Stories From the Garden // Kristy’s Story – How Growing a Vegetable Garden Changed Her Life

hi everyone well today we have a special
treat we have a very special friend here with us today and she has been a good
friend for a long time and also a very integral part of our Channel you might
have interacted with her on her channel before but I’ve never met her and she
also helps out here in the office and we’re so excited to introduce her to you
how long have we known this person I think probably around 6 years or so all
right very cool we want you to meet this is Kristy their friend Christie and she
is also known as everything sunflowers and moderates on our live streams Kristy
welcome to California we’re so glad you’re here
oh good well maybe that means you’ll be visiting a little more often
I really hope too yes I have two reasons that’s right my son it’s wonderful so
your son’s out here you’re visiting him in him and then you said hey you guys
I’m gonna be out and we thought what a perfect chance to meet how cool was that
last week yeah I kind of like hit you with it it was last minute hey I’m gonna
be there oh I was so thrilled because we’d become friends online over the
years and then like I mentioned you become an integral part of our channel
and you have an amazing story to share that I really want people to hear about
I tell people you’re the best friend that I have never met I feel the same so
now we met that’s right just wonderful good well welcome to the garden thank
you yeah we’re gonna take you around to a couple of spots and just find out more
about your gardening story as well so you’re ready to see the place I’m ready all right Chrissy so this is the
hillside famous help the famous nose you see it right the picture yes so this is
called the meandering path here because when we were on the TV backyard makeover
show the host of the show he goes and right here we’re gonna build this
meandering path and he used to be just one Hill it was just it wasn’t um it was
weed it wasn’t cured it was just yeah it was completely weeds I come out here and
whack it down with the weed whacker and I had like a rope that we I kind of
walked down the hill with the rope yes there’s crazy and that was the audition
picture I sent in and they loved it and so that’s just kind of the story behind
the hill well Christy here it is there’s the garden and it’s even more beautiful
in person it’s very surreal I’ve seen all this for so many years and it’s just
gorgeous it is absolutely gorgeous and I want that squash plant right there you
guys got good dirt yep good dirt it’s really funny because like to us if every
day yeah you know so it’s kind of really cool actually to hear someone and kind
of go why we forget that you get another perspective on it thank you so much it’s
just so peaceful thank you garden peaceful let’s go
so Christy how did you first get started gardening well it’s about five years ago
and I was recovering from a chronic illness and I just need to get outside I
just knew if I get my hands in the dirt Sun on my face that you know things
would change Wow and I it really changed my whole
journey oh my goodness it’s like therapy getting outside absolutely and I and I
really didn’t know anything about gardening technical stuff cycle I’ve
been gardening and you guys came up ah and so that’s a cool ever since then
I’ve been watching you fo and even we’ve got to be great friends wow that’s
awesome so I’m curious what what size of garden space did you have were you just
in some pots at the time or did you have a little space I had a I think it was
like 10 by 8 and but I had it like in between two big tall I think eight foot
fences and so there was no Sun but dirt was just dirt from the time that that
house was built Oh anything to amend it uh-huh so yeah I
had a lot to learn that first year but it was okay you know I know failure
you’re always learning anyway yeah yeah and it’ll probably just felt so good for
you to get outside right I said like the main yeah now it’s terribly I’m spending
like five six hours outside and I mean not even realize I’d been out there that
it just helped the helps lift you up and then you got some vegetables out you get
any vegetables that first year going on first first year that’s okay I still
learned a lot that’s great I can’t I have to tell you that this is
the favorite part my favorite part of your yard oh really
Downton the peppers all the beautiful plants you have in here thank you yeah
thank you I’m so peaceful now I love hearing about
your garden how you started for the very first time in your first year not
successful as you would want how things improved over the years and how have you
made that happen well because of you I realized that soil and Sun orientation
were extremely important report yes very important and so I just every year
