained. Rather than talking about putting up a fence, make it possible for them to come here legally
with a work permit, and then while they’re working and earning
here, they pay taxes here. And when they want to go back they can go
back, and they can cross, and open the border both ways. Only about a third of border land is owned
by the federal government with the rest split between states, Native
American tribes and private land owners. There’s people along the border that would
have to have part of their property taken, do you think that, are you concerned about
that? I’m not concerned about it, maybe the ranchers
might be. Right there you’re all of a sudden going to
that land grabbing thing. It would require some takings, right? Innocent Americans would be caught up in immigration. It’s the art of the deal, you know? It’s, you know, people want change, people
want change. Building a wall along the entire 2 thousand
mile border also poses practical challenges. A double barrier, like those that already
exist near San Diego and around the Rio Grande needs to be porous so that flood waters can
escape and Americans can access their land. If we can build the atomic bomb in in three
or four years we can build a fence. What year was the wall of China built? There’s a lot of walls around the world. But Trump’s proposed wall presents unique
challenges. In a world in which most illegal immigrants
don’t walk across the border and not a single terrorist ever has, in which small businesses rely on immigrant
labor and in which average Americans can be hurt
by increased prices or violations of their civil liberties does it make sense to spend tens of billions
of dollars on this particular wall? It’s at least a symbol that we are willing
to define where our land ends and, you know, Mexico begins. America needs to be America first like, point

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Reader Comments

  1. moises ledesma

    What the fuck who is complaining about paying for the wall if we de mexicanos are paying for wall your president said it pesos pesos muchos pesos $$$$$

  2. Gary Carter

    Most of the heroin coming into the United States is cultivated on poppy farms in Mexico, with eight cartels controlling production and operating distribution hubs in major U.S. cities.

  3. John Capiral

    I'm neither left leaning nor right leaning. I'm a centrist, and I notice there's a lot of Democrats here that I use to identify with. With that said, we're already spending almost 130 billion on illegal immigrants per year. Why not drop 8 billion one time and maintain it to protect US citizens?

    What this video says is inaccurate by the way. 60 percent of illegal immigrants come from the south border. 40 percent is overstayed visas.

    Btw they built the wall in Yuma and within 3 years, illegal immigration apprehensions dropped 95 percent.

    Thoughts from the left?

  4. C.Y. Views

    They don't even care that he's failed to get Mexico to pay for it like he said he would. They'd follow him into hell if he said it was heaven. Blind leading the blind.

  5. Jaay Ramirez

    Can't wait until he's not president why build the wall when the next one is gonna take this wall down and I can't wait until he sees that …but white ppl r so innocent they rapp an abuse black and Mexican woman so I think white ppl should stop talking about saving money when they r the ones wasting it like it comes out from there as they're just so selfish and I can't wait for them to become poor as well

  6. join the fist 10

    ok, a wall won't stop drug dealers. at all. We want to bring to world together, then why are walls being put up to keep the rest out

  7. Intellectual Trumpster

    Notice how these morons debunk Donald Trump by getting someone else to say no he's wrong. Why doesn't Donald Trump saying "were going to to get Mexico to pay for the wall" count as debunking that moron from Mexico

  8. Aaron Turner

    1. What wall can't be scaled by a ladder tall enough?
    2. It's not really gonna do much different than the gate/fence/wall that's up already. What do you think will change?
    3. What about the northern border?
    4. What about the coastal areas? Boats are a thing!
    5. What happen to Mexico paying for it? Trump said that Mexico will pay. I'm expecting Mexico to pay for it. I don't want to pay for it because I don't want or need it.

  9. Miles North

    Walls don't work…nor do floors, doors, ceilings, hinges, mouldings, furniture, and I'm starting to have second thoughts about the efficacy of even windows. So Home Depot and Lowes are merely figments of our imagination.

  10. Matt Ragan

    The wall idea is terrible. I'm all about keeping our borders secure but more man power would be much more effective. A bp agent is like a mobile, intelligent and armed wall. Trump sees power and success in physical landmarks. I mean that's his niech. It's harder to show and flaunt other methods.

  11. JM - 11SK - Mayfield SS (2452)

    I like that you're showing the calm and collected supporters. A lot of videos like this focus on the ones that are yelling or really stupid, but I appreciate that you're potreing them as actual intelegent people, regardless of how much I disagree with them

  12. jacqueline stone

    America can not be the bleading heart of the world what we can do is TEACH BIRTH CONTROL that do not breed and ask others to pay for it. It is easy to say I am in fear to live in Mexico then fight as America fought to make Mexico great if we have money for war we have it to keep America great.

