Suleiman’s poetry for Mustafa !|English Subtitles |Urdu Poetry | MAGNIFICENT CENTURY

O son Sparks of from your heart is resulted into a huge fire And this fire has affected me to the very core even though my fences were high and my fort was strong. Now my heart is a center of chaos….this chaos is intense enough to stumble the whole universe Even if this world gets demolished, I have nothing to regret because this world can’t offer me anything O son let my tears flow, these may never stop…my wounds of embarrassment may never heal I kept drinking the blood of my loved ones….I kept feeding on pain and hate My heart is in the state of great turmoil….O fate you have turned everything into ashes …Crushed my world from inside out….In the valley of suffering no one has endured anything of this intensity. Only death can cure this grief…..There is no choice left except intense sorrow and regret.

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