I have a really good defensive deck. Oh, no, you’ve gotta help. Help help. No, no, no. I had Graveyard, Rocket Hey, what’s going on guys nick, and I here today joined by mole He’s back ready for action and we are ready for to be too, but first mole has a very special announcement What is it and it’s going to show you a picture of what it is not a picture But a real-life thing guys the panda Scheme shirt shop is open we’ve been talking about this for about that got the links in our descriptions you can go get a Panda Scheme sure we’re just doing this literally just to get it out to you guys We don’t care about making money from this or anything We just want to see you guys rockin panda Scheme in the street right now so ebay them about as cheap as possible I like these there’s two options when you go to the link It’s just a limited run also like one week and then every season We’re going to come out with variations of designs that’ll be like I guess almost collectible But there’s a try blend which I like just in case you want to opinion on the – yeah And then there’s a an opaque one that looks more like this color and it’s going to be a little thicker just so I know the difference Other than that Suggestions on to be to ideas we have two weeks left, and what are we doing today? So guys today? We’re opening up a super magical chance and we’re turning that into our deck, so let’s go ahead. Oh, no I get the last card as a legendary you already went through them yep How did you go through that bad fun guys I got another knight which oil Giant you got another knight way. Yeah. I have a problem I’m 933 thousand gold, and I don’t want to open just once I’m at a million because not a waste I need a coronary. I need a knight which oh wait. I just I need to watch the recording back. I didn’t even stay at the overview screen like I was supposed to know Guys, I don’t know what to do You can’t go. We get back back at it. Can you? Okay, guys. Sorry about that. I was a dummy had to end the recording Reboot it and now I can see what I just recorded because I couldn’t scroll back all right. I got my jack what’s yours my entire experience bomb tower oh a giant bomber Rocket poison graveyard, whoo I like the Way you got Ryan yeah? There is something about these chest guys I also got royal giant no nick um I like your graveyard But I don’t know how well two world joins to do I got a rocket It’s giving a flake some things that are pretty good and Jimmy to it and others that are just like oh I got an executioner oh Are we gonna Listen are we gonna do a mirror in this or no? Yeah the first two will try with a mirror and otherwise we’ll Bring in the spell that would round the deck out for me. It would be a cheap spell. What would it be for you I? Have a rocket at that for a log yeah I’ve got five spirits bomb towers the last one that I gotta throw into my deck and then I’ll go oh no That’s my boy, so I’m three eight with the mirror. Which is more like Four five if I me or anything that’s like five okay, so we’re gonna do a 2V2 wow I have rocket executioner and knight which if I add a spell if we can’t get this to work I think tornado would be perfect yeah, and that’ll work well behind our Ji-Ji-Ji You know he is to name. Oh wait. We have to our jeez I? I am skeleton to the cycle you have a big Skeleton I have a bit a little bit bigger of a skeleton to cycle gelding with a Leather cap and why does he have a va ssin goggles on oh? The bomber is just it’s just a balloon that fell out of the balloon it’s just a a balloon is just an aerial bomber uh Yeah, but he does more damage the balloon does more damage yeah, but like It’s like a bomber who fell out it had to like carry the bomb all right I might crazier died just like have an epiphany. Oh my I didn’t mean to put that there I think you’re crazy honestly. I mean you could just stop well watch this defense. I got this I’m not Gonna mess it anything all right I got this I told you I got this I have a really good defensive day. You’ve got this oh No, you gotta help help help oh No, no, no, I don’t work no, no, I had Graveyard Rocket Graveyard Rocky Mirror uh Helping with the last bit of congestion that there we go BtW Alright Right that was some ridiculous. Well you think the bomber borrowed the Road giant bombs? Maybe I’m I think this episode guys were to dedicate to lower, so let’s just bring up some lore good, Lord. Oh Yes, I didn’t know if you hadn’t thought about this, so I immediately rush yeah but we We in dog clear and that spells día que le ar oh, I don’t have anything I’ll get my bomb tower down in a second. Oh No that bomber Yes Top of each other they were on top of each other. Oh no. No yeah, the bomber is just from the bomb tower No, nick. Did you see that my bomb tower was on top of your tesla a minute? Oh dover? I didn’t see it like that cuz you deployed it Was in my house Um the yeah, the bomber is the exact same bomber and the bomb tower But that’s weird that like we have so many instances of bombs in one episode or one match The little ominous didn’t work over there so many brain game and what are they out there using our grg hello, right? That’s right bandit Get if you’re gonna get get it oh What what’s rg RG in the middle of their base and graveyard that’s our to win I? Just crave got it right there, but oh I know that’s not the oculus why did he thought that Bob round is going to die He just didn’t want it alright. That’s a First player blade let’s rub our genes in the middle. Do you have you