Street Food in Malaysia – ULTIMATE MALAYSIAN FOOD in Kuala Lumpur!

– Hey everyone, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this is one of my favorite
cities in the world for food because it’s such a melting pot. It has so many different
people and cultures and foods that make up Kuala Lumpur and so today we’re gonna go on a Malaysian food tour. We’re gonna eat a lot of
incredibly delicious food and I hope this video
will give you a great idea of the diversity and the
spectrum of amazing food that you can eat when
you are in Kuala Lumpur and so we are on our way. I’m gonna share all the food with you in this video right now. (upbeat world music) We met up with Farul and Anwar. They’re from Oh My Media
and they’re gonna be taking us around today on this ultimate Kuala Lumpur street food tour and most of all, we all love to eat. – Yes, correct. – So it’s gonna be a very
fun day and we are on our way to the first place right now. – Let’s go. – Let’s go. (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Mansion Tea Stall. – Yeah. – So the real name is
called Mansion Tea Stall. (chopping sound) (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Chicken? – [Chef] Our chicken curry. – [Mark] And this one is Sambal? – [Chef] Sambal. This one does. – [Mark] This one does. Oh, and then the eggs. – [Chef] This egg. (speaking in foreign language) – We got the Roti Canai Special, which they chop it up the Roti. A mess of sauces and oozing
eggs all wrapped up in that, all like soaking into that flatbread. It’s all components that
you could possibly want for breakfast all on one single plate, all mixed together and
mingled together, awesome. Let’s do it, let’s dig in. Break that yoke? – Yeah. – Oh yes, okay. And you gotta kind of pour that– – Pour that. Oh ho ho, nice, okay. Okay, yes! He knows what he’s doing. – It’s tempting, right? – [Mark] Scoop out,
scoop out that egg yolk and just sprinkle it all over everything, coating everything. Oh, that looks awesome. – [Anwar] Just like this. You mix it up. – Oh yeah, popping yokes
is just something here that never gets old. And then I will just kinda sprinkle… Oh ho, ho, ho, ho! Okay that’s good, I’m gonna
go in for some of that, is this a Sambal? – Yep, it’s Sambal. – Sambal, okay, mix that in. Roti Canai Special. – To India. – Oh, oh that’s awesome. – Yeah. – That is amazing. You’ve got the richness of the egg yoke, you’ve got the bread which is, the Roti which is slightly like chewy because it’s been fried in oil before being soaked in sauce. And then you’ve got the Sambal which is, it’s like a little bit sweet
and a little bit spicy. – Yeah, a little bit. – And a little bit spicy, yeah? But that might, like that
gives it a nice contrast. – If you want no more,
you can put ketchup on it. – Oh, this one is kecap manis? Like a sweet, sweet soy sauce? – Let me dip this. Yeah, kecap manis. – Kecap manis? And that’s like a sweet
soy sauce that you can add. So that’s like a total Malaysian touch to the whole thing, adding
some kecap manis to it. – It’s good, I love leche. – It’s great, everything I wanted, wow. – I think what makes
it for me is the entire mash-up combination,
because you’ve got the, it’s just all textures and
flavors all mingled together. And for this bite, I’m gonna
take some of that extra yolk and kinda re-yolk it. (laughing) (upbeat music) It’s almost like, what is
it called, Eggs in the Hole? Egg in the Basket? – Eggs in a Basket. – You know Eggs in the
Basket, where you put three on a piece of toast, and
then you poke a hole, you put an egg in it? This is like the extreme, ultimate, next-level version of Eggs in a Nest. Yeah, that’s a breakfast of
champions in Kuala Lumpur, and this place they have, it’s
kinda at the bottom of this pretty tall, well not that tall, apartment complex, a mansion complex. The main stall is over here
where they’re making the food, and they have a dining
section, but then over here, this is like the extended
seating section where we sat. – I’m a big fan of yours. – Thank you very much. Good, nice to meet you. Next, we are on our way to
go eat what is considered to be the national dish of Malaysia. It’s a dish that everybody loves. It’s an incredible dish. We’re on our way to eat the the next dish. (upbeat world music) And again, something I love so much about Kael, Kuala Lumpur
is that it’s a big city, it’s a modern city,
there’s sky-rise buildings and yet, there’s so many green spaces, and so, we kinda came into this, it’s almost like a little mountain park, but we’re surrounded by