amended to amend it the soil with the compost with matter worm castings the
worm tea it’s great yeah it is it has really helped the production the heat
doesn’t help but that’s okay yeah yeah peppers peppers are probably the one
thing that yeah can you can probably be the most successful yeah that’s right
well yeah mr. peppers that’s right I think there’s a video call that isn’t
there but yeah Cristy soil is so important I’m
glad you discover that early on in your gardening journey journey right and it’s
time sometimes people get discouraged at first and give up too soon so hang in
there keep amending your soil all that good compost worm castings you know one
thing I think probably a lot of people don’t know you also you went and got
your master gardeners right I thought it was because of you guys I thought I just
I want to learn more and looked into different ways that I could do that and
there’s a Master Gardener program this for you I think there’s one in almost
every county of every state house telling you yes and
it was just fascinating I would’ve never done that if it wasn’t for you guys
really I’m so proud of you awesome how long did that take you it was only it
was something like a three-month thing that’s course Wow all right there’s a
lot packed into it yeah good yeah and one reason why I wanted you to be the
moderator is because you have so much gardening knowledge and you learned it
so fast they’re able to answer people’s questions on the live streams and really
help people feel comfortable you have a wonderful personality and people really
enjoy chatting with you before the live stream I look forward to it every week
getting in there because I’m in there an hour before so I’m kind of greet
everybody and then you know answer before the share questions if I can
yeah you think that I mean I like Jota is just like troubleshooting for people
having to go around the world yeah just that just blows my mind yeah like we had
Denmark and yeah UK today UK right yeah it is neat and we make friends
absolutely yes that’s right speak you come really become like friends with
these people and you you know I my family has had some health problems in
it you know what I had several people asked me in the house that your father
doing how’s this going I mean it’s just really I mean it hugs at my heart yes I
think that’s a wonderful thing about the gardening community and about the
Committee on the livestreams so if you guys haven’t watched the live streams
please join in we live stream every Monday at noon pacific time but it’s
really about sharing information but more than that it’s about offering
support to each other in our gardening journeys and the ups and the downs of
life in the garden and just life in general Christie I’ve read in comments
many times where gardening has just helped people and it’s just changed
their lives that’s either been really therapeutical for them or was healing
for them and i know you have some of that and your story is well yeah why
don’t you tell us a little bit okay so when I was 28 I was diagnosed with
something called idiopathic intracranial hypertension which is a big old word or
you have high blood pressure in your head and sometimes you can’t shut off
the fluid so it was so I was about 40 that it
finally was starting to get under control but what I went through was five
surgeries which are neurosurgeries brain surgery
they’ll failed I got bacterial meningitis three times and then sepsis
so here my family is hearing you know we don’t know she’s gonna make it you know
this is really serious and it was really hard is really hard for my family yeah
and you know there’s no there’s no cure for it there’s never like a medicine for
it I mean I think I had 40 spinal taps I started having it for you when you put
it that way and it would only help for like maybe 24 hours that reduces takes
some of the fluid out reduces your pressure but there’s really no good cure
for it and when I see it was about to 2012 when that’s when I got a really bad
sepsis infection it was over Thanksgiving and I had emergency surgery
an emergency brain surgery and then my neurosurgeon told me that there’s
nothing more we can do for you he’s like this is what you’re gonna have to deal
with but I refuse I refuse to take that from a doctor you know I thought I’m
gonna take control of this I’m gonna do what I can grow my own food make it
organic and use food as medicine and that’s what I did it was it was bad I
just got end up being four properly maybe two years only going from my bed
to the couch and just asking God just please if I can please get me well
enough so I can plant a garden I just moved to be outside and you know get me
you know fingers in the dirt and some on my face and he granted me that and so
then once I started I just never stopped and that’s when I put your name in to
YouTube and started following you but it was it was bad it was
