Showing FFA Pigs for Auction : How to Build a Pig Pen

After purchasing your hog, you need to ensure
that the pen you have will hold your hog. The proper fencing for a market hog is hog
wire which is a thicker gauged wire. You need to ensure that your pen is constructed of
hog wire because chain link fencing tends to bend easily and rips up off the paneling
and hogs tend to escape. An adequate sized pen for a market hog is 8 foot by 16 foot.
This allows for movement of the hog, keeping it from getting stiff during raising due to
it’s quick growth averaging 1 pound per day for every 3 pounds of feed. Your market hog
needs to have adequate water supply. To ensure adequate water supply, many showmen prefer
to use a pipe water with a Licksit nipple on the end, but some choose to use an automatic
water which is simply a water line run to your hog pen with a Licksit attached to the
end to ensure that adequate water supply is available to your hog during hot times and
heat stress.

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