beautiful greenery, trees. There’s a little almost
food court section, and that’s where we are heading. We are here to eat Nasi Lemak,
which is often considered one of the national,
ultimate dishes of Malaysia. Rice cooked with coconut milk. There’s a few sides that
are common, but then, also each stall, each restaurant has
their specialty of different curried dishes to include on top. And so this place is
called Nasi Lemak Tanglin. They’ve been around since
1948, and I’ve been wanting to come here for a long time, so I’m very happy to finally be here. (speaking in foreign language) Yes, capo, and also maybe the– (speaking in foreign language) And then the egg. You can dance while you’re eating. A live band here, too, to give you the energy you
need to eat Nasi Lamak. – Yeah. – It’s such a wonderful
environment in the nature, with a band, delicious food on our plates. Nasi Lamak is dish of many components, and one of the most important,
significant components is the rice, which is made with coconut milk, but then it’s your choice of
what other dishes to order, so I got squid curry, I got the cockles, as well as a unique
dish of, it’s a spleen– – [Anwar] Curry. – A curried spleen. We all got different plates,
so you can just choose your own dishes right. – I choose, yeah, the potato– – That’s like a potato patty? – Begedil. – Begedil. This is extra Sambal, as well. A piece of that squid. (band performing) Oh, yeah. The rice, it’s fluffy, but
you can taste that coconut aroma to it, definitely coconut. It’s sweet at first, but then it’s kind of spicy towards the end of your bite. It tastes like a roasted
chili jam, almost, that it’s wrapped up within. Okay, and then rotating my
plate over to the spleen. Oh, whoa. That definitely has a
unique texture to it. It’s actually gummy. You feel like almost grassy texture to it. It’s almost like a sponge,
a gooey sponge of flavor. Really good. I think the cockle is the best. (upbeat world music) Each one of the dishes
has it’s own flavor, I think I like the cockles the best, the cockles curry it’s fantastic. And it’s just balanced
perfectly, the flavors. And I love the anchovies,
’cause they’re fried, they’re crispy, they’re salty. The live music was fun to dance to as we finished that plate of Nasi Lamak, but yeah, Nasi Lamak,
no matter where you go, you can eat it at many, many places. It’s a dish you do not wanna miss when you’re in Malaysia, when
you come to Kuala Lumpur. Okay, we’re moving on
to the next spot, okay. Which is one of my favorite
Malaysian foods to eat. (upbeat world music) (speaking in foreign language) Are you having this immediately
step out of the car, you can immediately
get the distinct aroma. You want some right now? Cempedak jackfruit
madufra, it’s more sweet it’s more honey-tasting. So he has a basket of the
fruit, which is peeled already there to be sit into a batter,
and then deep fries it. And as she’s frying that, it’s
just so incredibly fragrant, it literally smells like
honey is coming out of those oil fumes. Fried right out of the
oil, it’s really hot, so you better be careful biting into this. Oh, yeah. That is incredibly hot. Oh, it’s amazing. It’s crispy, it’s so honey sweet. And then the texture is also kind of a little bit stringy, as well. It’s gonna taste like a… And then you end up with
this seed at the end. (live band playing) Steam coming out of my mouth. (steaming) There’s about five or
six different restaurants along this stretch, and
there’s a live band here. But this one of the best
places in Kuala Lumpur to eat Ikan Bakar, which is grilled fish. And maybe some of the smaller mackerel? In order to make this
Ikan Bakar, it’s actually cooked on a hot skillet,
but what they do first is they take the fish, they
put it into the Sambal, which is the chili sauce
blend, they actually dunk it into the Sambal, then they
wrap it in a banana leaf and stick it onto the hot
griddle and that sort of like, the banana leaf keeps the flavor
in so it grills and roasts and bakes and just simmers
it in it’s own juices and chili sauce all at the same time. It goes up in a cloud of steam and smoke, even if you walk past, if you get a whiff of some of that steam
coming off the grill, you can feel it in your lungs. Carameling, ’cause I believe
it caramelizes onto the fish. Really quick story before we
dig into the amazing food here, but I came here back in 2012,
I actually made a video, it’s a very old, slightly
embarrassing video. I am looking for some of
the, what is supposedly, some of the best Ikan