well Wow so you’re just in so much pain all you can do was it causes
debilitating headaches nausea and vomiting and cuz your pressure is so
high and basically you have to sit in a dark room you know not not any activity
you know and just try to live your life and it wasn’t a life it really wasn’t
and I just my poor kids have to live through that and you know you have mommy
guilt from that you know not being able to be at all the different games and
stuff and I just I just refuse to take no for an answer and I think everybody
should probably have that yeah don’t ever let a doctor tell you you can’t do
something Wow that’s amazing what an attitude to
have and so once I started growing new food and eating organically my life
turned around it really did and then again you know researching like you know
what foods help this and you know certain ailment and what’s just blown
away by how you can really heal your body now I still have it mm-hmm
every day is different you know somebody’s are some days are more
challenging than others you know somebody say I still just lay around but
you know more days are not I’m out and about and being able to live a quality
life and I just know our limitations are now and having to abide by them and it’s
taking each day one by one make sure I understand this so you’re kind of laid
up yeah your your as you can you’re on the couch or you’re in bed that kind of
thing then you decide I’m typing in gardening I want to see this and start
watching our videos why not and then you start going for it right was I was
nervous I had to stop working when I was in there as a nurse and that was my
passion for the time I was seven that’s all I wanted to do was be a nurse and
was able and I wanted to be in labor and delivery and that’s what I did and then
that was taken away from me and I was lost heartbreak I was lost for a little
bit and you know got really depressed
because it was just chronic pain every day and that just kind of really knocks
you down and alone and I thought I’m gonna grab my garden and I don’t know
how to grow my garden yeah I don’t know what to do and so that’s my type thing
just one word gardening and you guys came Wow Sam dunno when we met yes yeah
met you started commenting on her videos yes I couldn’t believe that you
commented back that’s what I was blown away
I can’t couldn’t believe that you answered back Wow I do remember so well
I remember you emailing and sharing a little bit of your story and I was
always so blown away at your attitude because you’re always like this isn’t
gonna stop me I’m gonna figure out a way you know I’m out in the garden and you
were determined not to let it completely completely drag you down cuz you been in
the depths and now you were coming out of the depths and we’re learning and
growing and you had something on garden therapy that was your term therapy and I
thought that’s what I need garden therapy and so I mean it was like binge
watching your videos like eight hours a day garden therapy in the true sense of
the word yeah I mean I get that point family you have now but I get that might
maybe you had 600 okay 600 I was like 800 now so yeah you mean you watched a
lot of them yeah more than once I was trying to get your viewing arrows out
there thank you we Oh Chrissy for a lot so would you say that just the improve
nutrition and just being outdoors is what really helped turn things around
for you or what would you attribute the turnaround in your life to it too – I
would I would say initially the nutrition uh-huh people don’t realize
when they buy something at a supermarket you don’t know where it’s grown you know
what pesticides are on it you don’t know what’s in the water that they’ve watered
with it you know and so nutrition initially but it was like a stepping
stone with the you know better nutrition then I felt more energetic and then I
could go out and then I could exercise more and
once you started eating your own riot you grew right organic vegetables wow
that’s awesome this is an incredible story and I really really believe there
are a lot of viewers out there who have either gone through this and they know
what you’re talking about and they feel your pain with you and they’re or
they’re going through it right now what do you have to say to that or to those
people I would say never be afraid to ask for help don’t be ashamed of your
story because he’s you’re right there’s a lot of people that go through medical
issues and are afraid to tell people and I mean I don’t know why I’ve tried to be
very open with my story because it’s such a rare condition that I want more
people to know about it there’s no cure because there’s no research because
there’s no money that goes into the research fund so it’s been something
that has been long and frustrating but don’t be afraid to tell your story and
