Spontaneous Pizza Hut Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza Review

Hello everyone they say is Running On Empty … FOOD REVIEW! Well hello ladies and gentlemen And everyone watching this is running an empty food review, and I am your host TheReportOfTheWeek Now I guess you could say this is gonna be an informal review. I mean it’s a full-blown review. Don’t count me wrong It’s gonna be a review. I’m gonna you know I’m gonna talk about the pizza. I’m gonna consume it I’m going to assess it and everything in between but I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s more of an informal review in that no planning really went into this I Was you know I guess it’s late. It’s around Nearing 1:00 a.m.. 2:00 a.m.. I can’t even tell anymore I think 1 a.m.. To be exact Anyway, I was sitting here doing some work And I was getting a little bit hungry of course and I was hungry for pizza and usually I always get pepperoni pizza I mean, that’s my that’s my personal favorite pizza I always like the pepperoni pizza sometimes I’ll get pizza with a little bacon on it, but pepperoni is always my favorite and when I get pizza I either Usually I mean there’s there’s three chains that I frequent the most You have Domino’s and I usually just get them because they keep some pretty late hours, and they deliver That’s why I always sometimes go up them Papa John’s because lately I’ve noticed they’re their pizzas actually getting really good, and then the long standard of Pizza Hut Well, I decided to live on the edge a little bit and I was also I Mean literally just a couple minutes ago Feeling you know maybe I’m gonna do a review to I like doing these I like getting in front of the camera and sometimes just Having a chat to and I was kind of feeling in the mood for that and also review at the same time so I thought why not why not spice it up a bit and Get something interesting from Pizza Hut, maybe try it out and just talk a little bit at the same time So that’s exactly what I did the Pizza Hut this one was open pretty late. I was actually surprised at how late It was open and I was looking around in the menu, and I decided you know they have all these specialty pizzas It’s like they’re all Completely forgotten about you know no one cares about them They don’t even promote them anymore I mean when was the last time really that you saw any sort of promo for the backyard barbecue chicken pizza I Myself had never seen that before I remember they used to have some stupid pizza called the giddyup Pizza or something like that. I know I reviewed that a while back But this is different. This is their backyard BBQ Chicken pizza, I thought yeah, that’s very interesting. I’m gonna try it out I’ve never really heard of it They have like 20 other Pizzas on the menu that are just like this one that seems you know no one even cares about them but they’re still there and there are all these interesting flavors and Concoctions. I don’t know whatever you want to call it so I got this this pizza I should say is hand tossed you can get it large or medium, and I got a medium this time around the crust by default Comes with a toasted cheddar blend on it so maybe a little crunch or something the interesting thing about the pizza is that it comes with a Barbecue sauce as the sauce So it doesn’t have any Tomatoes so often just honey barbecue actually comes with your standard cheese comes with little chunks of grilled chicken bacon and usually it has Red onions on it, but again This is really essentially my dinner that I’m reviewing And I didn’t want to get onions because those I mean they are potent in terms of the scent And I just didn’t want to have to deal with that and have The room in the car and whatever smell like onions for days on end So let’s take a look here now I See it I think you see it too right now. Let me hold it up. Good to the camera here Let’s see how this lighting works. How this lighting situation works. I should say, but there’s a close-up view for maybe a few seconds too many Rest it on the shoulder there you can see I’m kind of you know I’m looking at it myself and There’s me gracefully and a graceful manner holding the pizza ever so gracefully on my shoulder I Think I mean I see it Maybe you see it, too Where you’ll see the Pete saying you might say well You know it looks like this has been sitting out for like an hour – I mean, it doesn’t really look necessarily that fresh But I could guarantee you I mean the bottom of the box is still quite. Hot I picked this up I you know I did turn the lights on and everything in advance When I came in here if the Pete set immediately just started filming, so it is so fresh. I would say it’s baby maybe 10 minutes fresh 15 minutes fresh So I don’t know how long it’s been sitting at the pizza hut for but it’s only been in my possession For about 10 minutes, I can still feel that it is pretty warm, but this is what it looks like at least Anyway, let’s grab a slice. That’s got a real close-up view of it and Again I got it with no onions. I didn’t want to have the scent you know to deal with it You can see right here some of the barbecue sauce that is pulled up So they do use that instead of just your tomato sauce you can see some of the chunks of the grilled chicken right here? And some of the baked and also so it’s fairly simple. It’s gonna be interesting to try out See how it works out So anyway, it’s the backyard barbecue chicken pizza from Pizza Hut going in Hmm I’ll try this crust in a minute oh Did I I guess I didn’t I guess I forgot the napkins with that being said I guess in a Memorandum of the name here as If you were at an actual backyard barbecue you just I guess this is what they do at backyard barbecues you Use the next best thing Now the backyard barbecue chicken Pete’s I’m going to close this to conserve its warmth The backyard barbecue chicken pizza It’s a pizza of