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I have some exciting news to share with
you. My name is Kelly Deutsch, and I’m the author of Spiritual Wanderlust. I’m also a professional coach and speaker and spiritual off-roader. There’s nothing that I love more than exploring this wide world of mystery and helping other
people find a place where they feel FULLY ALIVE. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably recognized that a lot of times we’re just scratching the surface
of reality. There’s so much more depth and meaning and LIFE available to us especially than our religious structures tend to let on. Not that those structures
are bad– but sometimes just limited. It’s as if we live next to this national park,
you know, wilderness area but never go inside. The divine is LIVING within all
things– is available to us at every moment and we never access it, tap into it. You know, maybe we take our Sunday drive through the National Park as our nice little ritual, our liturgy– make sure all the windows are closed… because heaven forbid we let its wild magic disturb our hearts. But what if we were to live there all the time? What if we left behind our “suburban living” with its comfortable fences and nicely paved highways and came off-roading? What if we learned to summit the peaks,
dive into the lakes, get the grass and dirt between our toes and our fingers
and go to sleep underneath the stars? Come join me. In just a few short weeks,
I’ll be launching the Spiritual Off-Roading program, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore this vast inner wilderness, along with a group of kindred spirits of people who crave CONNECTION and depth. We’ll explore new territories together, places you’ve never seen, guaranteed! If you come and dive in with us and you don’t find new vistas, new horizons, places that you’ve never explored before,
new awarenesses– we’ll refund every penny that you spent. This space is vast and it’s beckoning. There’s no need to feel alone or to feel bewildered or unhinged –because that’s how a lot of us feel when
we leave the comforts of “suburban living,” if you will. When you leave the
structures and come into THIS– It can feel a little daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are no maps out here. …Which can seem a little
terrifying … but there are some trails and you’re welcome to follow them if you
like! However, that’s not the point of this program. The point is to equip you
with the tools and skills you need to be able to explore with confidence…
and maybe even a little mischief. Together we’ll learn how to use your inner
compass so you can navigate these new territories. We’ll show you how to pitch a
tent and be able to live in the fog or whatever weather there is. We’ll show you
how to use your binoculars so you can see into the depths of things. All with a group of companions who speak your language. Come live the questions with us. There are no pat answers out here. …but that’s part of the adventure. 🙂 Leave your paved highways with their guardrails, and your nice, contained vehicles Come off-roading with us! Can’t wait to have you join us.

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