don’t be ashamed of it I mean because of the illness in the chronic pain it led
to as I said like being in bed or on the couch for a very long time and I got
completely depressed and because I thought there’s just no way out of this
and but they’ll never give up hope I think that’s they never give up hope
right till the last minute you can do as much research on your own as you can and
don’t be afraid to tell anybody there are people out there that can help there
are research studies there are different things if you go on and just research
what your illnesses you can you know it usually kind of leads you to one more
thing that you can learn about or maybe a specialist that maybe you didn’t know
about you know that you can give it give it a try so yeah and just talking about
it probably with someone yeah being a part of a community like what we have
here or another type of community that is specific to that illness probably
really helps it a lot of your spirits it is very illness is very isolating
very isolating and you know and you don’t and we don’t feel good you don’t
feel like you know hanging out with your friends anymore it was your family
anymore I mean my world went from like this to like this you know very quickly
and so you know you get the you know blues and depression you know under that
and like I said I couldn’t believe that you’d be like right back on the comments
you know it was like oh my gosh I think I’ve got this great friend in gardening
and he was so nurturing and your videos guys are so wonderful so I know that you
touch a lot of people out there you know and you’re helping people every single
day yeah I don’t even think you realize the
ripple current it’s so inspiring for me to hear about all your ups and downs of
gardening and I know a lot of people are inspired to what would you say is
someone who’s getting discouraged and feels like quitting or maybe it’s not
even sure if they want to start never give up
never never give up and it’s and you’ve applied you know these great videos to
simple an expensive your third word quick simple I thank you and you really
should but how they can start it I mean because I think some people think like
I’ve got it like really invest a lot of money and starting a garden and you
really don’t you really don’t yeah and if you can just get started and and not
think of if I fail if failures are learning experiences and learning
experiences yeah so I mean if something didn’t work I never got really down I
just like okay well now I know it’s not what to do so like I mean it’s just
learning experience you you have you can’t beat yourself up how about that
don’t beat yourself up don’t give up and there is a inexpensive way to start
gardening yes yeah and grow which you eat some people think I have to buy all
these seeds and have to grow all this and which I did
mmm-hmm first year yeah whose seed caviar Christmas getting this
yeah yeah it really is you can really start it just start small mm-hmm you
know start easy grow what you’ll eat girl after my own heart
start small and then you can you get hooked absolutely what I was gonna say
was I do remember that pressure when I did the fall garden series and I planted
things there is that pressure of like this better work out right or so I’m
gonna get it all wrong and I’m just gonna give up don’t put pressure on
yourself because something always happens yes and then a Kris maybe a
brand new gardener is like looking at your grow and going oh oh cuz I thought
oh yeah well garden happy yet gardening yes yeah there you go
all you need is one little container that’s exactly pack a lettuce eat yeah
you don’t even need like you know a yard or anything because I’m growing right
now on my on my condo balcony you know so yeah you got containers now yes
really Kim containers and I want everybody know that these two not only
changed my life I’m serious I don’t mean melodramatic but you almost saved my
life Oh Chris really dicks I can’t even tell you it I would be right now so and
they are as wonderful try as they are they’re wonderful in person as they are
on on TV or on video thank you thank you thank you so much for coming all the way
out here and visiting us at our garden it has been such a treat to have you
here actually meet you in person yes my joy yes it’s been great surreal
yes we really appreciate you sharing your story just being so open and I know
a lot of you out there can probably relate to something that Christie shared
about her illness depression or some type of a mental health issue you’ve
been going through so please look please let us know in the comments we’d love to
be able to support you as well and we just love how you’re helping us out here
in our Channel and I know you’re helping a lot of care to our pleasure to have
you thank you so thanks so much for watching
guys we’ll see on the next video