Bakar, or grilled fish here in Kuala Lumpur. I remember, there’s like a
highway behind there somewhere, there’s this big highway, and
I climbed over the highway, there’s a overpass over the highway. I had to find my way up to
the top of this little hill to get to the restaurant,
so I remember having to hop a couple of fences, kinda
whack my way through the jungle to get here. I think I have just found
Jalan Bellamy, and I think, I’m excited, I think that is
the restaurant right there. It was no easy mission to get here. I had to run across some highways, I had to jump across some fences. So times have changed
a little bit, this is gonna be the new and updated version, but this is an Ikan, to all that, it’s very special to me, and so I’m very, very happy to be back. Now we got actually four
different types of fish, plus the squid, plus some
different Sambals, plus rice. And this is the Stingray Sambal, and this is one of my favorite. If I were to just choose one
fish, this is what I’d get. You can see, if you unwrap it,
you can see the oily juices just flowing, look at that. I’m gonna grab a piece of this first, this has to be the first bite. Oh, it’s so meaty! (live band playing) It’s such an incredibly meaty, meaty. It’s almost like chicken,
yet kinda softer and oilier, and then you taste that Sambal, you taste the dry chili
in there, the turmeric, and again, just how the
banana leaf helps to keep in all the juices
so that they re-absorb into the fish, as they come
out, they re-absorb into it. Look at that sting ray,
just how it flakes off, it’s so stringy. And I’m gonna dip that
into some of the sauce. Okay, next I’ll reach into the squid. And for this, I’ll dip
into, I think this is like a shrimp paste, chili dip. The texture of the squid
is light and chewy, and then that sauce, the
saltiness of the shrimp paste, plus it has a wonderful acidity, I think possibly from Calamonte. Next up, I’m gonna try, I
think this is a mackerel, and it has a little bit
of a banana leaf wrapper. And as soon as you, oh you
have to get a close-up, look at that. Soon as you unravel the
banana, you can see that oil and that sauce just caked
up in there, that Sambal. Oh yeah, it’s just oozing and juicy. Reach in for a little
piece off the side here. I think that’s a short head mackerel, or an Indian mackerel. Moving on to the next fish. And I believe this one is a catfish. Just unwrap it, oh ho
ho ho, that’s so oily and juicy and fatty! The juices and the Sambal is just flowing. Look at how oily, oh man, that’s awesome! You could actually
squeeze it, and I’m sure the oils and juices would just fall out, but I’m not gonna squeeze it for you because I wanna keep those in my bite. (laughing) I think because catfish is such
an oily fish from the start, then when it has a chance
to live on that griddle and just absorb more
Sambal, and juices and oil, that even like, enhances it more. And you really taste the
smokiness of the catfish. Final fish we got here is,
I think it’s the tilapia? – [Anwar] The tilapia. – The tilapia? Which is also cooked in
the same exact fashion with the Sambal,
surrounded by banana leaf, and this banana leaf is
just sort of like to started disintegrating on to the
fish, peel that back. Let’s get a bite of this. Oh, it’s so oily and
juicy again, that has been the story of every single fish. Is it Sambal Belacan? – [Anwar] It’s a Belacan. – So it’s shrimp-based? – [Anwar] Yeah. – Okay, it’s so good. And so yeah, that’s at least like three, maybe four or five layers of
flavor all in one single bite. The diversity of taste from
the Sambal on the fish, to the banana leaf, to
the Sambal that you add on when you take a bite, it’s superb. – That fish is definitely
fence-jump worthy fish, it’s incredible. Okay, all of the Ikan Bakar is delicious, but nothing can top this sting ray. That is, that’s the best. Like if you come here,
and you just eat one fish, that’s the fish you should go for. And then finally, to
end, we have a coconut, this is just the coconut
water, plus the coconut meat, in a cup conveniently with a spoon and straw combo at the top. Oh yeah, that’s incredibly
sweet, incredibly, and nothing refreshes like
a coconut water, either. (singing in a foreign language) This is just a little food paradise. As soon as he lifts the
lid of that ice chest, you just get this poof of
Durian in your nostrils. I thought the coconut
was gonna be the dessert, but this, this is the real dessert. The Durian on top with ice cream, I’m gonna try to get like
equal ratios of both. Okay, I got half ice cream, half Dorian. Oh wow! (laughing) It’s unbelievably good,
