Simon’s Cat ‘Off to the Vet’ – Rough Animation

Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet [Rough Animation] So this is the animatic for one of the first scenes I’m working on, quite near the beginning of the film this scene is going to be roughly about 40 seconds long that’s quite a lot going on here and there are three characters in it yeah, I think it will be several weeks of work on this one so we’re working in a 2D animation program called TVpaint and just drawing straight into their computer with a stylus. So every frame in this will be drawn by hand. Even the inbetweens it’s really similar techniques to traditional pencil and paper animation. I started about four years ago ‘Cat Chat’ was my first Simon’s Cat film and I’ve been enjoying drawing a lot of cats in the mean time I just really like their movements. I’ve always loved drawing animals and they have sort of got their own language with their with the way their tails move, their ears going back as they look around at things. In this scene I have very roughly started sketching out key poses based on the animatic.

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