it? Yeah, go? Yeah, I have a rocket at a 717. I think we’re okay Yeah, I get it now wish I should have thrown the rocket like short never mind We might have lost so I was going to like miss the rocket on purpose because of conference, but we might a loss Very easily good at was. I did network don’t think we need a giant card right now? No I do need to open up a deck so I guys and I I set out open this magical chest if I won with my Brother, but I did not forgot and here it is Magical chest what is it? What did you think was on there I? Don’t even look at the cards. There was no legendary I don’t look at any card until it’s like makes you wait for the legendary yeah Alright level 11. I got a magic. I got a legendary. I’d have a gold chest Yesterday no nick. I simply obtained one free legendary card by opening a gold chest Just you have a mirror not on me oh Oh that’s going to do miserable The Tesla is hard to know what it’s going to pull because it’s not used enough. Look at this nice mirrored push Oh my look at those he just got rid of my things like so easily Um you have a life. I’ll watch this How wack is this it was trapped. I’m married fire first and Duke jackpot of it. I got it. Yeah Wow We have a lot of buildings if you if you look at our deck, it’s like you said all right? Let’s do roads I intend x but this is just a super magical chest Okay, I don’t have anything I got it. I like it. Yeah, I got it but like what are they doing Luckily I had a card suitable for the both of those situations. I know he’s good They’re gonna drop off barbs, and I don’t have anything for it I got xe I have deer I’ve literally a be rolling right? Yeah, just let it let’s RG Do damage and we’ll fight it over. I have a rocket I’m just showing you so you know my current hand you can also hold down just get your bomber ready eat there and then we’ll do this and we’ll do this and this crap Sorry, I have rocket mirror and that tower has 160 oh then how many a great bear poison um Sure, yeah Do it before the executioner actually? There we go get out of here. Let go Wizard I Could end them with rocket if you get it down It’s already rocket abul nice and a little spoon here with this take these guys out. It’s not technically rocket Uh, but I have mirror, but I don’t have to mirror for 40 or 60 damage oh my goodness These cluster Spawns be crazy Okay, let’s go. Give me like a 1 rG shot. Oh, wait. We have a tower down. I forgot right here All right Does this go in oh the arch is gonna? Just take it give us a little poison out point there you go I? Like how many buildings we have it’s pretty ridiculous honestly? It’s just simcity with our gees and rockets all right now, then I? Feel like the super magical is like why would it give us both so many dupes on both video. It’s like very We do quite a lot of different here. Yeah They’re Gonna lightning God tonight, which I love lighting a tellurian. Yeah, that’s not a big push here Oh, I get your hurry for the middle. How much gonna dissolve it I’ve got graveyard poison to bring up Uh-huh, they can’t handle the – the tombstones nasty against their deck yeah, I crave your poison coming up once we get over there All right, I got executioner sliced and diced and Feeling real nice and stuff all right Oh, you think graveyard? It’s the tower zone you got to put a directly center on the left our Although all the ways let’s rock it. Let’s rock it even rocket. Oh, yeah, oh Dang Nineteen Oh gosh, I don’t have enough elector got it whoa That was dicey and spicy Super Spicy in 1930 a night has been at a complicated editing error and both of our videos dramatically different circumstances though I I mean, it’s good, but should we just give her the mirror for spice purposes. Yes, I’ll bring a log No, don’t tell me let’s keep it random. Okay? It’s good You should just be like okay. It won’t be the log and then just about the log. It’s not a lot okay. Thanks That’s all I really needed to know I’m Gonna bring The best card in the game would have to be hmM get this question a lot guys It’s really not that hard to figure out you go, Sort by rarity and like the bottom ones are the best These are just the best cards if you don’t have any legendary than the best card is the best It’s the highest elixir epic card. It’s that’s how they rank them. That’s a lie it’s I’m being strategic here um so he’s Rg, and I don’t do energy I’ll do I Don’t know the mere might be better than what I currently add to this deck, but I’ll just add in this All right hit it buy it deal. Hey wait. No, I tried to cancel. I’m at chest lungs are full oh I’m going to take you to the dentist and we’re drilling for cavities. Don’t take me to the dentist please I’ll take you to the dentist these guys are level 11 Good game they’re probably both level 11 because I think it would have the Cruel okay a rear hog They I think they know us hey. Do you think there’s a chance? What do they know it oh? Yeah Baby dragons going to do miserable. I shouldn’t have put it where it doesn’t get the tower to help oh My goodness that mini Pekka just completely shut all that now yeah, we in the clear that ice Wizard versa Tombstone the most anti Medibang I’ll take out oh nice night bomber nice bomber in a bomb Tower I Think the balloon bombs do more because they’re dropped from a greater height. I don’t have anything for that. Oh Yeah, oh, gosh. Well sometimes you roll with the punches. I think is it alright had a cycle 30 oh my please Bond you’re bad. Oh They’re just yeah, I don’t have any