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Reader Comments

  1. CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    Are you struggling with any of the same issues Kristy did? Share below how you can relate to her story or how gardening has changed your life too. 
    Pre-order my new book: Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy  (release date December, 2019) at  
    CaliKim Seed Collections and CaliKim Smart Pots:
    Smart Pots containers (excluding CK Smart Pots): 10% off w/ code “calikim” at 
    Vermisterra Worm Castings, Worm Tea: 10% off w/ code “calikim” at

  2. ACE ELLIOTT Centralcoastchica

    Hello Calikim and Kristy. I was diagnosed with depression back in 2008 and then in the last 4 years I was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD. If it wasn't for a non profit in my county I wouldn't be where IAM at. IAM no longer on meds for my mental illness. When you both get a chance look up transition mental health association. It's in San Luis Obispo California. Just right above Santa Barbara and just below Monterey. Thank you Kristy for sharing your story. Hope y'all have a wonderful and blessed weekend

  3. April Sunn

    Wow! SNAP…. kinda! November 2014 dropped ill and hospitalized with meningitis x 3 over the years. I was an RN before falling out of life as I knew it due to sudden disability. Years later they found Neurosarcoidosis, which mimics meningitis. While life grinded to a halt I dreamed of self healing and ventured into the garden with a black thumb and clueless! Cali Kim was my first teacher, I also binge watched during my convalescent days/weeks/months. I dreamed and I dreamed and when I could I got out there and found healing in multiple forms. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Cali Kim – your education made a difference in the darkest moments of my life ❤️

  4. Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Avid Life Observer

    Kristy you are one hell of a strong and courageous woman , having endured all your health issues and not giving up , wow , total respect ❤️.
    I am sure your story will motivate so many people out there not to give up .

    Heya Kim and CG 🙋‍♀️ .

  5. Naomi Ferros

    Kim and Camera Guy, thank you so much for making this video. Kristy, you inspire me with your story. I have intractable migraines and I went through a period of time over a decade ago where I too lived as a "shut in" . Although I still have some migraines, I changed my diet and started making life style changes and it did then and does now make a difference. Now 10 years later I'm facing living on my own (permanent separation after 38 years) so to combat depression and anxiety I'm taking it up a notch and giving organic gardening a try. The backyard where I live looks a lot like Kim's hill did (barren and weedy) so I've been spending over a month getting it ready to plant a small fall/winter garden. I spend a lot of my free time watching your past videos and look forward to all your new videos. Keep them coming! Also, I'm going to check out Kristy's channel too! Kudos to all of you!

  6. Rosa Leon

    I struggle with depression everyday, recently it just`s gotten worst. Gardening is my therapy. As Kristy I suffer from cronict pain. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Angela's Garden Sense

    What a beautiful and inspiring story to hear. Thanks Kristy for sharing your story, and for your courage to share it. So many lessons were in your words. God Bless you. Thanks Kim for your platform to share this as well.

  8. June Look-Foe

    Such an inspiring story Kristy, you are a real trooper and an inspiration to all of us. I too owe my gardening experience to CaliKim’s channel.
    Cali Kim are those your kids in the picture?

  9. Shirley K

    Congratulations on your path to better health. It is good to put a face to the name. You have answere a couple of my questions over the past when joining the live stream. You are right about Kim & Camera Guy, she does answer the comments that are posted. I feel that is very important to answer questions and that makes the viewer feel validated. Not all content creators are as courteous to respond to their viewers. Most will state that they don't have enough time to read or answer the comments. Even a heart says you've read the comments. My opinion is without us there would be no you. Maybe that's selfish but that's how I feel. Again thanks to Kim, CG, and Kristy. I look forward to the next live stream.☺🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  10. Nora Garcia

    Thank you for sharing. I know gardening is very therapeutic it has helped me and my daughter. We started our own organic gardening just by watching your videos and I'm still learning. Thank you Kristy for sharing your story you will be in my prayers. Thank you Kim and camera guy for educating and encouraging. ❤

