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It’s that time again.
Brap’n battle rap authentically presents… Styles of battle rappers, episode 1. In this episode we’re gonna be talking about those who are haymaker
heavy. Brap’n, we all know Brap is the
best type of rap! We got 100% battle rap rap…
I am your boy Muddy Mo, the voice of reason in battle rap, and the voice of Brap’n… I’m from the county of St. Louis city… Y’all want to hear more? Stay tuned… AYYYEE!!! So what’s to come in the Brap’n original, styles of battle rappers, episode 1… The haymaker heavy style. Let’s get
straight off into this, I know y’all waiting… So first we’re gonna talk about
overall battle rap styles… Then we’re gonna hop off into haymaker
heavy battling style, breaking it down a little bit… Then we’re gonna talk about some strengths and weaknesses of that style… Some of the battle rappers
were covering are: Charlie Clips, then you’re gonna hop over to Bigg K, then DNA, then were going to talk about Charron, and gonna end up with John John da don…
Make sure you hit that like, make sure y’all leave a comment, make sure y’all subscribe, and hit that bell… Don’t be lame… Y’all wanna hear more? Stay tuned… AYYYEE!!! All right so we back… So I’m gonna
talk to you for a minutes about styles of battle rappers and we
gonna talk about overall styles in battle rap… But first let me hop back a little bit and talk to you a little bit about style… Style is everything in life, it makes people stand out and anything that you
do… Back in the day, we used to wear Jordan’s. So in school what was popular in my day was the Jordan 11’s, 12’s, and 13’s… So we didn’t have the opportunity to get exclusives like now, where you have to go to certain those spots with raffle’s, it wasn’t like that… You had to go to regular finishline and regular footlocker to get your sneakers… So everybody had the same J’s on the same day. So it
was all about how you rocked your J’s… Like somebody will see you with yours
and say “oooh you got those 12’s, they clean…” So it’s all about how you rock it… Just like that, battle rap is the
same way, its all about how you rock it… Another story, back in the day we were deep, like we used to roll deep we were young. It would be like 20 or 30 dudes in the same group or whatnot… It’s hard to stand out when you trying to
get females… Where I’m from, it was about being a fly, and trying to get females… We did our other stuff, joneing and fighting and all that other stuff, but it was all
about getting females at the end of the day… So the one thing that I found out is that my style had to be different to stand out… When I got older, I go through middle school getting used that, getting used to getting comfortable
talking to girls, and getting cool with them… So when I got to high school, I was already hip on game… Every time I talk to a chick, it did’t matter what she was, who she talked to you before me, what kind of guy she liked… It really didn’t matter… Because to me, I felt like my style was
gonna stand out.. All of them said that line, “you just different”… They didn’t know how to explain it… so that’s that’s the same thing with battle rap… Being different is everything… Being unique is everything a battle rap… this is
what I’m talking about Styles first man it’s very important because you can have
somebody with the same bars in the same angles but then style will set up set
them apart so much whereas one person will stand out way further in front of
another and that’s why we got so many people who can’t make it big even
let alone do that all right all right style uniqueness is patapri me
alright we’re gonna talk about a general 13 different styles that exist in battle
right now it’s just like music they say you know all songs come from the same I
don’t know how many is like this is like 10 or 15 certain beats for all songs are
based off of those pieces the same thing with batter up styles man like all
battle rap is really based off of these 13 thousand but the run through let’s
get straight to so first up we got those heavenly performance then we have those
who are strictly angle heavy alright then we also this is more popular now we
got the back to back punch got those type of punches then we got those who is
just strictly unorthodox alright then we have those who are supremely lyrical we
also had a gang spit as a nose that’s had a grown man talk then we got those
who just straight talk reality rap there we got others who are aggressive
behavior then we have some people come in the game and they just purpose drip
and have a reason why they want to battle rap then we’ve got something
straight disrespectful y’all know points on the month then we got others who have
creative literate lyrics and wordplay and then we kind of then we coming today
we’re gonna talk about those who are hey make your heavy right yeah y’all want to
hear more you should point much smoke
Oh money money oh that’s good all right so let’s get right off it to
this man so the haymaker heavy style breakdown all right so we’re gonna break
it down a little bit make it straight up into you know you know what the hey make
your heavy style is actually all about alright so first off let me your
definition of a haymaker what isn’t hating by definition and
haymaker you just a for spinkle oh all right so a battle rap is that one bar
that lands extremely hard you know that you gonna you know they gotta say that
at the bar and everybody that’s where the haymaker rear right you got that one
Bartlett laying so hard it’s under night alright so like I remember back in the
day man we it’s epoxy big dude man I really want to fight him
at the time you know I’m saying real big you know you’d be intimidated I might
now all my homeboys so I step up man Hado one top fuck drop
I mean if I hold all the back is everybody going crazy everybody watchin
girl everybody crazy right it kind of scared me at first I was
nervous I know but I was sick all over journal I was just so so height and
that’s probably what these battle rifles knew when they got that one part ages
laying heavy right so these guys today man this is what they threw their meal
and with all haymaking well they just learn that one big big punch line that
everybody go crazy for so one major punch line emphasis right so these guys
have a specific style so generally speaking they do four bar set up so they
first three bars are Julie’s is called set of bar for that fourth major part
all right so it’s like a swing for the fences all another type of approach just
like that mom of wire sending social very violent some coke like Narbo is
hard one of nothing right and they generally have like a rhythmic cadence
