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Hi guys! I decided to try a new game. I’ll be honest I have played this
before and i’ve seen quite a few videos on it but I found it quite fun and so I
decided to start a new game and just see how far I can go. I am I’m not sure if anybody will watch
this or if anybody will care, but I’m doing it for fun so if you watched and you liked it let me know in the
comments or give it a like or whatever people on youtube do these days so for those of you that aren’t in the “know” or haven’t read the title yet this is
called seven days to die. It’s a zombie apocalypse game I haven’t seen any zombies yet but there’s an elk. Kew. But it’s a lot – it’s got a lot of Minecraft type points to it so you know obviously like chopping down a
tree with your fists probably not the most efficient thing fact I know it’s not but I’d rather
not waste my bullets and actually.. did I see – yup, I missed a log. so we have zombies probably not gonna
waste my bullets on those either but we’ll see. I should probably have a couple of shells in my handsies. so where are we on the map? We are.. oh, I shouldn’t go this way this is a bad way. Ooh, maybe I can kill that buck or I could scare it away.. you know. Once is almost as good as the other. So in the daytime the zombies are very slow. which is why I am not terribly concerned
about them and I’m definitely not gonna try to kill too
many of them unless I’m gonna stick around in an area for very long the idea is that you survive at night the zombies become a lot
more threatening because they’re much quicker and yes so basically your first day is spent
running around looking for supplies and then eventually holding yourself in
a vase or makeshift base or whatever you decide to do I I’m going to make my be spin a little town I think a lot of people
called the city its d’Youville 1 I’m actually heading and
its someone Rams gonna pick up a buncha stuff I don’t really care first what it is on I just grand things have the punch down have retries because I could use the
word you can make sticks and sharpened sticks and and inspect wraps and things like that
with within you also need it in order to skin I’m easily scared by the way so you
gonna go ahead and probably laugh be a whole lot meaner once in a while is
only pops on freak out his actually there really pop
out but they can sneak up on you it happens it’s scary so apparently and super lame right now and I’m not having this to you very hard
specially not as hard person and she probably to seize a
couple shotgun shells and sucking up I was hitting their rock for god sake under like I didn’t see anything happening on
this tree sorry can I like program since I am him soon Mike no zombies here I’m me is me time and grab my staff and with the wood tree trunks you can also make some giant
spikes which I have yet to make a never made them before so I don’t know
thank have have been they are what they do I assume
a damage things but I wonder if they the last longer
than speaks can hope they win is a feminine and
these it’s a lot more wood Munley Road and Bell somebody could come pick
me up at like red man just from me to my new base that picture and
bring about a supply-side so yeah you pretty much there right around given to staff and then at
night I’ll probably end up for don’t down no dumping need to rest here you can but
no dumping send I’ll probably end up doing
something in staff hands chances are fairly decent that I
will cut out the boring things because he wants to watch boring pains I mean if you wanna watch them really
boring staff just let me know I’m easily super long and full me being you be
retarded for silent rip-off although you might
not even be able to tell I’m be returning defining silent his you
can’t see me I don’t have a cam I’m sorry this so pretty to fix yes I am I am CS you guys check out this
game I think right now it’s kinda their I’m their byee but near there there by page is kinda broken right now sucks so
you can actually buy the game right at this moment but I’ve heard that
they’re gonna try fixing in the next couple these sound chances are very good that by the
time anybody ever sees this YouTube video that’s this will be in probably nine me now
anymore right now it’s an alpha-1 so it
treatments just came out and a few weeks ago I didn’t actually start playing until last week actually saw eighty stream sacri al did and I used to watch is
Daisy stuff all the time house fascinated even know
i cant shoot for shit which she’ll be able to see shortly I’m yeah ice I saw that he was streaming and
on a whim I just decided to check out whatever game he was playing and it looks really cool I’m family see i cant even headshot thinks these guys are really
hard that time they tend to be very hard to
leave home I think because sometimes their bodies can it go
askew into the world it seems to me that like if u aim for
their head when you’re trying to lose that you have
a better chance at it it and maybe I thats like this I also turns the volume down pretty far
in the scheme so hopefully it’s not too quiet but the
zombies especially at night are so home loud feel like you can’t
turn down is on the phone units it’s ridiculous so see I wants to have a home he actually I’m months can’t I want to be a two-story house
know that for sure and them and no the stuffs for with cans for now once we a two-story house and I want it to be near Wendy’s mean road even things here
a man I don’t really know am moving north and the south this sounds scenes which one this’ll probably
p.m. self because and money to make runs for sand won’t takes slightly less time cm scrimmage in waiting zombies at this