  11. My_backyard 123

    I mentioned on the live stream that I have fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis and have not been able to work for the past 10 years. I am in constant pain. When I was on medication for the pain and have a flair up I could be on bed rest for anywhere from 1-2 months. I took myself off all meds, I’m still in pain and have flair ups but it’s only for a few days to a week in bed. Winters are hard for me. The cold and wet make the pain worse. My doctor (and husband) tells me that I have to exercise. Even though I believed him, I still laughed in his face. How can you exercise when you can hardly move? I was sitting outside one day when it hit me. I have two 9*9’ garden beds just sitting there, growing weeds. If I was to figure out how, I can grow my own veggies. My answer? Sitting in the mud! I Started small, spaced everything wide enough so I can sit there. It was a start. It got me motivated in the morning to check on everything. That first year was training my body (with my husband helping me get up) now I needed to train my mind. That winter I looked up gardening and, just like Kristy, I found Kim and ALL KINDs of info. Then looked up how to make raised beds. Last year I made three 2*6’ beds, spaced them wide enough so I can sit between them. This year I bought grow bags and built 2 more raised beds. I have plans for next year to help bring in some extra income.
    Thank you, Kim for giving me the motivation to move again. To work through the pain and exercise. It got me out of a depression. You have taught me so much that I am now teaching my husband and we have come closer together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Sharon Godbout

    Thank you Guys for this very encouraging story! Though I will not be "Telling about my issues" I just have to agree that gardening has been a life saver! Thanks to Calikim gardening and other inspiring gardeners like you, many people enjoy a quality of life that in the past may not have existed! You carry your heart on your sleeve and that is what draws people to you! Thank you for being such an inspiration! 🙂

  13. Tammy Hanson

    I can relate like you wouldn’t believe. You said don’t be afraid to talk about our illnesses. I’m 56 and worked all my life and my last job I was at for 17 years. I was a home health aide. Even though I have fibromyalgia I pushed myself to go to work because I loved my clients. I’ve been in chronic pain for nearly 20 years it doesn’t go away, you can’t get away from it. Then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis which renders me nearly home bound because you need to be near the bathroom. I also have damaged nerves in my lower back the pain doesn’t go away. I’m now on disability. The depression is real. I can’t walk very far at one time. Gardening is true therapy for me, we live on 10 acres with a pond and a great big garden!😁😁😁Also a small garden. I love walking in the dirt with bare feet😂 My energy level is laughable so I do a little sit a little, I can’t wait for spring already. Thanks for your story, and thank you for letting me tell you mine. God bless 🦋💜Tammy

  14. Evangeline Tuaau

    I've been a long time follower an have always dreamt of starting a garden at home but the clay like soil around my house always stopped me. A few weeks ago my sister sadly passed away… it's been a very rough time for me and my family but 3 weeks ago, my partners mum started planting her spring crops (I live in New Zealand) and I was reminded of your channel. So i started watching your videos again and it was so motivating to see how much food you were able to grow in smart pots! where I live it's a little hard to get hold of smart pots so that week I just went to the gardening centre and bought a few planters, some seedlings, and soil and just started. At first my family was very skeptical about the whole gardening idea, but now we have all fallen in love with our little container plants~ Thanks to your informative and helpful videos I've been able to provide a small place where my family can find joy and peace in this very tragic time. I'm even helping my partners family, clear out there back yard so they can have some space to garden and relax. Thank you Kim, Kristie and Camera guy!

  15. Helen Nelson

    G'day CaliKim n Jerry….it's lovely visiting with you both and nice to meet Kristy as well…..I've been unwell myself with chronic pain which slows me down more than I'd like to say…….I haven't been outside for two weeks now……My eldest daughter came down from up the coast yesterday and we all went out….wow it was so overgrown with weeds along the pathways n the garden gone to seed…..I have every thing ready for the season to start [I'm off to a late start] so now I have to get out n start………It was interesting listening to Kristy n her story…..I can relate………..Thank you all for sharing…….Bless you n yours.

