Small Medieval Rustic Starter House Minecraft Tutorial Video

Hello friends. The name is Jay and today we’ll build the first house in the medieval rustic village As a starter we’ll go for a simple house with 3 floors which you can easily build in survival mode thanks to the easy to gather materials we’ll use And here is a list of the materials you’ll need for the exterior Now lets get in to building The first bit is for those building the entire village so you can skip this part if you just want to build the house But if you are building the village, you want to start with spruce logs against this wall and place 6 of them leaving a 3 block gap each time Then do the same going to the back and you should end up against the wall Fill up all the gaps with cobblestone wall but leave the second one from the right open and place slabs on top of the spruce logs to create the plot for this house For the house we’ll start behind this block with 3 spruce logs and to the left we’ll place 3 more logs leaving a 3 block gap. To the right only 1 log. We’ll add a few things to the front before we start with the framework because that’s going to make it easier We want a little staircase going up 3 stairs with a platform behind it to create a starting point Then we’ll add a few cobblestone stairs between the pillars and against the spruce stairs and fill up the gaps bellow the staircase with cobblestone In the left gap we want to have a doorway so leave the middle open Now we can build the framework for the house and we’ll begin with a 7 block high pillar 1 block away from those 3 logs Well leave a 5 block gap and build another one and then a 3 block gap for the next one In the back of the house we’ll build 2 more of these leaving a 3 block gap between each one of them Then we’ll leave 5 block gap and after that a 3 block gap for the final one Now we can build one more row of spruce here but we want the last 3 to be a cobblestone wall so fill that up with cobblestone blocks and then place 1 more pillar in the middle right next to the cobblestone Now we can connect all of the pillars at the top with spruce logs to finish the main framework of the house We do want to have another door on the backside of the house so we’ll leave a gap there but for the rest you can place a 2 block high cobblestone wall around the inside of the framework To build the staircase to the first floor we’ll add a spruce log pillar 4 blocks away from the back wall and add 2 rows of spruce fence against it That leaves us with a one block gap to build our staircase with 3 spruce wood stairs Close off this gap with some cobblestone blocks as well Now we’ll place a row of cobblestone stairs above that 2 block high wall and each time you reach a 5 block gap you want to punch out 2 window gaps and fill them with spruce fence For the rest, its just a row of stairs above that wall And then we can fill up this entire area with spruce wood planks to create the floor We can then add a few more logs in the back and front of the house to give that a little more detail Now lets build the door and windows first using white concrete We want to have a door here and in the gap next to that, we’ll build a window We’ll fill up the side with a solid wall and in that 5 block gap we’ll build 2 more windows For the backside we’ll have solid wall with a window next to it And for the final side a solid wall with 2 more windows in the 5 block gap Then we can fill up the top with spruce wood planks but in the front we’ll build another staircase to get to the attic Well do this by placing our 1st stair one block away from the front door and then we can build a corner staircase using a slab in the corner to reach the attic Do make sure there’s no block in the way when you go down the staircase As a finishing touch to the staircase we’ll add 2 rows of spruce fence next to it and a spruce log against them There is 1 more thing we have to do before we can start with the roof We’ll extend these by 2 more logs and connect them sideways That way we can connect the top and bottom spruce logs by using some cobblestone wall at the top and some spruce fences to change this in to a little porch withan overhang We can then add some fences in the corners at each window and where we have a solid wall we’ll place 4 more fences and some spruce logs And this is a repetitive pattern around the house Now we can do our roof outline and well begin with 2 stairs Upside down stair against it with a full block on top Then a stair, upside down stair and full block And finally, 2 more stairs with an upside down stair We now want to repeat this same pattern on the right side so they meet up in the middle And in the middle we’ll add an upside stair, normal stair on top and behind and a slab on top of that Then repeat the whole thing to the backside of the house Now we’ll connect both sides with a spruce log We’ll add 4 slabs on top on both sides And in the middle we can place 2 stairs with a full block in between them and 2 more slabs on top To fill up the roof we’ll do something completely different and we’ll start by connecting the full blocks with 2 rows of spruce wood planks We then want to alternate between full blocks and stairs so we’ll leave a 1 block gap between each block and zigzag the blocks each time we go down a layer.