point you just scavenging as much stuff as I can
because I’m yeah it’s gonna be a long night and either waiting we’re hoping that I’m
able to d the first time I ever me a house para Freddie for for barricaded whenever at thing bunker the stuff ramps and I remain went Jesus Atlas more violent I’m first time ever made one and a hate I thought that might my beautiful fortress was totally secure
and it turned out that’s it really wasn’t so I started
digging thinking I well you know the whole
nights months can even design is outside hit me
at my walls and I’ll just be able to see here in mine
and I get like five or six walks down analysts and my
hate my face is getting enough because they’ve reached my house and and home speed so hopefully I don’t make that mistake
again I might decide on the roof who knows we’ll see that might come pouring but if I do end
up doing that then I’m security I’m I end up doing that I will
probably just cut us its you can you really boring at night the first couple times you play first
couple nights rather I’m punching cans because they give me
extra matalin’s I’m always had a really hard time
finding I’m funny iron underground and you’re not looking around right place
spent yes we’ll see is its easy metal make a findings easy scrap metal so I
might as well get I’m even gonna rain way and this is the main road but I want to lose my hair in for gonna happen and
it’s free that this hit him in the head nope grab Yu some team nothing there see you have nothing
mister you make it man mexicana when you’re like
what was like i doing became a zombie now well actually now don’t think about that
forget I said anything use probably not doing anything new offense the grass Francisco now have a stick the army okay most and can all this metal is a pretty
decent de semana medal for a my first name
hopefully see cut to like fifteen minutes later when I’m deaden inmate face eaten found dead very hopeful very optimistic about this game
seriously though it is a very cool game I’ve been enjoying it fairly even if it
can be pretty difficult sometimes we think this is the house tonight made my first from thing and I come in multi-player server seems
about right these factors take a couple why is this
scheme always making me eat my words this guy’s gonna take a couple hit
Sudanese debt once these guys don’t seed depth family I’m right yes affect the body okay so almost done 15:30 said if you have recently stars I the
one good thing about non multi-player on this in particular
is thats I don’t know where my my of processes 0 right not lag no lag lag killed me several times on a and my multiplayer
server because it’ll think that I’m much further away than I really am I’m
trying to kill some zombies and then so I’ll wake back up having scene is on the walk up to me and I’m
not far enough away and they’re like hitting the air 10 feet in front of me and I’m I’m
getting hurt so hopefully that won’t happen because yeah on my computer I’m getting
flowers because flowers pretty have 20 if they have news the team at all I’m eventually I’ll probably come
out in tear down those fences to for more metal
I’m fewer K to get a whole lot of the scrap
metal which really helps out said and you can see some an emo that’s good so in the morning when I Carolina my bunker crying from all the noise than experience the
night before or having had night sometimes we’ll see ok I need to make a federal Vattenfall its I wanna spahn anywhere
but here forgot no see I get scared because
I heard something and there’s nothing there trigger-happy much it’s probably the
death wrong with to Sammy square off in their mailbox I mean
really see hit mailboxes and some that’s good 52 she’s mailboxes to okay so I wanna be credit this fork in
the road so two-story house cities that blue wondering fair and
nurses balloon over here I’m used to that part of town sign in to Skype I might as well
come over here looks like it’s a little bit fortified anyway so it’s probably a little early for me
to go in but I want to because the sooner I do it better I think share let’s go with that see when I kill the porch reports given
its like my place most games resentments boots him so I think I wanna put a moat around the
house and then I’m gonna basically make the house just the top
part my underground base because having an underground face clearly is
the coolest Anna guys scissor she’s I’m not quite cuz I said she is on it didn’t sound
cool at all you haha yeah I’m fall certainly nothing can get in things are gonna really easily be able
to get in here okay at start working on stuff home mini that many this many that’s more greater better me playing sees yes ok chief one thats a sick okay so make sticks 6 make sharpened
sticks homie finds a sharpened sticks sure it sticks from and then from there I will need with spikes and i’m in a
mood a lot of fun because that’s pretty much
gonna be primary defense this first time the pup see just keep hitting one scene discovered in May D seen and you’re good
to go you can just keep on clicking ands
that’s all you need ok CSC see what i do. see when you are you excited a screw
everything up my flowers my flowers company air had cheese 5 she’s now I’m stuck here it’s hopeless really ok

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  1. Rukiad

    Awesome! I hope to see more, Stumbles! 😀
    (Also, I noted that you're a lot more reasonable and quiet when your alone, rather than with those two [amazing and mystical] buttfaces which shall not be named. And it's a good side of you, by the way. :P)

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