elixir. Oh That wills that would heat up too much yeah yikes They’re loving this I Can’t keep up with the left a motor over there Alright. We both are about to tolec or you’ve six I have eight Slow Roll, but here comes probably a hog With that pull the hog is a number the bump so the vamps are won’t either I thought the bomb tower could initiate the pole and the tombs don’t finish the initiation We need to we need to do something to get rid of this Inferno Dragon because that’s what’s going to kill us the most year I got logs All right, let me get this Night which the tornado has to go it takes out her bad They’re owning us right now. I mean we have bombs Howard. Tesla. You said pick the two worst right didn’t we take them Yeah We can’t even get over there Yeah, buzzing. That bombs are better pull him I’m just going to try to make them split up their defense. Oh nice poison Not much, but where to fit. We like we adjusted our defense capabilities accordingly. Yeah, oh They have fire balls Dang it all right. I didn’t like the baby dragon in that deck. I almost want to eliminate the RG bugging the baby D Yeah, I thought it would be nice for Splash But I think inferno d is going to be how I want to wrap this up. Are you still going to do log? um I Will not tell you what I’m Gonna do oh You dirty dog as always one in a dozen challenge goose don’t tell me I have for my deck at 4.30 All right, so I’ll have the most the defending plants because I have a cheap deck Did you know that there’s always a dirty dog in a dozen all right? Here’s the push Infernal Dragon Graveyard poison will that’ll win us the game Wow, interesting split wow. I don’t know how mechanically those rural giants are fitting between those towers questioning What so you can’t? Want our help how many dozen a widget or just a bat spawner pretty much yeah? And then I’ve got executioner on the red Right here. I’m pointing it ah Yeah, so yeah, we’ll just try to kill my fire experience. Go we just have to uh we just won’t initiate a push Till double elixir because you have too heavy of a deck here’s on tuition So we’re all that damage come from when there’s a poison so on this goes into the entire time Hmm. I think it was the baby dragons Let me see here archers yeah, I don’t like both of us putting down our g, but it’s one of your only like investment cards because of It puts us down to bolt at four Also, the archies that was bad if you don’t do well was it because they just sit at the bridge And then come back like tenfold at you. Yeah, they push bad I’m gonna try to eliminate all this tonight. No I oh Wait clear the Skeletons. I got this noise Get him get that yep. Yep. Yes come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on Oh, it’s still got it Deet deet deet deet. I got bras in a little high. I’m Gonna go Art a mega it’s not yet it this is going to have to be our push. Yeah, if you’re on poison here I’m going to start the assistant squad Good luck look out shoot their cyclist I don’t think it touch the Tower oh You’re golden I did it Alright rockets going on on that baby dragon Oh, we got a tower with a minor in there be ready to lose a tower though. Yeah Actually, I mean they have a spell I mean yeah, I wasn’t right yeah ignore I should know look at the tesla’s until it pops on I’m being hit Go go away. That’s what you’re not wanted. You’re not voted here. You don’t want to take damage like that. I Was talking to chat about damage whoo save the bomber though the bomber is going to be nancy if they graveyard Never mind. It said I Got skeletons Yeah, oh, we have that the tombstone. They can’t peck us at all. I’ve got graveyard getting ready to go down. Oh Nice. They’re just offensive. Oh put it on the middle the head son enter it on the tower Yeah, and then we do we got a it’s hard to middle plant though because of their cards because this little ones that spot in the front have no chance of reaching, but if the center plant It’s like guaranteed a couple will spawn right next to it and just slap it real quick I like slapping stuff yeah All night which and you graveyard? Yeah, I got it whenever alright go Come on. Oh it’s going to be a drop but it’ll be a close one. We are about to do so much damage Mine are coming in now oto together Wait, I don’t one that they probably would have came back encounter pushed unless you center it so that they don’t have to walk it Far but then they attack the king tower as well only if one’s down like like ones ones down could be two There’s three things shooting, so you need to like Center plant or king plant because otherwise There’s gonna walk up and sort of die I got you I got you alright guys that’s going to do it for super magical chest challenge check out the panda Scheme shirts down below in the description and leave the Spiciest thumbs up on the spiciest comments make it I’m talking like how many how many go with a skull felled? goal scoville Scoville like how many how many skull files you taught school bills like uh hunt like seventy Thousand Scoville And what’s a mote pro tip as we leave for like Spicy foods if you don’t have milk And you what do you do if you don’t have milk guys say you’re eating like a spicy taco You got to have a bowl ice cream next to it and you got to take a bite of the taco than have a bite of ice cream Okay, so just to clarify don’t put ice cream in the taco No unless you want to be unless you want to have a soggy done guys eat those spicy tacos peace

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