After that you can fill up all the gaps with stairs. We’ll connect the bottom of the roof with cobblestone stairs and replace some of the full blocks with upside down and normal stairs to give it that extra little bit of detail Don’t worry about the little gaps as we’ll fix those in a moment But then you want to repeat the same thing to the other side of the roof Now lets do the sides of the roof and the attic and we’ll start by filling up these gaps with slabs and replacing the white concrete with sprurce planks we’ll also fill up that gap on the sides of the roof but stay away 2 blocks from the edges And then change that spruce log in the floor as well We can then build the wall in white concrete and we’ll leave a door gap on the front side of the house so we can make a little balcony To decorate this V-shape we’ll place 2 spruce pillars next to the door and a few sideways logs in between. Also place 2 logs in the corners Then fill up all the gaps with spruce wood fence and place 3 fences at the door to create the balcony Lets move to the backside of the house and in this V-shape we’ll build a wall again but this time we’ll make it 2 windows instead of a door To decorate it we’ll add a crossbeam with a log on top above the windows and 2 logs on the sides Replace this one as well And then a few more spruce fences at the windows and in the gaps On the left side of the house we could build a little overhang to store things like hay or wood and we’ll do that by placing fences as I do here On top of them we’ll build an edge in cobblestone slabs and fill the gap with spruce slabs The next thing you want to do is build your pathway that starts in that gap we left open and goes to the staircase on the right and the door gap on the left Also fill up the floor inside with spruce wood planks Then its time to decorate and the first thing we’ll do is give that porch some light by adding a glowstone with a cauldron and some leaves To the right of the door we can place a sign and i’ll just call this Joe’s shack If you can think of any better name for this house, let me know in the comments bellow because I am really bad at this But then we can add all the doors to the house and in the attic we also want to place a few more fences around that stair gap While we are in the attic we’ll add 2 more rows of stairs to close all the gaps We can then add a ceiling by placing stairs with a gap in between them and slabsin between the stairs In the remaining gaps you can place spruce logs To finish the inside we’ll add a few torches on all the floors to light it up To decorate the windows we’ll place a grass block, some trapdoors glass panes in the window gap and a flower on the grass block Where you have 2 windows you want to do the same thing but leave the blocks between the windows as they are so no trapdoors there. And then repeat those
2 on all the windows around the house Lets add one more touch by placing a button above the balcony door and against every spruce log that sticks out of the house in the front and the back And we’ll add one more log with a button at the top and do this in the front of the house as well The remaining outside decoration is very basic so i’ll go over those in a replay view before we move to the interior The first thing is to replace some of the cobblestone in the lower part of the house with mossy cobblestone and stairs to give it a more withered look For the backyard i went went for a pathway going straight from the door with a little bench in spruce wood and a 6 row farm Then I added a small tree, some grass and flowers and some hanging leaves over the house This is but an example to try and give you some idea’s but by no means does it mean you have to do the same thing Try and make it your own so it becomes a one of a kind house Lets add a decorational chimney as well to make the house look even better and for that we’ll remove these 3 rows and this block Place 2 cobblestone blocks in that gap and 2 more on the sides Then we’ll place 4 blocks in that middle gap and add some stairs on the 2 block high ones To finish the chimney, we’ll add a temporary block surrounded with 4 stairs Now as i wasn’t well for 4 days this week, we won’t build the interior block by block I didn’t have the time to do all the editing for that but I’ll give you a little tour to show you what i did that way you can pause the video and do the same if you so wish So I started by placing two spruce gates on the sides here and for the bottom floor I went for a storage and work space I divided this floor in to several small spaces by using spruce fence And then I made the space in the corner a storage area and the one next to it a little work space with an anvil, crafting table and enchantment table On the first floor I went for a really basic kitchen though i did add an item frame with a compass to represent a clock In the corner next to it a dining area for 3 people and i used some netherbrick in the corners and carpet for the table To the left of that 3 bookshelves with trapdoors on the sides and a flowerpot Then I divided this part with fence to create a hallway added a cauldron with some leaves and placed the lighting against the pillar In the attic I went for a bedroom with a washing table by placing some stairs a cauldron and a mirror And for the bed i went for 2 stairs on both sides, one in the middle and a bed in between Then I decorated the attic further by adding some carpet, some green, a painting and a chest For the lighting I did the same as the other floors But just like the garden, Try and make the interior your own thing, make it unique so your house is one of a kind If you enjoyed this tutorial then do give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends Have a look at these tutorials as you may find more things you’ll want on your map Or maybe these to find out what minecrafters like you asked us to build for them Subscribe, Join the team and click that bell to be notified when we post something new This was Jay, Thank you for watching and see you in the next tutorial

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  2. sempiternal

    Very nice video, Cubi as always! xD In about a few minutes i'll upload an image with my village. It isn't in this stage because I had school and I don't have time, but it's very nice!

    Gate of the village and horse stable:
    Horse stable from behind:
    The clock tower and the square:
    The church and the inner walls:
    Finished side of the inner walls:

    As you can see, Cubi I chose the spruce block to be my main. I think it looks decent with spruce too, but jungle is awesome.
    Thank you Cubi for making my days more interesting! 😀

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