Spyglass – how to share cool spots and your current location with friends (iPhone, iPad, iOS)

With Spyglass you can always share your added destinations or your current location with your friends, so that they could easily find a way to them. To share your current location long tap the main screen and share via email or via message. If you’d like to share some of your saved destinations, tap the Tracker button, choose Manage Destinations, pick the one you’d like to share, tap the Export button and share via email or via message. When the recipient receives the message, all they need to do is simply tap the link and Spyglass will automatically open and suggest importing your location. If Spyglass is not installed on your recipient’s device, you can choose other link scheme via Info – Settings. For example, you can choose TomTom or Google Maps, which can be opened on any device or desktop.

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