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I could say that my specialty is obsolete
information. There are many parts of the hobby of stamp collecting that are relativity easy
to collect because someone else years earlier has done a lot of research. And to me….that’s
not so appealing. I prefer the challenge of putting together information for the first
time. I manage the philatelic archives. I first joined it in 1972. We’ve got every stamp
in some sort of quantity from 1913, when the first commonwealth stamps were produced. I’ve
always thought that it’s the best job you can have at Australia Post. We start with a stamp
idea, it’s researched, work is carried through to the design stage, and then on to the production
stage, and then on to the marketing stage. So we see everything with our product in the
philatelic group. This is a 1940 stamp. This is the original drawing. I think it’s more
interesting to look at a stamp like this and know the craftsmanship that went into producing
this steel die. It’s so fine that the engraver actually, before cutting the line, has to
take a breath, because even the act of breathing can upset his concentration. I’ve always been
intrigued by the craft. I mean, at a printing works, this starts off as a white sheet of
paper, and then a few seconds later it looks like this. The magic never seems to dissipate.

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