  16. Cherie Cadena

    I had a bone disease in my frontal cranial bone, had surgery to reconstruct my face about 10 years ago..doing better now, Thanks for sharing your inspire me…Never Give Up..God wants to heal, gardening is amazing for helping our physical and mental health! 💗💗💗

  17. Jessica R

    Hi CaliKim,
    😗😘🥰😍,I would like to wish Kristy The best health may she continue to be Strong.
    Like always I enjoy watching your channel,I most definitely always learn Important Knowledge about Gardening over here. I can also say I was so lost when I wanted to start my own Garden. So of course I go to YouTube I found your channel caliKim, And your amazing. I understand you ,by understanding your lessons lol. Helps me understand my errors, I'm excited for next season. I enjoy Gardening my dad explain to me that it must be in my blood, because he grew up in the 🚜🐾🌻🌾🌞 farms with my great grandparents & grandparents. I just grasp to it like nothing. I really enjoy it. I had an accident when I was 20 yrs old. I have metal rods in my spine,and both 👣. No not a car accident lol… Fell off high story floor. Let's just say I'm a blessing. And i enjoy being out in my back yard growing my own vegetables. I can't give up on my Garden when i get frustrated with the Grubbs you motivate me caliKim. I always smile when I receive my seeds I get from you with the thank you notes you always enclosed in my package of seeds. 🥰😘😗😙😚😙😘🥰 Thank you always for your time & knowledge you share with me. I also smile when you answer my questions or even send me a reply on IG. 😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘🥰😍your daughter look's just like you. I also follow her on IG. Just because you guys are so 😎😎😎😎😎Cool. Lol.

  18. Donna G

    I can sort of relate to Kristy's story. In September of last year, I had a pneumonia vaccine and had a reaction to it. By the end of the month, I started my hospital journey trying to find out what was wrong with me. I got really weak and had difficulty with walking, talking, and even breathing. I could not even hold my head up. I was eventually diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. It is a chronic auto-immune disease of the neuromuscular system. Most people have heard of Multiple Sclerosis which is also an auto-immune disease that has different manifestations. Most people I have talked with since I've been home have never heard of Myasthenia Gravis. There is no cure; but, there are treatments. Some sources that I have read say it is rare; others indicate that Myasthenia Gravis will affect about 1 out of every 20,000 people. Support groups for this disease seem to be quite rare; although, my optometrist has told me that he has seen some of his patients over the years that had the diagnosis. Even my endocrinologist says that she has had a couple patients with Myasthenia Gravis.

    Gardening has been a blessing for me; especially, after this year. Now, I know I can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, even onions in containers. I still have one cucumber left and a few small tomatoes. My onions are almost gone, too. It gets too cold here for me to try and grow year round. Although, it would be nice if I could. I don't even have a good window sill for growing plants.

    But, after my experience this year, I will be trying things different next year. I still want to grow the Early Girl tomatoes; but, the cucumbers kind of sprawled everywhere; so, next year, I'm going to put them on a trellis so they can grow up instead of everywhere else. I like bell peppers; but, they did not do well for me; so, I will try something different next year. Maybe green beans; maybe peas. Maybe I will try zucchini again. The one plant I had produced two pickle sized squash, which I ate almost right off the plant. They tasted just like zucchini. Made me think about how much I miss eating them.

    Anyway, Kim, I did enjoy the video.You and Jerry seem to be experts with the interview process. Your garden is always amazing.

  19. Cliff Warren

    Kristy, thank you for telling your story! So many little thoughts in my head. I don’t always eat the best things, but when we eat fresh out of the garden I can tell a difference. The nutrition side of it is bigger than we realize. This is going to sound absolutely crazy, but I have a friend who has taught me which weeds are good to eat. Really! When I do eat these weeds I get a health boost like none else. Ok, I took a risk saying that on a public forum… they are really common garden weeds. Ha ha … I also have an uncle who is a neurosurgeon in Salt Lake. They do the best they can with their training, but he says, “there is a power during surgery that is not mine.” He relies on faith. Sometimes we need to figure out things on our own and you are doing that, part learning and part faith. Prayers for you!