alright some of the four bar styles is usually very clear and easy to catch so
these guys are gonna talk about that that has the haymaker heavy style most
new fans like them because they can understand exactly what this
I even started users with puzzlement the opponent’s last round with now you’ll
see with three of these guys they extremely good at it
and most of these do because they are haymaker heading style right so they got
that four of our set of style is slow and it helps them think of a better bar
and like I said when they do those roberto’s it uses lands extremely hard
when they do it right war stay tuned so we back real quick man make sure y’all
comment mentioned I like this video make sure you subscribe man and hit that bill
money more Bradford even on some no content coming alright so let’s get
start off from to it man the hate bacon heavy stressful week
alright so we’re gonna talk about was dope about this town hit me baby stop it
was not so dope so basically the stress and the weaknesses of course not
so first off what’s not so dope and sometimes they punch lines can be picked
you kind of know where they going with it like Charlie clears a lot
filling in lines for me that’s not good but what is though bitch the rhythm are
they throw it’s very easy to follow like I was saying earlier new people to the
to the culture new people to battle rap you can really follow what they say
understand what they borrow all right it’s not so dope is they can be overly
simple and like a rock say that’s life it could be light at times but what is
though is that that Mars are easily tailored for their opponent all right so
that style is so slow it’s not bragging but it’s those four bar setups it’s not
so though is they’ve taught in the bars and get more into play it out we’ve seen
this with all these guys I think it plays out after a while because the
characters is kind of competitive but was dope is that very good rhythm into
the models DNA wrong charlie clips they take good advantage of style
a lot of times going around what’s not so dope is that advant lack of quality
haymakers it could be very very bad man what’s dope though if they hate makers
actually do plain if you give their parents automatically that they when
they don’t matter what the phone it does that’s a good thing if they do land it’s
going man hard it’s gonna hurt somebody alright so it’s not so dope they set up
bars could be the city – so – so since you what that means there’s a lot of
people are better about that and that’s my so with their style this is considered
filler that’s bad what’s good last thing is that young-sam usually they’re very
clear and precise with their meanings inside kind of going back to the last
along so like I said you know exactly know what they say I wanna hear more
I’ll take a 10-second break and come back the job vapes off the USB it’s ice
ice cubes when you come if your kid take the trash out it’s a boy muddy mo money
money money mo we bracket a little bit on your boy Charlie clips
coming from Harlem New York all right so one thing about cliffs is
he was unbeatable early in his career all right another thing about clips
clips is very related when very likeable especially for new fans in the past
clips have shaken rows with his haymakers I mean some of the biggest
battle rap history and another thing about clips is that he can have some
very very big but haymakers when he wants to I
so that’s trying to clear something another haymaker heavy battle rapper we
gonna be talking about who’s your boy big K for your fucking change all right
so one thing about big Kay’s he had a real good winning streak first games in
the game man nobody wanted to see this dude he had a real chemistry
he’s hot nothing about the cake he has undeniable talent from powerful
haymakers very powerfully makes I mean nobody would wanna stand across his
father a man it was crazy are you another thing about the cake
prize himself all wrapped and will so being a rapper rapper and that
translates right says hey Mike I miss haymaker heads out around got
your DNA alright so dear name for Queens New York
DNA probably has the most fake battles like ferry season also DNA I really
consider them but ok man these scary towns he just might be the
best play and what’s crazy about DNA is that he’s still young man he’ll get more
back rain makers especially ever since he’s joined this group in depth wax
who’s been getting better and better song so next haymaker heavy battle right
but we got it wrong coming from Ottawa Canada someone think about she’s wrong
he’s a self-proclaimed smack killer he’s just beating a lot of big names shiroi
has lead to rebuttals and you know he almost does from every single rhyming
battle so and another thing about srong is that he’s just sneaky good and can
use his weaknesses to have crazy pavement cuz I that’s for not least on
your haymaker heavy battle rappers you got your boy John John dad I’m coming
from Yonkers New York also Atlanta Georgia
alright so one thing about John John is that he usually keep chipping on his
shoulder but it makes him hungry with the battle which is a picture also John
John is very is a very good writer of plan painting I think he’s one of the
best writing in and another thing about John John is
that he mostly does better than expected but do you always exceed we did it we
made mr. Graham rapid finale alright the styles of battle rappers
episode 1 this episode we talked about those who are hey Baker happy I so let
me quickly recap what we talked about in this video
first off we talked about the overall styles and that around I so we ran
through 13 sizes styles in that around then we talked about the Hamaker heavy
style broke it down a little bit talked about what’s actually a haymaker
i and we also discussed other things about their style
oh oh I hear we talked about the stress and weaknesses of the haymaker head
style alright new touch about attributes about that will make them dope and not
though and then finally broke down the 5 batter up is known for the haymaker
heavy style right from here Charlie Clips big K DNA sure wrong and then we
ended up with time time to time I oh man we should boy buddy Bo the voice of
reason the batter out the voice of rapper man I appreciate y’all rockin I
will make me out on the next video man it’s gonna be just as fired I promise
that oh oh oh oh yeah I want to hear more check out the next video comment
I’m rapping battle social media links man subscribe like
follow share and just show love man you can find rapping on everything checkers
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love y’all

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