Spyglass – how to measure the size of objects and the distance to them (iPhone, iPad, iOS)

Knowing the distance to an object, you can easily measure its size. We will use this half-ruined building as an example and will measure its height. Mark the bottom point of the building with the Wing and tap the Sextant button to set the initial bearing A. You can also use Zoom for higher precision. Then mark the top point of the building and tap the Sextant button again to set the ending bearing B. Tap the Calculator button, choose the elevation angle, enter the distance, which is approximately 65 m in our case, and see the size appear in the corresponding field. If you don’t know the distance to your target, you can use maps to find it out. The “You”-pin shows your current location. Pan the map and center the cross on your target. You can see the distance at the top left part of the screen. And if you tap Done, the distance will automatically appear in the field. Just as well, if you mark the leftmost and rightmost points of the building and calculate with the azimuth angle, you will find out the width of an object. Or vice versa: if you know the height or width of an object, you can calculate the distance to it.

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