  20. Sally previde

    Thank you Kristy for sharing your story. So many people are going through similar problems whether it be physical, mental, or just life. You give so much encouragement to others by sharing! Wishing you continued good health! ❤️

  21. CustomGardenSolutions

    Thank to Kristy for sharing such a great story with everybody.
    Kristy mentioned how the food in her garden had higher nutrition levels than the food she could buy in the store. I know a lot of people know this but sometimes overlook it.

    I have overcome sinusitis issues and they have almost completely disappeared since changing to a diet of vegetables from my garden that are high in nutrition.
    I have not even had a common cold or flu in over 12 years. I have also completely eliminated caffeine and sugar based drinks. In my opinion it is the high nutrient and mineral levels in my vegetables that have made me healthier (wealthier and happier).

    Great story Kristy.

  22. CJ

    In a way Kristy's story is kinda my story. I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 12 years ago, Recovered and thought, I have always wanted to garden and I am not putting it off any longer. My boys grown into men now and we are empty nesters. Like Kristy, I needed to get my hands in the dirt, needed something to get me out of the house and something to do. Sitting down to a meal and you can say that you grew the potatoes, the artichokes, the beans etc is such a wonderful feeling. I am still learning and like Kristy when first starting to garden I too found your channel. I am the one who sent you the schedule for your citrus fertilization. Would love to know how it is working on those citrus of yours!! Anyway just know your teaching a lot of people valuable gardening information!!

  23. ptreadway39

    Wow Kristy you blew my mind. Your story mimics mine in every way. I too am a nurse with a chronic illness(RA). I had been in remission for several years but began failing, then I stumbled across CaliKim. Now I'm healthier than ever and totally hooked on gardening. I even want to start a Community garden in a courtyard behind the clinic where I work. Pay it forward so to speak. I truly believe food is medicine and gardening is therapy. I will miss the live stream this week because I have an appt with my Rheumatologist. Peace out and God bless🙏❤🤗

  24. Sally previde

    I just want to give a shout out to Kim, who takes the time to read all these stories that her followers post and replies to each and everyone of them with such heartfelt answers. Thank you Kim. Blessings ❤️

  25. Denise Brady

    Oh Wow what a great video Guys such an amazing story- my story was Loss of someone I adored- My Fishing Buddy / My Sole Mate & My Brother in Law for over 50years- without Gardening (which he made me start when he was diagnosed with Cancer) I would have given up on life- my Husband always says that if Clarrie had not pushed me into gardening he would have lost me too.
    Your channel has been an amazing inspiration & learning tool that I have used, so Thank You Both. Love Denise – Australia

  26. Catherine Hone

    Hi guys! Very inspiring video, thank you. Kim I started watching your videos after my 20 yr old son passed away. Not to long after that, my 26 yr old son also passed away. Both of them had chronic illnesses. I was in such a dark place and used gardening to help me climb out of it. I knew nothing about gardening but have now learned so much and have a garden of my own. Thank you for all you do.

  27. Catherine Littlebear

    This is my first year of gardening. It has truly filled my life with good things! Right now i am building a website called to share with everyone how wonderful gardening is for me!

  28. Kirk B

    Terrific video ! Well Kim & “ camera guy” you reap what you sow in more than just seeds in the garden but seeds in life . Congratulations you guys you are the best I loved this video 👍👍

  29. Missouri Girl

    I know what you mean Kristy because when I was going through cancer, chemo and radiation last year this channel and Kim gave me something to look forward to when I was down in bed and my life was shut down. I learned so much even though I grew up on small farm in the country. I really really enjoyed the videos, kindness and feeling of friendship and common bond that Kim shared. When she answered my responses I felt like someone cared and not so lonely. Thank you so so much Kim for all you have done. I love your channel. It's my favorite!

  30. GardenGal Marissa

    I just loved this story so much and I certainly believe in the healing power of gardening. I can’t get in my garden as much now that I’ve gone back to teaching and I’m busy, but every Saturday morning I get in my garden while listening to a Bible study in my earbuds. It’s my happy place.

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