because the Dorian is kind of mushy and creamy, it’s pudding. It’s sweet, it has a little
bit of a bitterness to it, and then you’ve got the
cold Dorian ice cream which is more like the
refreshing Dorian taste, so you’ve got cold and
warm cream in your mouth combining, it’s sensational, it’s really and truly sensational. That is a dessert of a lifetime. (band singing) (speaking in a foreign language) – You’re welcome. – Thank you very much. – Well come again, have
a good day, my friend. (speaking in a foreign language) – He is the owner, and there’s
like maybe five different restaurants in Ikar Bakar, but we came to Ikan Bakar (Seri Melaka),
so that’s the spot, yeah, and he’s an amazing
man who owns this restaurant so this is the spot that was delicous. (speaking in a foreign language) – Welcome to Malaysia. (speaking in a foreign language) – Thank you very much. – Alright, have a great one. – I’m very happy to report
that the method of getting here has changed, but the
flavor of the Ikan Bakar, it remains the same, it’s incredibly good. This in my opinion is a
must-eat area stall and dish when you come to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Next place, and I think we have
another big meal coming up. Yes, Indian food. (upbeat music) When I reached out and asked
where to eat in Kuala Lumpur, and I was really looking
for some off-the-beaten-path destinations, and so a number
of you recommended that we check out this place for
the banana leaf rice and curry, which is really like
somebody opens their home and opens their home as
a restaurant and so I’m very excited for this next
meal, South Indian food. A green gate. It’s with the plants outside. And luckily, there’s a
photo on Google Maps. Green gate at the front,
but there’s not even a sign. We would not know it is a restaurant here, but it’s known as Sri Ganapathi Mess. Potted plants, there’s clay pots. Okay, and then you do walk
inside and there is the sign like once you get into the compound. This is awesome. – Hello. – Hello. It really is a home with
like many, many rooms And they kinda open it
rooms as they get busier so if the first few rooms are
full, they open up an entire mess hall in the back. Do you have the Crab Rasam? – [Chef] Yeah, yeah. – Oh, it’s swordfish. Maybe can we have swordfish and vegetable? Mutton curry. – Mutton curry? – Oh, it’s like a soup. Should be rice, okay, perfect. Okay, now I’m gonna move back
to our dining room section to start digging in. Okay, I think I ordered. – Thank you ma’am, that’s beautiful. – Yes, final step before
eating is one more of scoop of curry sauce over the
rice, or double scoop of curry over the rice. Thank you. One of the reasons that Kuala
Lumpur is just one of the best cities in the world
if you love to eat, because of the diversity of foods. This would be very authentic South Indian. You can taste ginger in there. Yeah, oh that’s wonderful. A little bit spicy, gingery, very gingery. Oh and then the spice
just keeps on coming. Onions have a little bit
more of a sour taste to them. Let me try some of that swordfish. And this is always one
of my favorite dishes. And people really enjoy
really mixing it up, getting it all evenly coated on the rice. – Yeah. – It’s almost like shredded
chicken, but kinda like dry but in a good way. I’m not sure if it’s mustard seed, there might be cumin seed in there, too. I’m gonna follow that with a
Crab Rasam, which they serve in a cup because you’re
actually supposed to drink it, it’s like a beverage, it’s like a soup. Cheers. – Actually drink it. – Ah, that’s delicious. – Yeah, you can taste that–
– Wow. – It tastes like the shells of crab that’s just been boiled down. But you taste the crab,
you taste the sweet onion’s herbal-ness of it? (upbeat music) Oh yeah, you can taste
that that is mutton. You can taste the goatiness of it. This layer is delicious, yeah. That’s awesome, especially
with everything else. (groaning) The vegetable has a
very nutty taste to it. That crab consomme is
incredible, and yeah, it tastes very light, but
then you taste the spice at the back of your throat
as you keep on drinking it. Uh-huh, really good, real really good. This is what its all come
down to, my final bite. The final driplets of curry sauce. The final meat juices. The final veg. That was just an ultra-satisfying meal. I’m gonna have to surrender
after that because we’ve had quite a lot of food, so all you do is, you just fold over your banana leaf. – Thank you very much. – Yeah. – Thank you very much. – Take care, man. – Just the front of a