  13. Michael Bica

    Whoever the host is you are asking the wrong jackasses if they built a wall around Europe 300 years ago we wouldn't have this problem

  14. Mark Marshall

    Wall not going to work dig under ground but they drive cross with all the drug kills drive over wall not going stop t hgv e coming over million driver cross ever day with the drug if u what it to work get more cop dogs video cam let more money so u can look in a lot more cars

  15. _Cosmos_

    Yet We american tax payers, pay 135 billion dollars in a financial burden to help immigrants. Also would it be fair for immigrants in who had to wait a decade before they got accepted into being an american citizen. At 3:35 he says that company s relie on illegal immgrants…..WTF they are getting fucking abused you sun of a bitch

  16. Jeannie Michelle Phillips

    Just think if Congress would have paid off the 700 miles of the security fence that they ordered after Bush signed in on Oct. 26, 2006, and back then it was pegged at $50 billion. Congress only paid part of it.

  17. Miguel Peraza

    Top guys from the DEA clearly said….. the fucken wall won't work !
    Mexicans are experts in digging tunnels! El Chapo did it many fucken times ! So what is the solution ?

  18. Joe Santana

    President of Mexico, I'm not paying for a FUCKING wall!!! Lmfao!! The only National Emergency we have is agent ORANGE is an IDIOT!!!! Along with all the TRUMPTARDS who support this FAKE president, FAKE billionaire, lying sack of SHIT!!!!!

  19. Jaymel Bobb

    If the Idea is that America should not have a wall because cartels will find a way around them, then America might as well not have any security or criminal laws because criminals will just find a way around them. When there are holes in security systems you address the problem, criminals will always find ways to undermine security that is why it is up to the government constantly plug the holes that arise. It is a constant back an forth battle between the forces of order and the forces of chaos, and the solution is not to give into the cartels, the wall is not an end all be all solution(as are many solutions), but it will help to reduce crime along the border. When Israel built the Israeli West Bank barrier it reduced terror from the west bank by 99% so its safe to say walls work.

  20. Kevin C

    The majority of Americans didn't vote for this fucking bullshit. eliminate the electoral college and fuck trump and his lame wall and his Twitter account and his gaslighting deflective bullshit…the majority should rule and it isnt…

  21. Kevin Snell

    Trump has not build the wall in 30 months He lead you on a whole lot Trump said he can build big beautiful walls trump also said he’ll put Solar power on it and sell it to Mexico every time Trump gets cornered he comes up with a great idea just to get you to back off him Trump Also sad he was selling planes to turkey Turkey is supposed to be an ally country of ours Now they’re buying them from Russia who is the Donald Trump anyways

  22. F

    Billions of dollars go to managing immigration issues and border patrols, every year. It makes sense to build a wall- it will save money within just a few years.

  23. Kyle Easton

    Trump supporters are the dumbest people in this country! They are so ignorant and stupid! 😂😂😂😂fuck trump and his supporters

  24. Eli ao

    The Iraqi lady was arguing against demographic replacement when her mere existence in the US is contributing directly to demographic replacement. The irony.

  25. M. W. Noonan

    And these people have no right to dictate to private land owners that they will give what land that is needed. ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT DO NOT LIVE in those communities.

  26. Tammy Nesbit

    A bunch of fucking idiots. Keep criminals out. The fucking criminals are Americans. A few selfish immigrants that got there immigrants asses already here. So fuck the others and there illegal immigrants bs . Send Trumptard immigrant wife back. She lied to become legal. Deport the nude none talking hoe

  27. Catz4life

    They may be American but it is not their country if we look back it’s the natives land but nobody cared about them when they took their land but all of the sudden Mexicans are bad because they want to go to the country when they stole it the system to become a legal citizen should be shorter it is very disorganized which causes people to want to go illegally

  28. Edmund Singleton

    Oh, how easy it was to convince some Americans that the
    start of drug addiction came from across a border, the building of a wall would
    be a cure-all and an end to new druggies, when all a along we are our own best drug


    Is your daughter next? To be raped, butchered, by illegals and be sacrificed on the unholy altar of diversity?

    In the long run, the wall is AN INVESTMENT will be cheaper by us not paying for illegal families to go to college, elementary, middle school, high school, food stamps, housing, medicine… All for pennies while the middle class becomes the low class, spread the misery so our new illegals "FRIENDS" feel comfortable…. ? FUCK THAT

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