Start Your Car With a Rope (Dead Battery Life Hack)

Today I’ll show you a little trick that you can use in situations when you need to start you car, but it does not have any battery (dead battery) In situations when there is nobody around to give you a push or a jump start All we need is a jack and a rope Before we continue I just want to let you know that it’s NOT gonna work with any car I am not gonna pretend that I understand a lot about cars, because I don’t! My guess is that it’s gonna work the best with petrol cars The Smaller the engine the better And it has to be a manual transmission car My brother saw my dad doing it I wanted to try it out myself to see does it really work So, here you go!

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  1. David Orr

    Aaaand, pertinent details omitted… The key must be turned to the FULL on position, also the vehicle must be in gear, 1st gear would be best. If you lack the strength 2nd gear may also work. It would not be helpful to try this with the key in the off position, or if the vehicle is not in 1st or 2nd gear. Also, take the vehicle out of gear before lowering the jack. If you think that this is all common sense, remember there have been people whom have set their new RV on cruise control and proceeded to head to the back to make a sandwich.

  2. Travis Terzich

    Title should be "How to fuck up your alignment in less than 5 minutes." That is unless you have an adequate amount of car jacks.

  3. Bush D

    it will work on smaller engines with less compression. bigger engines with more compression wont work it will be too hard to pull

  4. Cristi Ursu

    If the car falls from the jack you better pray it has a weak engine and it weights a lot because that car will go to destination f#cked!

  5. jw11432

    Completely missing a vital step here. What about the popping of the clutch?

    The reason a manual transmission car can be push started is because as opposed to the starter turning the engine, the kinetic energy of the car and sudden energy transfer from popping the clutch turn the engine (while the key is turned to ON position). Not only did I not hear the engine kick on in this video (and it's a Kia, you'd be able to hear that piece of crap run), but there was no indication that anyone did anything with the clutch, let alone mention it.

    He was right about one thing though. He clearly doesn't know much about cars. What a fraud.

  6. Bettina

    This reminds me of the trick where you can fill up a flat tire by spraying WD40 under the rim and lighting it, not something you'd ever want to do/try unless you were desperate. BUT when you are in need, thanks! People are responsible for their own actions, and shit happens.

  7. philip dasaro

    I dont think this works with the battery out of the car. Without an initial voltage, the alternator wont produce any power, and there wont be any spark.

  8. Fleugar OutDoors

    If it is an automatic transmission, this would never work. Let me guess 99% of all new cars are automatic transmissions.

  9. Blo0dbound89

    dosnt work on cars with diesel engine because they have no sparkplugs. they need to warm the plugs bevor the motor starts without the batery no heating no ignition

  10. Paul S

    can work in some cases,,, tho 9 times out of 10 you would just push the car fast, jump in and drop the clutch in gear, (try 2nd).
    interesting. I'll toss a long rope in the boot just in case I would have to try this ^.^

  11. A N

    मादरचोद जैक दोनो तरफ लगाना है इन तो बताओ।इतनी गांड मराने से अच्छा धक्का लगा कि स्टार्ट हो जाती।चुतिया 😀😀😀

  12. Nick Eleytheriou

    funny, the author looks so huppy with his achievment. Obviously, he prefers doing all this procedure than just pushing it a little bit.The next step would be to ,simply, jump in his car,close the door and drive away.
    I guess that ,at his next video,author will have discover that he can,alternatively, apply (somehow) the rope directly on the crankshaft and start the engine.

  13. soulassassin0g

    Or you could just pop the clutch assuming you drive a manual transmission car. You're pretty much screwed if you drive an automatic. Maybe next time make sure your car isn't wasting any valuable energy after you turn it off and walk away.

  14. Ben Turner

    You all say the car will run you over, the car is in 3 rd gear if the car falls off the jack the engine will stall out as the gear ratio is too high to pull at stand still. What happens when you drop the clutch in 1st with no throttle it stalls the same will happen if the car falls off the jack

  15. Lex Soft

    I guess the car used in this video actually has good battery, that's why it doesn't take long time for the engine to start.
    If the battery really lacks of charge, it needs more time to charge it from the alternator in order to supply sufficient current to the ignition system, fuel pump- injector, ECU, etc required to start the engine.

    Btw, I still don't understand why the engine doesn't stall after it starts while the clutch is still engaged in 3rd gear. There has to be someone inside to control the clutch or put the gear into neutral after the engine starts to prevent from stalling.

  16. syed ameen Kuppam

    One wheel will be on jack and other on ground,,,,if car is started the wheel on ground will move ,,,,how to over come it,,,,,

  17. Mohamed Amine Lagrich

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  18. DiodeGoneWild

    Winding the rope around your palm/wrist is extremely dangerous. The rope can wind back onto the tyre in the other direction, pulling you towards it, winding your hand or even your entire body on it. You have to hold the rope in such a way that you can easily let go in case it winds back.

  19. RickK RocKStar

    I could see this working in a survival situation were battery died and are stuck in snow or position, where you cannot push start car. Nice hack!

  20. aser teko

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  21. Edgardo saez saez

    I noticed that where your inverter is installed that it looks like you have some internet equipment that uses those little wall power converters>>> Take a look at the output of the wall power supplies and see what voltage they output. You may be able to cut those converters off add a fuse inline and power them off you're batteries directly. This is rather than taking DC making AC and then plugging in something to just make that AC power back into low voltage DC.

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