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  1. The Great Papyrus

    Wow, the green haired stickgirl has amazing drawing skills. Better than me, because I failed some remedial art class when I didn't ever actually have an art class. Then they realized they made a mistake and that I signed up for Computer Programming.

  2. Cock 'n ball Torture

    …the wall of flesh dose knockback when u hit wall

    Oh and when I am on I speed run I go sicko mode with my terra blade. Its weak AF

  3. Flyin C4T

    now we know next time we shoot an arrow in the lava, a robo shark from hungry shark spawns in, and even when he jumps out, mermutany just jumps on it like it wasn't even hot at all.. thats some cold lava..

  4. ผศ.ช.ชยินทร์ เพ็ชญไพศิษฏ์

    2:32 That must be an enchanted star lol it fell down through the ground into the hell

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