Stardock’s 2001 Classic: The Corporate Machine

the corporate machine is a classic game of
real time economic strategy from Stardock. As CEO of a tiny little unknown
corporations you must expand your operation from humble origins into a global force through every cutthroat means at your disposal. Hire employees, then fire them willy nilly when demand slows. Set your pricing to attract maximum profit
from your consumers Distort the market to your advantage by
deploying slick-haired executives on private jets. Scour the world for the cheapest labor and the wealthiest — or at least most easily
influenced — consumers. Use direct action cards to find friends in high places or fight for the downtrodden workers of the world… who just so happen to staff your rivals’ factories. Once your facilities are upgraded and your bank accounts flush, make your play to dominate the global market once and for
all, and make The Corporate Machine work for you.

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  1. Adam Perez

    NOTE: This game is NOT currently in production. This game is over 10 years old and this video is simply announcing to YouTube subscribers that it is now available on Steam.

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