home, it’s unassuming, it’s not stand-out, you
gotta know about this place, but just in the green gate,
the restaurant and home just goes back further and further, and they just keep opening
more and more rooms as it gets busier. Such a cool restaurant,
incredibly delicious South Indian food. – I am the owner of public shop. – Oh, thank you very much! What’s your name? – Pumar, I’m ex-police detective. – Oh, awesome! Food was incredibly good. – I like it, thank you, thank you. – A few friends recommended it to me. – Okay. (upbeat music) – For our final stop on this Kuala Lumpur Malaysian food tour, we are in Chinatown, and we’re gonna go to a
very legendary restaurant to eat a certain dish. But a number of people
recommended it to me, it looks incredibly delicious, and this is gonna be the final dish. This is what’s gonna wrap it up, and again we are going to see just how diverse the food is in Malaysia. This is a fully Chinese food court, four or five different stalls
that you can choose from, different Chinese dishes to order. And then just communal seating tables. One of the most famous things to eat here, and maybe one of the
most famous unique things to eat in Chinatown is the Clam Bee Hoon. So it’s noodles on the bottom, with a clam broth gravy over noodles,
and that’s exactly what I came here to eat, what I just ordered. (sizzling) It was very nice that
they allowed me to watch them as they made the
entire process of this dish. It took about five minutes,
but what he first did was, he took some oil, he
kneaded them in a wok, and then he threw in a
handful of sliced ginger, and he really just
caramelized that ginger, the aromatic aroma of the
ginger just came fully out. He tossed in a bunch of
clams into that sauce, and then, I believe he tossed
in a spoonful of cooking wine because I got kind of that wine aroma that came out of the soup. Then they just quickly blanched
the noodles, the Mee Hoon, and then combined, he
drained some of the clams, put them onto the top of the noodles, and then put all the soup on top. It’s very aromatic, it smells incredible, again, this is a very unique dish. Man, the dish is called Clam Mee Hoon. Yeah, the first thing to do
is just start with that broth. (groaning and laughter) That’s like ultimate comfort. But as it goes down, you
actually feel the ginger going down your throat. It has this complexity of
flavor because of the broth, the wine, the ginger, the garlic in there. That’s really what’s
standing out, but then it’s just that slight, it
might be clam broth as well, I’m not totally sure. But it’s so… It’s slightly thickened,
it’s rich, it’s just complex. (groaning) And those noodles, they’re rice noodles. Yeah, the noodles just kinda
go along with the soup. They’re soft, they’re thin, and they just sort of absorb that broth. Where’s my spoon, I’m gonna refill my clam shell with that broth. (slurping) Making it hard to get all
that ginger and garlic. Yeah, those are shells
you’re just wanna gonna lick until you get all, every
last strand of ginger, and every drip of broth out of it. (upbeat music) Oh, that’s a broth of wonders. They’re doing a little bit
of construction in this area, but we have come to the
end of this Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian food tour. It’s been an incredible day,
and again, I’ve mentioned this, and I probably mention this
every Malaysian food tour that I ever take, and every
day, but just the fact that you can eat authentic Malay
food, authentic Indian food, authentic Chinese food,
one meal after another, after another, it’s just
incredible, and Kuala Lumpur really is a melting pot, that’s
what makes it so special, the mix of cultures, food, people. I wanna say a huge thank
you to Farul and Anwar for taking us around, they’re so friendly, so hospitable, they’re amazing guys. And I’ll have their information and their company linked
below, Oh My Media. Most of the restaurants on
this list were recommended when I reached out to you on social media, so thank you for all of your Kuala Lumpur food recommendations. I wanna say a huge thank
you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it, leave a comment below,
I’d love to hear from you, and if your not already
subscribed, click Subscribe now and also click that little bell icon so that you get notified of
the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching,
goodbye from Kuala Lumpur, I will see you on the next video.

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