Show jumping competition (Minecraft birchbark stables)

P: so I did the math and brother mule did
the math and we have concluded that B: I deserve to win 75% P: you don’t even like
horses B: well I do now so I’ll join P: well you need to pay the entry fee have
a horse and you have none of those B: done P: how did you I’m not even gonna ask B: this
brownie she’s the best that the market had P: you gotta be kidding me
night berry is way better B: night berry sucks P: no you B: I’m gonna win P: we’ll see
about that P: just come over here over here okay now I
bet I am going to beat you by a milestone B: No P: huh okay
well we already uh-huh okay so we already entered our our thing of doing
the jumps and stuff so we’re gonna go see the thing and get our metal stuff
where are you going you should’ve brought some I got my baked potatoes and
I’m not sharing ha ha you better not or else I will find you okay I forgot your
green light so I mean I guess you can hang out here just don’t go missing
please bye mmm I’m gonna go see what the judge has to say ah judge are you
finished judging why yes I am ma’am no sorry sir I don’t care do you
know some shooting there you go so I did the judging because I am a judge and
that’s what I do now I so night berry and get any weight no night
Mary and Steve both tied with eight so you two aren’t first yeah I won
ha ha ha ha Tommy I want I’m tied with stale
that’s called Steve blue names a freaking Clydesdale Steve height I know
well then you come up to the judges booth just leave your horse down er um
okay so judge read off who is second in second brownie and Gareth tie whatever
at least you got tied with one of my horses and that means you don’t get as
much money if you do that you will be illuminated any more earn any money so
yeah don’t look back that’s my medals yeah
nobody was perfect everyone either fell in the water so okay so go over there
stop hopping around Gareth and Knight berry pink yeah you won fifty one
thousand dollars I can get like another horse
I think oh why are you what are you doing
yay I get five fifty one thousand dollars and chicken hey I am the best
okay Tommy owner brownie Tommy plays or brother mule one $6,000 I
mean you could buy a foal baby one house no not really well these I can buy
a puppy you could buy a your horses running away Tommy’s gonna go get his
horse and Sophie the owner of Steve won $5,000 Ronnie
buy a puppy you know funny thing is is Sophie called Steve Steve even though
he’s a Clydesdale one of the like the biggest strongest most powerful horses wasn’t the best it was like he was like
the only one on the water but we can conclude that I am the best my horse is
cuter and I did know my well I’m won the game so I get to choose right it wasn’t
a race it was a showjumping competition yeah but I was already the cutest from
the beginning like you said you were being sarcastic and I can get a
full-grown horse I should have a birch bark stable doghouse because I mean it
is called birch bark what I mean I can afford my okay with all the money
I have didn’t mean to hit you I meant to shut the gate I bet I’ll go get it we
have quiz time okay whose horse is cuter mine or tummies time it looks like a
freaking rabbit and it looks like some rabbit turds okay so obviously mine
looks cuter oh there’s no question about it yes Tommy’s abusing me never puts his
stuff in the right places yeah but you didn’t put your saddle on
all right place yeah you did if you were going to ride your horse you would have if you kill my horse I’m telling you a
horse and then I’m taking your money okay so so so you better not you can’t
because if you do the police will kill you so

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