twists and turns, and it’s something I never thought I would really use to describe a Pizza Hut pizza But I wouldn’t be lying if I said You know it’s likely though at least not maybe not the most, but one of the most adventurous pizzas. I have ever consumed Imagine yourself it’s around midnight you go to the Pizza Hut and you acquire the pizza So you have this pizza in your possession and You ordered it you understand, what’s on at honey barbecue sauce the cheese chicken and bacon and you Might expect because it’s oven fresh You might be able to smell you don’t Lee aroma of the chicken. Maybe even a little bit of the barbecue sauce That’s something. You know that’s how you envision it In reality you get this pizza You put it in the car and It just reeks of of nachos and It smells rancid. You know it just smells absolutely repulsive And you’re thinking you know what is this this this smells disgusting? You set it up you eat it But you can’t taste the nachos I Think in my opinion that is probably a very as I would describe it a very adventurous eating experience and in my opinion because it gives you this impression that it smells terrible and that you’re probably going to be dry heaving even before you actually eat it and Then you’ll eat it You can’t taste the nachos the smell has absolutely no correlation to the flavor whatsoever and as a matter of fact It’s not even that bad at all This is quite likely Maybe my second favorite pizza from Pizza Hut Truth be told I really haven’t ever gotten this pizza before but I had that one slice and I really liked it You know I like what I was trying so far. I really do It’s always interesting when they substitute The standard tomato sauce with a different types. There’s some pizzas that use a buffalo, sauce some that use a barbecue sauce and The barbecue sauce actually blends very well with everything that you have it goes well with the chicken Well if the bacon it even complements the cheese in the crust very well, and it’s a very flavorful But sweet barbecue sauce – it has a little bit of sweet. No tang to it just a little bit of a sweetness It’s described as a honey barbecue sauce and sometimes if done right if there is a little bit of sweetness with that Pizza It can make it taste actually very good, or it can taste disgusting This is one of those cases where it makes it taste very good as a matter of fact so the sauce number one excellent The cheese distribution is on point as one may describe it the cheese is fine tastes fine and a good amount of it Next comes the chicken Now for the sake of it, let’s take a piece off right here Right is your chicken its grilled chicken grilled chicken chunks if you want to call it that? If you’re looking for An exact comparison and taste and this may go for the folks who have frequented Pizza Hut If you’ve ever had the boneless wings from Pizza Hut this is the exact same wing meat as that? It’s probably the boneless wings kind of cut up or the same exact type of meat there tastes exactly the same as that There no it’s still pretty juicy pretty Flavorful and really exactly as the same exact type of cut of meat and everything that you would find in the boneless wings but overall they put a good amount of that chicken on and It tastes really what you would expect it to taste like her peaks of this caliber you could say The bacon bits if there’s one complaint that I have the bacon bits they put a fair amount on But I wish I could taste some more I mean they look like good decent sized chunks of bacon, but I really can’t taste them that much So that’s my one issue But overall I mean for what you’re getting you could really taste the chicken could really taste that Barbecue sauce I wish I could taste the bacon a little bit more, but for what it is. I do enjoy it I’m gonna try a little bit of the crust here. Let me know what I think on that You can really you can taste that toasted cheddar on the crust If there’s one issue with it. It’s dry mm-hmm Now one thing that I would recommend. You could get perhaps as an extra sauce they can Provide you with dipping sauces for like 50 cents apiece, and you get a cup size of it Maybe get some dipping sauce of whatever choice you want you mean don’t marinara you can go extra BBQ You’ll get anything in between To kind of dip the crust in because I crust there’s just a little bit dry and I think a dipping sauce would complement it Very well, but you could most certainly taste that toasted cheddar, so overall I think good. I think I pretty much wrapped up What’s what’s in this pizza? Fairly pricey, but that’s Pizza Hut for you they always have some deals and coupons you can perhaps find so this medium pizza costs $12, which again is a little expensive, but Search online for some deals. They might have some you might be able to find something to lower the tab a little bit But for what you’re getting I say it is a pretty good pizza. You know it might seem a little bit odd well You know how is it in the taste of the substitution of the barbecue sauce to the? Marinara instead of the marinara sauce, but it works up. Well the chicken is good they put a good amount of bacon on and you might be able to taste it more on yours and The crust itself is pretty good too, so overall at 10. I would break this pizza And now I’m gonna give an eight point nine five out of ten eight point nine five out of ten And I think it’s deserving of that you could see that It would get a lot higher of a rating if I could taste the bacon more But everything that’s there is still quite good as it is that’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen This is an informal review just a mix of kind of just miscellaneous talk and discussion Also coupled with a pizza review as well, so I hope you enjoyed it your feedback is always most appreciated and until next time Thank you. Take care. This is Running on Empty Food Review and uh, Goodbye

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Reader Comments

  1. Jesse Lopez

    ReviewBrah is an 👽. And he's here to tell us that our chain food is for the most part, trash.

    Go to real pizza restaurant and buy a real pizza instead of this chain garbage. Ya shmucks.

  2. Jadyn P

    I get genuinely upset when ReviewBrah doesn't have ads on his videos. He deserves every penny for being such a stand up gentlemen from his videos. Much love from the UK my friend.

  3. CeresTV

    I played with my girlfriend to this video. Really nice review, very informative. Maybe I'll try some after I'm done fingering her. Keep up with the good reviews man

  4. ZeliardFTW

    Why is Pepperoni so popular in the US? Don't you guys like toppings? There are so many good types of pizzas, and I love toppings! I kind of feel ripped off if all I am getting it little circles of pepperoni with cheese. Onions, olives, bell peppers/capsicum, shrimp etc just to name a few of the glorious toppings that make a pizza.

  5. Jeffu

    I had a pizza similar to that recently, but they used both barbecue sauce and ranch dressing in place of tomato sauce. Honestly it was a nice change of pace.

  6. Troy S

    American pizzas always have so few toppings compared to ones of the same nature (and even from the same company) in Australia. I always found this very perplexing…

  7. HotSauceJerk

    I've always wondered, and I don't remember it ever being covered, but, are those always the same pens in your shirt pocket, and do they even work?

  8. Baleur

    I love Pizza Hut's flavors, but they are so insanely overpriced that i rarely find it an intelligent choice to go for them over say, Papa John. In both countries i've lived in, Sweden and China, a 9 inch (no joke, just a tiny 9 inch pizza) from Pizza Hut costs about 180 dollars, yes i'm dead serious. How about a tiny-bitsy 7 inch pizza barely enough for a child? 120 dollars.

  9. traderjoes

    I don’t know know where you are located, but there is a place near me called Grimaldi’s pizza. It’s kind of famous because they use actual wood charcoal to cook the pizza. The oven is super hot and it’s ready very rapidly. Most important, it becomes infused with the charcoal flavor and wood and it is so unique that if there are are charcoal fired, I would recommend that try them. I think you’ll be quite surprised how good it is

  10. noah curoe

    every time i watch your videos the pizza always looks so stiff. any pizza i order from anywhere is always very droopy (unless it's some sort of thin crust) even if i support it from the bottom.

  11. Jon Sosebee

    do you have baseball style t-shirts for merch? like longer sleeves, rounded collars and bottoms… longer vertical ? would be great on a disappointed shirt…
    (did you really get a medium? did they read your palm? careful on that)… you might be cursed…

  12. Emily Grace

    Oh my God I was scared when you said it smelled rancid, but relieved when you said it didnt taste like it smelled 😅😅😅

  13. Steve Kanakanui

    What happened to Pizza Huts BBQ beef pizza ..IT WAS AWESOME …they need to bring it back ..it was my favorite pie …im scared to try the chicken one

  14. Jenny Dawson

    Why is this guy so popular with incels? The weak chin and odious intonation, perhaps. I like him too, though I'm sure his performance is just that, and quite in the 2nd degree.

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